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  1. Ray I think you are right. There seems to be a multitude of terms and conditions floating around with people being charged a wide range of charges that all appear to be without any prior notification. Trying to put a claim together but with the mass of data that seems to change all the time it's confusing knowing where to start. The link to the reviews of budget makes interesting reading and seems to confirm that everyone seems to be drawn in on cheap terms then stung at any opportunity with the company changing all the terms and taking money from your account without any notice.
  2. When you now click on the terms link in the quotation process you now only get this http://ultrarun.typepad.com/.a/6a00e008d56400883401538e9eb498970b-pi Only a few days ago, and certainly when I entered into my insurance it shown this http://ultrarun.typepad.com/.a/6a00e008d564008834015432638d13970c-pi They have changed everything over the last 48hrs!
  3. Those terms and conditions relating to cancellations fees are not the same that terms and conditions that you are asked to view PRIOR to taking out the contract. Indeed those terms are what you need to search for after the event it seems and those are the terms the operator was not authorised to let me see yesterday. The terms and conditions you see prior to paying your money and accepting the contract state as I have shown previously Now I have just ran another quote through the system and the screen where you agree the contract is now totally different plus the terms you are sho
  4. Yes I will ray. On the basis of the Terms I have seen they have taken a cancellation fee 3 x higher than they state and for the period on cover (the terms of which they never made clear prior to taking out the contract) they have taken more than they state is due! With regards DSR and consumer credit agreements they state these documents are available in the customer service centre (I can not confirm this because this info is only available to live accounts) and it was my duty to search for and read this information after taking out my policy - I have nothing from them telling me of this
  5. Update: Finally got through to someone in the cape town call centre using an 0800 614073 number Informed the terms and conditions relating to the cancellation fees that I have been charged are only available to view in the online self service centre and these terms state the cancellation fee is £75 and there is an additonal short term rate of 40% of the total cost of the policy. Because I have now cancelled my policy I can not view the terms and conditions as this information is only available to customers with live policies. I asked the operator if she could email a copy of these
  6. Closed my bank account today and opened a new one because I am not sure still how they are taking payments, I believe it is direct debit so if that is the case this should stop them continuing to open new DD mandates that I have not authorised. I do not believe they have the debit card account number so they can not set up any mandates using that route. Still no reply to my email requesting an email contact for customer services. I am told that an indemnity claim against the DD's they have taken will pull back the money and the bank will then question the DD with budget but if they state
  7. UPDATE: Over the last 24 hours they have taken a further 2 direct debits. One for £75.00 appeared and money took straight after - I cancelled this direct debit within hours Soon after I sent the email below a second direct debit appears on my account and money is taken immediatly this time for £50 they have also taken money from my master card I have now had to close my current account to stop them taking out new direct debits which they do every time I cancel the previous one This was after I had again tried to contact them: From:T To:ncd Date:Thu, 19 May 2011 18:
  8. No they have not advised on the right to cancel. Like I said I have never had these documents. Now the T & C says £25 cancellation fee but they want a LOT more I accept I will have to pay for the time on cover and I accept that may be on the basis of 0 no claims but here is the next twist they have sent me two quotes for the same period based on 0 no claims. One is in writing telling me because i have not provided proof of no claims the cost for cover will be £786.06 and then a reminder in email of a quote they sent me for 0 no claims (that I obtained through there system when I rea
  9. Here is what is on there terms and conditions as you go through the contract for the insurance: http://ultrarun.typepad.com/.a/6a00e008d564008834015432638d13970c-pi
  10. Thankyou Ray I never received the credit forms so never returned anything signed or otherwise - They sent a letter saying I had not returned the credit form. Does that short term rate / cancellation charges have to be documented in advance? If you google budget you will see many others are having awful problems on consumer forums with these people.
  11. One other question: They are stating they asked for a signed copy of the credit agreement to be returned but I have no record of any such document being received. Any implications? Also the terms and conditions on the quote form only makes mention of a £25.00 cancellation fee if cancelled after 14 days and nothing else. How can they then charge 100's of pounds to cancel/
  12. Follow up question if I may. What is the position with regards cancellation fees and charges? General or specific advice relating to Budget most welcome. From what i can see from other members of the forum they are not the best of insurance brokers!
  13. http://ultrarun.typepad.com/.a/6a00e008d5640088340154325e169b970c-pi http://ultrarun.typepad.com/.a/6a00e008d5640088340154325e16a0970c-pi Screen shot
  14. bump to enable links to be posted
  15. All the questions are on the vehicle details section of the site. It is the '?' help sections on that page that contain the information about the use of the NCD.
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