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  1. So really, the information I have requested is useless until the court case goes through? Are you saying that I should have indicated to them that the money going in is benefits etc..? I did do this in a telephone conversation over charges of £120 that were due to be taken out the next week but obviously I dont have proof of this. Nevermind, thanks anyway.
  2. Thanks Fox, but Im not quite sure how I would combine the two letters? Also neither of them refer to them taking the charges from my benefits etc..?
  3. Ohh forgot to mention, they returned my postal order too...nice people:p
  4. Hi guys.....I have had all the details I requested from HSBc back this morning. It includes copies of statements from all accounts and with it is a nice covering letter explaining to me about the legal proceedings between the banks and OFT etc etc....I assume this doesnt apply to me as I want to claim my money back as it was charges taken from my benefit payments. Ive had a quick look through the main account and have counted around £1300 worth of charges so far... what do I do next please:D
  5. Thanks again Fox. I will be putting it in the post tomorrow, then I shall sit and wait.
  6. A friend of mine has a bad credit rating due to defaults/non payment etc which resulted in him going to payplan for help. He now pays the majority of his debts through them. He is wanting to set up a photography business but only has/can get a cash card account. Is there anyway he can get a business account? Thanks:D
  7. Hi again. Ive just printed a copy of the letter given to me in the link and included a covering letter explaining who I am, my previous name/addresses and a certified copy of my deed poll. Is there anything else I need to include? Also, if I remember rightly, I had 2 current accounts and a credit card account with HSBC all of which they levied charges on. Can I request details of all three of these from just this one subject access request? Finally, who and where do I address the letter to? My local branch or the data protection officer? Thanks again;)
  8. Thanks ever so much Silver Fox, I will write that letter up tonight and get it off to them asap. Can I come back to you for advice on what to do next once they have replied?
  9. I used to have a HSBC bank account aswel as a credit card with the same company. I opened the account around 6 years ago and within that 6 years all I ever had paid into my bank account were benefits payments ie, income support, child benefit, DLA ,CA. I was continuously charged for going over overdraft, bounced cheques, failed DD's etc until it all got too much for me and I couldnt afford to keep paying in my benefits for them to take and eventually the accounts were sent to a collection agency with who'm I have payment plans in place with. My question is, can I claim these charges back? I
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