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  1. Mint was the one card my OH continued to pay because they were the only ones that accepted an offer of a reduced payment. We decided a couple of months ago that they'd had more than enough money so we stopped paying. It has now been sold on to Cabot and they have sent a few letters but nothing of concern so far, also had a few messages left on our landline. We will not be making any contact until anything drops through the letter box which concerns us and from experience, this will take some time. If you've not heard from them yet, I think it's best to leave well alone for now.
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    I think I'd be doing that Fletch
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    Likely Loans

    https://likelyloans.com/?utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=Brand_Core_Brand&utm_term=likely%20loans&utm_lptest=home-page&gclid=Cj0KEQjwrsDIBRDX3JCunOrr_YYBEiQAifH1FiRasHAdON4fu99JOfWZek3-siJRSQxRboDZ6hQPB6IaAsz_8P8HAQ Here you are CB, fantastic APR's!
  4. I've only ever had one user Martin 2006 so I don't understand this comment either . Hi Andy, I've always found it useful to comment on my own threads in the past, when I've received any correspondence. It sort of keeps it as a diary for me and could sometimes be useful for newcomers if they're reading older threads. Fortunately they've all given up writing to me, not worth wasting a stamp anymore!
  5. I'm fine thank you Ford. I'm well passed the SB period and just a couple of defaults to drop off very soon! It been a stressful few years but I got there in the end. I had some great help on here but had to use a solicitor for a claim I just couldn't cope with due to health issues and it was a hefty amount too, which was successful fortunately. I don't spend too much time on the forums now, unless I see something where I may be able to help.
  6. Hi Ford, hope you're keeping well. I'm a bit out of practise and the link should have been for the thread and not the page but I don't know whether it helped sorry. Unfortunately there is very little information I can add due to the restrictions on here
  7. It still doesn't stop members worrying when they get letters like these! I must admit, it's a new one on me and would set me off in panic mode but I've been here a long time now and realise it's a load of ****!
  8. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?447033-PRA-Group-claimform-old-MBNA-card-debt/page8 Did you ever read this thread? Johno got help with an appeal and won so there's always a chance that you could too.
  9. I agree 100% with you fkofilee, great care is needed but the comparison sites give clear details on what's available and the general criteria for applications. Of course the APR is always going to be higher because of the risk element. The OP took funds from their pension as a last resort but I just wondered if they'd researched more to obtain a loan, it might have been possible.
  10. Barclays registered a default on my file about 6 months later than they should have done resulting in my credit rating being low until Jan 17 when all of my defaults would have cleared by August this year. after reading this, I will keep a check that the date isn't changed on mine! I know that they register defaults later then they should but I've not heard of one actually being altered. But, just one question regarding your loan application. You say that you applied for it after losing your job so if you were unemployed at the time, I wouldn't have thought you would have been able to get a loan on that basis alone so why do you think that it was declined due to the default? It is possible to get a loan nowadays with some companies if you do have defaults.
  11. I expect you will just get letters from them every couple of weeks asking 'nicely' for you to pay. Just be aware that they have started using brown envelopes, very much like the on's that areused when a court claim is issued so don't panic if you see one drop through the letterbox. (I did!)
  12. Hi Andy, Thanks for that info, I am pretty sure that I was told to apply for a strike out on one of my claims after it became stayed but I couldn't afford it at the time. But it was a few years ago so it isn't a concern for me. I was trying to find the post in my thread but can't find it.
  13. You're very welcome Nivagey. My biggest debt went SB last month. I literally ticked off each day on my calendar but the relief to get it to SB was enormous. I've got one more to go this month and by the end of the year, all the defaults will disappear. Three have already dropped of and three more to go. It's been a long six years!
  14. Sorry giving you a headache wasn't my intention! This was something I learned elsewhere, so I've got a claim from years ago that will never become SB but I don't lose any sleep over it. I should have applied for a strike out at the time it became 'stayed'' but I didn't realise the importance of it at the time. But it doesn't extend the period it just pauses it so now they've discontinued, it's as if the claim was never issued so the original SB period remains the same. The clock doesn't stop, it just pauses.
  15. Hi Nivagey, I had the same letter in December too and have since had several letters from Robinsons Way but nothing to concern me. It's good news that they discontinued because the statute barred clock pauses when a claim is issued and doesn't re-start unless the court case is dismissed/won or it is discontinued. The last letter I had was a couple of weeks ago and referred to a change in my financial circumstances. It claimed that recent activity on my credit file suggested that I 'MAY' have made a significant payment to one of my financial accounts. In view of this, I should contact them to arrange an affordable repayment plan ...........................etc I'm not tempted in the slightest!
  16. The case is stayed so they'd have to apply to the court to re-open it. The SB period is something that is being argued with some DCA's, as you have seen elsewhere. CAG doesn't allow you to post names of other sites.
  17. You could always do a Bobby Ewing and emerge out of the shower in a couple of years!
  18. You gave me a lot of help over the years CB, you will be missed by many. Thank you so much for your help. I'll really miss your Avatar too!
  19. I haven't decided which is the most stressful year - First or Sixth! I've just got one left to go SB next month. All the best DM
  20. As I said in my earlier post, I would do absolutely nothing. If they send you anything else, just post on here for members opinions. Capquest are the latest DCA to handle it, I've not had any experience of them but I don't suppose they are any different to all the others. All they want is your money so just leave it to them to prove that you owe it, but don't ask them to prove it! Forget bailiffs or any other threats they may make, they have to take you to court first and in order to do this, they have got to have an enforceable agreement and if it's Citi, it's highly unlikely.
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