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  1. hi guys just wanted to say happy new year xxx plus I got my case overturned with help from paul from pc world/currys , first thing is you must explain everything when telling them your side of the accident. although, I have been warned that any future claims will not be looked at this is because of my first ever laptop being so crap and breaking down every 5 minuets when it broke I called them up and under the repair agreement contract they collected it and assessed whether it was accident or damage they would repair it either way but if they think delibe
  2. they are doing the same with me still taking £7.99 out of my account for a laptop thats sat in my bedroom?
  3. oh and the customer service guy said he has only ever seen 1 case overturned!
  4. as predicted i got a call from hm investigations which he was really helpful, i explained everything to him and also asked where they had got the number £2000 worth of claims from he looked and they have based their decision on my previous laptop but when he looked majority was faulty parts, i waited after our chat and got a letter through today saying refused again i got a call from customer services asking how i got on i explained and he said that the previous laptop claim has been put across as damages i got all my paper work from the old laptop and the 3 d
  5. hi guys i sent a long email to the address that paul showed me and i got a call from a rep so i explained everything to him and it looks like they were looking at my previous laptop repairs where the keys kept falling off and usb ports where faulty and everytime it was sent back it was worse in fact one time the laptop was sent back to me in a cardboard box!! no padding at all even the poor delivery guy was gobsmacked and i also received someone elses laptop ! so they had a bit of chasing round trying to find my laptop. so after the phonecall he said he would send it back for a revise desci
  6. who do i address it to as its just got the email address?
  7. thats what i thought i just got another letter through today and it reads with reference to your letter regarding your recent claim for damage to the ablove product, this claim has been referred to us due to the excessive nature of the damage. we have consulted with a member of our technical team and in their opinion the damage sustained to the product is too excessive and therefore is not consistant with the mishap you have described. in particular the main damage to the laptop is the damage to the fan grill and bottom grill. both have been broken through, but the damage to the fan g
  8. ive not contacted anyone called paul or gary yet
  9. no accidents at all, my previous laptop just died so they sent me a letter explaining that they couldnt repair it and sent some vouchers for another one that was 3yrs ago ive not contacted anyone else yet im just awaiting the 2nd letter then i can move on from there.
  10. hi i would like some help with the situation i am having with the know how investigations team il explain i have a laptop and support agreement with pc world/currys and recently i had an accident where i fell down the stairs i contacted pc world where they said to bring it into store and they will see what can be done so i left it in there capable hands on the 5th oct 12 i got a letter back saying this. "we have carried out an inspection and in the opinion of our engineer the damage seen is inconsistant with the reported explanation and/or the damage exceeds what w
  11. hi guys im having a similar problem although i went down the stairs head first when my ankle gave way they said the same thing to me and now they are referring to apparently £2000 woth of repairs on the agreement im sorry but when the laptop stop working i called them and they asked for it to be collected and repaired thats what i thought i paid the monthly payments for plus the laptop was a replacement and bought with vouchers they gave me when they wrote the last one off and its a re-furbished laptop, they are saying i need to check the terms and conditions in the agreement what is covered
  12. thanks guys all help much appreciated xx
  13. hiya new member to this and have a letter from brinx saying their intention of making a civil claim also saying this is my last chance before litagation against me also saying i will have to pay the cost of the litigation and their amount i owe them together with the statutory rate of 8% am i to be worried ive read through a few posts and see what other people have done am i to just ignore these people
  14. thankyou for helping im a lot less stressed now i cant belive these companies have the b***s to do this its daylight robbery literally! thanks again guys xxx
  15. wow reading all this makes me feel a little happier is this the same case for me you know when you say dormant i see the euro car parks name and then nothing next to it does that mean its dormant unlike other names have dissolved next to them see my problem below i got a parking ticket and was over the time limit stated in the carpark at sainsburys £1 for 2 hrs so i tried to explain to them why i was late it was a genuine reason not an excuse my ankle had been broke in a rollerskating accident a while back and i have problems every now and again and this time i couldnt walk so i got a
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