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  1. Hi harrassed senior, Yes I sent all of the relevant letters, disputes etc and as of yet none of the debt collection agencies or bank have been able to provide CCA's. If they send any letters they'll be sent to the old address anyway and not be forwarded on. I wasn't dealing with wescot before so it looks like they are the most recent attempt to threaten, harrass and belittle me into paying up but thanks to this site they don't intimidate me anymore...
  2. I haven't been on this site for a while as the sharks left me alone for a while but ta daaaaa they're back. I've basically CCA'd Lloyds and Halifax with ref to 2 separate debts which neither can supply the CCA and nor can any subsequent collection agencies, so they went away for a while. I have moved since then and shock horror have accidentaly forgotten to tell them. Now Wescot have stepped up to the mark and are phoning my mobile and work etc. My question is "Do I need to tell them that I've changed address?" I haven't paid anything to either of the debts for 2 years now having spent about 1
  3. They're really stepping it up now and can someone tell me why Iqor and Wescott are both chasing for the same bloody debt??????? Getting the usual threats of court action, door stepping etc despite having sent tham a letter that a cca was reuested back in June. Morons...........
  4. So basically if this goes on for 6 years and I pay nothing and dispute the debt it'll become statute barred????
  5. Seriously though, does it ever come to a conclusion or does it just go on and on for years??????
  6. Thanks DD, do you think I should send copies of my original dispute letters to them both, with a covering letter saying "re enclosed , have previously requested cca and no joy etc: (obviously worded better than that)? xx
  7. On my two debts i'm just being passed from one dca to another as each one gives up, none of them can provide a CCA, not even the actual banks themselves can. Is this ever going to end???? are they just going to keep playing pass the debt?????? One debt went from about two or three previous dca's to Iqor then back to the original bank who refuse to provide a cca and they have now passed it to Wescot (anyone heard of them?) and the other debt has gone from several dca's to the now infamous AIC who have now passed it to Credit security ltd. Am I sending these two new guys a copy of the letters se
  8. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand we're off again, Credit Security this time. Phoning me on a Sunday too (how rude) ha ha. Anyone heard of them?
  9. Hi cerberusalert, Thanks for that, I have sent a tinkered about version of the above letter, let's wait and see what I get back.......... DD I've pm'd you.x
  10. Hi DD, yeah I don't have a problem opening it. It should be a straight forward pdf file??xx
  11. Thanks DD please see attached.x halifax letter.PDF
  12. Can someone please tell me what I need to do next. Please please please please.x
  13. I did think that, it just looks like a standard sort of letter that they trot out. What do you think I should do next? I've got to admit that I don't worry about any of this anymore it's just annoying more than anything. Jxx
  14. Help me please. Please see the attached letter I received from the Halifax after requesting a CCA for a credit card debt. Can someone please decipher this for me and advise on what response or what to do next. The first 2 pages are the covering letter and the 3rd page is the first page of said agreement, the rest of the pages have got the usual terms, conditions etc but no signature. It looks as though it's a standard letter with my name and address added. On the agreement there's no credit card number either? Please please please help meeeeeeeeee. As you can see by the letter they are sayi
  15. You're right they can't touch you, it's just empty threats and scare tactics. They are just bullies at the end of the day.
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