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  1. Yes, I have definitely learnt my lesson about paying deposits upfront to someone I don’t know. I thought it sounded plausible at the time when he said he needed money to pay for materials and money to pay the digger man and grab man. He has spoken to the block supplier and it is likely he will be able to return the blocks but there will be a handling charge. To avoid this dragging out indefinitely with little chance of success, I may just agree to pay the handling fee on top of the other work he has done so far. Thanks
  2. This is what the trader is claiming his costs are, and so far has refused to provide any proof in the form of screenshots, emails or receipts etc: Complete dig off of 120 square metre area garden = £900. 2 mixed material grab loads away £500. 20 Tons of stone = £900. 5612 block paving blocks Various colours are brindle,charcoal and buff =£2220. Other costs of £700 Total: £5200 I know that the dig would cost £250 maximum (mini digger plus operator 1 day hire). His diggerman was only here for 2 hours.
  3. This is the letter template I used https://www.citizensadvice.org.uk/consumer/template-letters/letters/problems-with-services/letter-to-cancel-a-contract-thats-been-breached/
  4. The address on companies house is owned by a lettings company, and his current address is owned by a housing association. The latter is where I sent a recorded delivery letter to this week and it’s him that signed for it, so I know he lives there. I got his current address from a hospital admissions form that he sent me a screenshot of, as another of his excuses for not turning up was that his son had been ill and visited hospital that day. I didn’t ask for this proof and was gobsmacked he had sent it me as it is has a child’s personal information on it. However it was useful to get the addres
  5. I don’t know the answer to that, but I know that all the other jobs we’ve had done during COVID have gone ahead either as planned or without significant delays. When he refused to complete the job this week, it had got to the point where me and my wife could not take it anymore due to the toll on our mental health and weeks of sleepless nights worrying about the situation. Instead of trying to persuade and beg to him return and finish the job, we took his advice/instruction to “find someone else to do the job” at face value and accepted that he had breached the contract and we would pursue a r
  6. I’m not going to name him or his company but I’ll just leave some links below... https://find-and-update.company-information.service.gov.uk/company/09575986 https://www.facebook.com/mnmpatios2paving100 From what I understand, an LLC has to appear on companies house, and this is the only one matching the business name he uses and that he has ever been a director of. I’ve no idea if he owns his home, I suspect it’s rented as it’s a different address to the one on companies house, which was last updated in 2018. The house he lives in now has not been s
  7. Definitely not doing that on a public forum, especially when this is likely to go to court!
  8. Deposit of £4932 was paid on 03/09. Dig on 04/09. Grabs on 13/11. Job cancelled by trader on 17/11. He has a business name but that is dissolved on companies house, so I am assuming he is a sole trader. All quotes and correspondence were via email so no letter headed paper. Deposits paid to an account in his own name (business account?) I have his home address which is where the recorded letter was sent and signed for by him on 19/11.
  9. Sorry this is so long... I hired a local person to install block paving on my existing driveway and garden. He insisted on a large deposit (about 5k) which was roughly 2/3 of the quote, before even starting work. He came on the day we agreed and dug off the garden and old block paving into 2 large piles. This was on a Friday, and the following Monday when he was due to come and take the piles away in grab lorries. However he didn’t come and said he felt really ill and his son was ill too. He later said he had Covid symptoms and had been told to isolate. We had no drive to park on and ac
  10. We've just had a quote for double glazing the whole house which was pretty reasonable from SafeStyle. Although we are looking to pay in cash, the sales guy recommended we pay via their 12 months interest free option as the guarantee would still be honourable by GE Money if SafeStyle go bust within the guarantee period. We could then pay it off after 12 months to avoid interest payments. I think we'd just pay 1 months interest upon settlement. I wondered if anyone else had taken out the interest free option and if there are any hidden penalties, or hassles paying off the loan early?
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