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  1. I had my letter from Resolution which informed me of court action if I didnt pay. I sent a copy of the letter I had sent to Red requsting CCA, to Resolution via fax, but their number wasnt valid. I telephoned the number on Resolutions headed paper and someone answered with "Simon from Red can I help you" I asked him to clarify and he said it was Red recoveries!!! They then agreed to take my account from Resolution whilst it was under dispute. They have since sent me my CCA, although this is still in question as the provider of the service I paid for did not deliver what they should ha
  2. Thanks ODC, but my CCA was with Aqueous what do you mean by "it would not have complied with S136 of the Law of Property Act 1925 thus making the Assignment void", sorry new to this and not sure. I have tried saying that my argument is with the HLC but they say there isnt a problem and that Gothia are the people I owe money to.
  3. Do you think it would be ok to offer them a ex-gratia full and final payment? or will this affect any chance of paying them monthly if they dont agree? Realise I am stuck with the debt, but not able to pay amount in full they wanted/ Thanks again for your prompt reply, really helped.
  4. Update............................ Gothia have sent me a copy of my CCA, letters from Home Learning College responding to my dispute and I do not know what to do next? They are saying that my original CCA stands, and that no further agreement was made, that there is no proof of this. I really cant afford to pay the increasing amount they say I owe, so can I do anything else. I know they are in the wrong, but because I didnt get the new agreement in writing (with fewer payments) they are saying I still owe £700 (and rising daily) I asked them how they got my home learning l
  5. I had a similar experience when my daughter was born, they didnt update their systems and I was overpaid (not as much as you tho) but enough to be uncomfortable when they asked for it back!! I was lucky tho because I was able to quote recent media coverage of Tax credit computer systems going wrong and not "saving" updates, and I appealed. The first time they said nothing could be done, so I appealed a second time (just wrote a short letter on the appeal form) and this time they apologised and paid me back what they had already started to take from my new award. They always have a record
  6. Sorry I didnt make it very clear, what I mean is the original company Home Learning College have given copies of letters from them to me to the DCA, are they allowed to do this? Surely this should be private, as the DCA keep telling me if I have a dispute then I should take it up with the Learning College seperately as they are just doing their job by collecting the loan payments?
  7. Cheers for the reply. I have just received an email with .pdf of letter reply that is on its way with my CCA. It is the original one they have sent (which I have a copy of myself!) but they have also put in copies of the two letters I have received from the Home Learning College. Should Gothia have these or is it s DPA problem? Didnt know I could ask for recordings from calls, they are quite a hard bunch and very rude!!
  8. Has anyone else had problems with either of these "companies" I took out a loan via HLC for £2000 for a course in accounts, the loan payable to Aqueus (who have since changed to Red Castle, and now Gothia) in August 2007. I paid the agreed sum but the course was mis-sold to me and I tried to cancel (naively by telephone) within the allowed time frame only to be moved from pillar to post and offered a different course (one that was recognised in the accounting world!) I was told over the phone to send my original course materials back - which I did - and on their return HLC would send me the n
  9. No they didnt they just started ringing me constantly at really horrid times, like 7am on a saturday and sunday morning and late at night, and I used this site from then really, using a template to send them letter asking not to pester me via telephone but to correspond by letter. Now they are threatening me with court action, although that company doesnt actually exist!
  10. I remember now it was Aqueus to start with, but what would the notice of assignment have said?
  11. I am so pleased I looked on here, was beginning to think it was just me. Was your HLC agreement with Red Castle or the company before them? whats the notice of assignment thingy I am so green!
  12. I dont remember receiving one of those! The only worry I have is I signed the CCA for 24 months but have only paid 18months as they broke their agreement with unfair relationship and not providing the services. Red Castle were someone else before and they said the original loan was through them (i think) as the loan was interest free via the college, but both are ignoring my requests and its getting very worrying.
  13. Hi there I have had a very similar experience recently with Red Castle too (although with Home Learning College not Smile). I have requested a copy of CCA and amount owing in detail from Red, who have not responded other than to threaten court action if I didnt pay. The same day I received a letter from Resolution Legal Services which was dated the same as Red's last letter! informing me of court action. I today sent a copy of letter to Red requsting CCA to Resolution via fax, but their number isnt valid. I telephoned the number on Resolutions headed paper and someone answered with "Simon
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