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  1. Been a torrid year or so with this mob. I lost the case even though the POC was clearly wrong and the DJ said I was out of time for setting aside this case. So just to update and ask for advice before contacting these really nice reasonable people who bully, call, send collectors to my house at 6am then have been to my works twice! Anyway, in court soon as I have another hearing following my original hearing, where even though I have made £3583 more in payments than their claim, they have not altered the paperwork. Claim is for the full term of the loan and interest say, court judge
  2. So, should I just send to these JD Williams people the default letter?
  3. I never applied online. They sent an agreement that I never got around to signing. I brought and paid with my card for the first two times, then they wrote to me giving me a credit limit I never asked for. I then ordered, but instead of taking the payment off my card, they put it on account. I assume that it would now be better to phone them and make an offer in light of the change in the law?
  4. Since I last posted I have had lots of trouble with my friends at Jacamo. I sent them the letter for the CCA default, then they started to call me. From 3rd June to Saturday 5th September they would call 4-6 time a day. I sent them letters telling them to stop calling me and that they were in breach and should not correspond with me until they had produced the signed credit agreement. This is the body of the letter sent to them on the 14th August. Dear Sirs I am writing in relation to the quantity and frequency of telephone calls that I have received from your company, which I
  5. Really urgent help needed. I put in my defence. They failed to deliver the information as required in the counter to my defense. Had a letter from the court saying that it would go to the judge. I have just started a new job, so hopefully will get back on my feet. But, got back from work today with judgment from the court telling me to deliver the car to the company by the 1st July as the judge had ruled that I failed to keep to the terms of the Conditional Sale agreement. Not even a hearing to that effect. I can afford to pay £250.00 per month for 12 months whilst I sort out th
  6. I have an account with this company, no arrears, but a payment plan as I am out of work. I read about sending CCA's on this site, which I did. I got this response which puzzles me. Have they changed the law? I did not sign a credit agreement, but they are now leving a charge of £30.00 on the account. So the amount now will increase by £20.00 per month.
  7. Hi Markie or anyone else who can help. I PM’d you on the site the other day. I need to get me detailed defence in by 4pm tomorrow. Do I have to present it in a particular format? I was looking at submitting this? I ask that the court dismisses the claimants claim as the parties to the agreement should be stated in accordance to the Civil Procedure Rules (CPR PD 7B para 7). 1. The registration number of the vehicle in paragraph 1 on the claimants particulars of claim are incorrect The claimant is fully aware of the vehicles registration number has they hold t
  8. Hi Markie or anyone. I need to submit a detailed defense no later than 4pm on Monday. I am looking at using Hurstanger V Wilson and have not been able to get the credit details from Duncton. I was looking at the commissions paid to the broker, who I believe placed me with them as a direct result of their high payments rather than a mainstream lender, which I would have been accepted by at the time. How do I frame my defense forcing them to give me a copy of that paperwork? Commissions, decisions making, lower rates available? Any help would be appreciated.
  9. Been down to the court, judge adjourned the hearing because they never had the correct details on their claim.
  10. Thank you. I will do a list to bring up in court in the morning, hopefully you might be able to see it and let me know if it will be OK?
  11. Sorry please bear with me but what do you mean by "just says the claimant is a party"
  12. Does the Reg of the vehicle have to be shown on the agreement? Otherwise, how can they claim to enforce an agreement that has no property to enforce?
  13. Thanks for that, I am a bit lost reading it, which section do i point out to the Judge in the morning?
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