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  1. Hi Sunflower .... I'm very pleased to hear your news. I haven't been very well recently, hence my lack of posting / activity. I do want to try and get back up to speed in the next couple of weeks. Your news has really cheered me up today. I think maybe I should have taken a similar approach as you. regards > C-B
  2. Apologies for my absence .... I haven't been very well recently, but intend to try and get back up to speed in the next week or so. C-B
  3. Can people please check the below argument relating to my CCA for accuracy. I intend to take this into court with me and read it out directly to the DJ so there is absolutley no confusion whatsoever. Also, could we try to consider possible responses from both the DJ and Reston's to this statement so as i can prepare for every potential angle prior to going in. I'd also like to prepare something similar for the DN issues if possible, so if somebody can get me started with this ???? Also - should I revise my WS in response to the claimants late re-drafted WS sent to me 2 days befor
  4. Hi Pedross I would definitely appreciate the PM'ed advice if this is allowed for the time being. In light of my current situation regarding this particular case, I'm sure that we might be allowed to go down this route prior to the adjourned hearing. The emphasis for me now is to ensure I take back the initiative with this case and I assume that declaring my hand in full view of the world, would not help my cause. I don't know what the procedure is for this either, but I would say that if allowed, I would definitely post the details of anything of use in retropect to the heari
  5. Hi CitB .... That last post with BRW's quote was excellent ! It basically explains everything I should have done and didn't ! I'm still totally shocked that the DJ took my copy of my WS ! Retrospectively, I think this totally wrong footed me for the whole hearing. I can't believe I didn't make an additional copy of this document ..... it seems so obvious now ! The points I did make in there seemed to be answered by quite complex statements and references that I didn't really understand and didn't feel confident or experienced enough to question at the time. This won't happen next time
  6. Thanks for all support Sunflower / GG .... I'm hoping next hearing goes slightly better !
  7. Hi folks - I had 3 x copies of the Woodchester Lease case with me but never felt I had the chance to refer to it. I'm not a lawyer and found it really difficult to follow what was going on in there. I need to be much more confident the next time I go in that's for sure ! I can't remember what the 'specific' reason Reston's brief gave for convincing the DJ that the dates were correct on the DN but he went to great lengths to spell this out and referred to the Consumer Credit Act etc. You have to understand that I have had zero experience of being in this situation and I found the whole
  8. Thanks for all support guys .... just got back from a nice day out with the family to take my mind off things ! Wise words Pedross .... I have just attached the DN for all to see. The date it was created was Friday 6th March .... I received it on tuesday 10th march. Remedy date was 23rd March ..... don't think there is any mileage left in this one though as the DJ seemed very keen to just draw a line under it. The DJ was also convinced that the Reston's brief had dealt with this thoroughly relating to law etc. You can take a look and do the maths regarding the date though ... I worke
  9. Same judge ..... this was specified at the Judge's request. I'll need to go back in armed really. I don't feel like I was given any sought of justice really. As snoops points out .... if there is a doubt surrounding one of the key pieces of evidence IE: The CCA .... which there evidently is .... then how could the DJ do anything but dismiss the application for Summary Judgement ???? I don't understand this at all ..... why is this process so subjective and dependant upon different peoples opinions ? I thought this was suposed to be a court of law and totally objective ? I also
  10. Well folks ……. Here it is ….. the news you have all been waiting for ! Firstly I can confirm that it was a thoroughly miserable experience from start to finish and I left the court feeling like I had done ten rounds with Mike Tyson ! I met the Reston’s brief before entering the court and actually got on very well with him …I explained that I didn’t want to discuss anything with him before entering the hearing and he seemed cool with that …saying ‘keep your powder dry’ etc ! I think he was quite surprised that I already knew his name and where he was from ! He did ask if I had r
  11. Sorry ..... couldn't resist .... T-Minus 57 mins and counting. On my way to court now ! Just got back from work to get ready to go to court and what should be on my doormat but a letter from Reston's detailing all their costs associated with this case .... comes to over £900 !!! You gotta hand it to 'em .... those boys will try anything to put you off ! See you there fellas ! I may be up a little late tomorrow morning Citb ... depending on how either my celebrations of commiserations go in the pub tonight ! Will definitely post details either way though ! cheers all ....
  12. Logging off now ..... T-minus 2 hrs 20 mins and counting ! Call in tomorrow morning folks .... if you are eager to know what happened ! A full report will be logged detailing all the tricks and gossip ! Regards ..... Cartier-Bresson
  13. Thanks to everyone offering their best wishes and support. I'm just going through my docs now and preparing my expenses etc. If Restons are reading this [probably are] .... could you advise your representative solicitor that I'm very much looking forward to meeting with them this afternoon. I'll be logging off at 1.30pm ish .... so any last min advice would be much appreciated. Fondest Regards > CB
  14. Thanks for this X20 .... Restons sent that most recent WS on Tuesday 18th .... I got it the following day ... Wednesday 19th. The hearing as you know is tomorrow ... Friday 21st ! So that only gave me two days. Does this mean Reston's solicitor can't use that WS in court ? They haven't forwarded me any breakdown of costs yet. There is just a £85 court fee and £80 Solicitor's fee added to the amount being claimed as indicated on the Claim Form [N1 CPC] Cheers > CB
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