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  1. Hi 42Man, Thanks for looking at this for me. The date of the letter is the 16th of April. Cheers. Steve.
  2. Hello Again Everyboy. Thankyou for your help so far with this. I'd be most grateful if you could advise me further. I cca'd the natwest over 10 days ago and have heard nothing regarding this. I have now received a notice of default letter on both the loan and the overdraft. I have attatched links to these at the bottom of this message. I have uploaded to photobucket so they can now easily be read enlarged to 100% size. 42man, could you check these out for me please ? The dates on the loan notice do not look correct. The letter is dated april 16th and gives 28 da
  3. Hi Everybody, 42man, I've attatched images of my default notice which was actually on the loan and not the overdraft. I can't seem to get the image right with the 620*280 maximum size. When you blow it up it's all blurred. I'll see if I can figure out why it's doing that and upload it again. Also included with the notice was an OFT information sheet. My letter with a full history is going out to them this week, then if I get nowhere with that I'll request my sar. Would you be requesting it anyway ? Many Thanks, Steve.
  4. Hi 42man, Yes, I'll get it scanned on tuesday and it would be great if you could have a look at it for me. Many thanks for that. So I'll be sending a letter to them confirming the fully history and also send the sar, adding the account number for the loan and information pertaining to the ppi policy (ppi policy number). See what they come up with. Thanks again, Steve.
  5. Just had a read through the post on overdrafts and cca. I can see the importance of the S.A.R. already - as it must include the terms and conditions of the overdraft. Will continue to read up. Your advice is giving clarity to something that I've found bewildering for a very long time. Thanks Again, Steve.
  6. Will do. I'll go through everything very carefully. Thanks so much for your help. It's greatly appreciated. Steve. Ps. I'll put a letter together with the full history and send it to the natwest early next week before taking the other steps.
  7. I'll Keep you posted. It would make my year !! It's caused me so much stress. When I visited them I was told I would need an advantage gold account in order to have a new loan at a lower rate. So they signed me up (is it a tenner a month or something). When I got home and checked the paperwork, my old loan has an apr of 10.2 and the new proposed one was 11.9 !! I once worked in financial services (for my sins) and I'm aware the manager was simply 'churning' business to generate a commission. I would never have signed the agreement but I got a phone call to say I'd been refused the ne
  8. Alanalana, thankyou so much for taking the time to write. The information you've provided is a really great help and I'll be taking the steps outlined and document everything as you suggest. One of the really frustrating things I've found is the complete lack of communication between departments - unless you want to buy something ! Then they're on it like a SWAT team. Car2403, thanks very much for your reply. Those links are great. My overdraft facility has been in place for many years, and I have occasionally dipped into it, but on the whole my account has not been in overdraft. Once th
  9. Hi, Thanks for your reply. I just put the cca in last week. I have effectively lived off the £400 coming into the account, so the overdraft is made up of their constant drain of £238 per month and interest - otherwise I would only have been left £162 per month to live off. The charges, as far as I'm aware, have not been excessive as it was an authorised overdraft. So I would say at a guess perhaps £2-300 of it is interest. What charges they are now adding to the account I dread to think. I put a stop to all this by changing my bank account and cancelling the direct debit f
  10. Hi Everybody, I am having an absolute nightmare with the natwest and wondered if anyone can help me with this. Apologies for the long-winded post but I think a full history will be helpful. I had a great job and great income and took out a loan with the natwest. I took payment protection. Then I became ill with a chronic illness and have been unable to work for 7 years. I am registered disabled. The payment protection paid the loan payments for 5 years then just stopped. They said it may be written off. Then they said it wouldn't, but if I went back to work "even for a week" the paym
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