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  1. Please do! All I did was cut and paste around 6 pages, of text, from the parking prangster website. It didn't make much sense, as the way I pasted. But it had all the important phrases Such as, 'contract with land owner' and show consequential loss.
  2. I've had a response, from POPLA, today Appeal won !!!!! On the basis, that Parking Eye, did not provide evidence of contract or consequential loss!!!
  3. I don't doubt, seatbelts, saves live, in some, if not a lot of circumstances. Should we have ration books, to be able to go into McDonalds? Should smoking, have an outright ban? So why should we have a seat belt law? If we need protecting from ourselves, for the benefit of our health then lets have some consistency....... that's all I'm saying (And I'll leave the personal attacks, to the site team... setting a poor example)
  4. Well, that's two silly post's then! Seatbelt law, is unnesassary. We are all adults Whatever the stats say. The stats also say that obesity, and type B diabetes kill It doesn't stop fat people and keyboard warriors, from eating too much Even if it is humble pie,
  5. I don't wear a seatbelt .... never will And have an exemption certificate, to cover me. They are available, if you have a valid reason.
  6. Received further correspondence today: My appeal, will be looked at on, or after, the 14th May2014 lol.... They can take as long as they like, as far as I'm concerned They must be very busy!!
  7. Submitted my appeal to POPLA, today. They have emailed a summary of my appeal Does anyone know, why they use the email address 'London Councils.gov.uk' ?? They aren't a London Borough. And they certainly aren't a .Gov establishment Anyway, I told em to shove it, and to send me a pre estimate of loss
  8. I've received a letter, today, from Parking Eye. Lots of case law, quoted, and a POPLA appeals document. (why the hell I should appeal a spurious, invoice, I'll never know) Whats the SP now, please? What basis do I appeal to POPLA? Is there any Templates, or advise?
  9. Letter below, sent to Parking Eye, today! I could have gone on, and on....... but decided not to waste my time. Dear Sirs, With reference to, your two letters sent, dated, 26/01/14 & 21/02/14. You state I owe you monies, for overstaying, at a car park. I’m confused, as you’ve ask for monies to be paid, offering a ‘discount’ if paid by certain dates, on two separate occasions. Due to the nature, of your demanding money, for no reason. I can only conclude that these are speculative invoices. I understand, that although, this invoice is speculative. To get resolution, I need to appeal. So take this letter, and the enclosed, receipts. As proof of purchases, from the land owners commercial business’s. As my appeal. I also insist you issue me, with a POPLA code, so that if you carry on with this invoice claim. I can take full advantage of the independent appeals service. If you do not desist, sending your spurious invoice claims. I will have no hesitation, to defend, and seek damages, in my local county court. It is not beyond, the wit of man (and the courts) to see that £100, for allegedly 32 minutes of parking. Is not really any consequential loss, of balance, or validity? And If you so wish to pursue, this speculative invoice claim. I will be happy, to defend, in a local court of my choosing. As is my right. To re-iterate. Please issue a POPLA code. If you wish to continue, with your claim. Yours Sincerely
  10. Obviously the problem here, is locating the leak. Ask the supplier, to send a surveyor, to find the issues and to agree on the remedial work to be carried out You may wish also to employ the services of an independent surveyor.
  11. Update: Received, by post today, the same invoice from Parking Eye. Now addressed to me personally. Identical, letter/invoice, but with the date of issue, changed to 12/2/14. Asking for £60 now, or £100, after 26/02/14 So identical document, with dates changed. So, Now I appeal direct to Parking Eye, 1st?
  12. Here's a copy of the letter drafted, sent, and posted via their website. The vehicle is allocated to: Mr T.********** ******** ******* ******* CV10 *** **** ******** Ltd won't be held responsible, for any speeding fines, Parking tickets, or spurious invoices(parking charge notices) obtained by staff driving company vehicles. As it's their responsibility, by law. Please address all correspondence, to the person named above. No further correspondence will be entered into. Any further attempts to contact **** *********Ltd for invoice payment. Will result in a request, for administration charges, and cost's, to be taken into account, by any court you wish to use, to settle the claim.
  13. Cheers guy's I will write to them Monday, on a letterhead, giving my details. I'll update post as appropriate.
  14. Had a PCN from Parking Eye for 10/01/14 ......2.5 hours Issue is, they have sent demand to employer (company car) I spent an hour explaining to MD, and extolling the virtues, of CAG. But he wants me to deal with it. Should I send PE a note, to forward correspondence to me? So I can ignore them? Or tell em, as a company we can't hand over driver details.... Data Protection etc I have the ability to use company headers. I notice, advise is changing a little, on the ignore front.
  15. I think you should tell us, who they are. As they seemed reasonable!! We are all too quick to name, and rubbish companies Good news anyway.... well done !
  16. None of this seems right !! Ask the CSA to review his payments(should be done every 2 years)..... they should ask for a P60 This will cover any bonus's the PWOC may have earned.(they do this regularly, as part of their remit) It is not up to you, to prove what he earns..... it is upto the CSA to do this for you. If he fails to supply, the info requested, they can request/order from employer easy !!!
  17. You should have declared the 16 month old, when the baby was born your payments will reduce, considerably Have you informed the benefits office, about the child working fulltime. I thought we now lived in a country run by Daily Mail readers, and looked down on benefits fraudsters
  18. Case concluded, so no payments to make If mum, makes a new claim, it will be backdated to the date of the new claim only Good luck fella !!
  19. What a bugger !!!!!! You've checked the calculater, and don't like what you see So all you can do is make an offer, to her bear in mind, she's probably seen the calculater aswell. As for the previous payments, when she didn't have custody If you have no written agreement, a visit to a brief, is in order to ascertain if she's taken money from you, under false pretences
  20. Seems like a lot of hassle, to save £10 per week!! I think your ex is winding you up, and your going for it. The hassle, time and aggro, to signing on/off, and getting sanctioned, will not be worth the effort. (ask anyone on JSA, who gets sanctioned, about the anguish caused Any income, wether through Jobseekers allowance, or bona fide earnings will be calculated and payments must be paid. With the clock always ticking from the date of the 1st claim by you. If he's holding back, then he will only end up with a large debt. As for inheritance/savings, they are not income, so don't count And if you belive he has income from other sources, that he's not declaring That's down to the Tax/Vat man, to discover How would this help your child? If he's claiming JSA, and his deduction from this is intermittent Trust me ................. he's not having it easy, and is putting on a brave face, and winding you up!!!!
  21. *Thumper

    csa payments

    Who do the CSA, consider to be the parent with care ?? You may find, it's mum .. with Nan, actually looking after her. Either way, 15% of your salary (less Nights with you, and /or other children in your household.... reductions etc etc) still apply.
  22. Nice tightrope you have there!! Women don't take rejection well. There friends take it even less, once they are aware. And any women, within a mile, who's business it isn't will also, hate you, for ever!!
  23. I don't know the legalities ......... but the next time the EDITED scrapmen, come up your street. offer it to them ......... they'll be back with a bigger truck, you'll see ........ worth a few quid, those skips.
  24. I've had a letter, from a solicitors practice, this morning. For an "unpaid Civil Parking Charge" GPB Solicitors, Stratford upon avon They want £78 Is this a Local authority instruction type, or a fancy way of sqeezing money for a Parking charge notice?
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