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  1. It's not top secret, but this is a public forum and I don't have a clue who you are!! My concern is to avoid punitive charges for a parking ticket, because I believed that I had parked legally. I'm not aiming to bring my council down.
  2. This is a quote from the newspaper: "XXXX Council will increase council tax and the number of traffic wardens in a bid to raise much needed funds" And below is a quote of one of the councillors in a newspaper: "We are going to be fairly aggressive on parking as it is one of the main sources of income." To be fair he was probably talking about revenue from car parks.
  3. It was in the local press that they want to raise revenue from those who park illegally.
  4. The head of our local council has also made it clear that they have put extra traffic wardens out to try and get as much revenue coming in as possible while they are struggling financially. As they're trying to get as much money in as possible it doesn't look like they're going to have any discretion to use!!
  5. I did believe that the lines only applied to the carriageway. Also most drivers around here must do. Two cars are parked there at the moment!! It's used for parking most of the time, day and night. It looks like it could cost more if I challenge, or have I missed something? The print on the PCN says: "If the challenge is not accepted the enforcement authority will decide whether to re-offer the 14 day discount period dependant on the circumstances of the individual case." If I do challenge what would be the best way to do it? By letter with a photo attached explaining that I
  6. Think I've worked out how to upload a photo. If you're not sure, mines the VW!!
  7. It's grey . So it's not looking good. Thanks for your help.
  8. Thanks again for your help WelshMam2009, So are you saying that even if that section was owned by the business it could still be part of the highway, and therefore I will have to pay the PCN (or more if I challenge it)? Not sure what "stopped up" means or how I find out if that section is or not.
  9. Forgive my ignorance but where are they viewable? The PCN says our County Council is the enforcement authority, are they the highway agency? do I contact their offices?
  10. That would put me on the highway! However the owners of the business assure me that that section is owned to them, as it was previously an entrance to their land, and they pay business rates for that section of land. So I suppose I need to confirm who owns it. Any ideas?
  11. If I challenge the PCN do I need to include evidence that I was not on the public highway? How do I contact the highway authority for these details? Thanks again
  12. Hi patdavies, I was parked parallel to the yellow lines (and road) in the area that would have been the pavement, if the pavement had continued across the old entrance. No wheel or part of the car was over any part of the yellow lines or the road. You said the lines apply "to the boundary of the highway (that includes verge, pavement, etc.)". Does that include private land that used to be an entrance onto private land, that is between sections of pavement? I have permission from the owners of the land to park there. I don't want to contest this if I am in the wrong. However
  13. I have recieved a PCN for "Parking in a restricted street during prescribed hours". I was parked off the road in a blocked off entrance to private property. As I wasn't parked on the road, I assumed that it was legal for me to park there. Does the PCN apply?
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