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  1. Thank you that is really helpful, I am not easilly scared but I can imagine some people are. Is there a web page that I can refer to
  2. Not sure if anyone can help but just had a hand delivered letter posted through my letter box for A liability order against me for none payment of council tax to the value of £4129.05 plus £24.50 costs. It is demanding full payment by 19.02.12 (today is the 14th ) or an agreement of £379.05 up front followed by 10 weekly payments of £375.00. Nobody has spoken to me to find out what my income is or my situation, I honestly don't think it's worth phoning them to explain. I have just been made redundant from my job and i am in receipt of contribution based Job Seekers @
  3. Thank you I will do that in the mean time how many times are they likely to call at my house before passing the debt bak
  4. I tryed to make the arrangement as soon as the bill went to court approx 4 weeks ago I have had 2 final 24 hour notices to seize goods yes the council were advised of my health tho council said they can't exept part payment
  5. Hi all How many times will the bailiff call before sending the debt back to the council tax. I asked the council tax to do an attachment of earnings on me and I filled in all the relevant forms the next ting is the bailiffs are dropping letters through my letterbox, I haven't spoke to them as I know they will want a rediculous amount of money off me that I know I will agree to pay then i will get behind on payments, all I want is the council to take the bill back and then I can pay it by reasonable installements (I only got behind with my bills through going into hospital for an operatio
  6. My fine is for not having a TV licence And I have paid £150 off it leaving me £335 to pay which I was struggling to do but silly me didn't contact the courts to inform them of this as I was worrying about other bills like my rent and council tax (I have a TV licence now) I am not a sponger trying to avoid my bills just a low income working single mother
  7. I have just had a bailiff at my door for a fine I owe I agreed that I would have the money for today £335 but now he is requesting £570 which I don't have he has refused a part payment and states that it will go back to court and passed to another bailiff who will come on Monday with police and gain entry even if I'm not in what can I do can I call some one
  8. thanks for all the advice i have been given. I went see a CAB adviser and together with the advice i printed off here to show her the council have agreed to take the debt back and I now have an appointment to go and see them to discuss payments. I still have to pay all charges that the bailiffs have added on but I am happy just to have them off my back. So again thankyou all for taking the time to help me.
  9. has any one had dealings with Jacob's bailiffs and did you find them threatning. They are really trying to intimidate me and I would like to know how other people delt with them. There head office is in Birkenhead.
  10. I am not on benifits (i was when i got into trouble) has any one got any advice on how i get the council to take the debt back.
  11. The bailiffs have added the new bills to the old ones so they are all combined and requesting £175 a month. I am on a low income and my husband has been laid off from work all i wanted them to do was reduce the payments whilst we were struggling. So one is the old bill with the WPO on and the new one has been to court. I'm not sure where i'm up to at the moment.
  12. Can anyone advise me of my rights? I have recieved a hand delivered letter this morning saying that the bailiff will be at my house in the morning @ 8.30am with a lock smith i was under the impression that unless i opened the door or left a window open they cannot come in. I did sign a WPO a while ago and did manage to maintain the payments, but that caused me to get behind with my next council tax bill, I feel like i'm on a merrygoround that has no stops any advice would be appreciated.
  13. I have just phoned brighthouse to make a verbal offer of payment (my normal weekly payment + £10 off the arreas) as i have just posted letters with my request after they have already refused part payments i sent my letters both to the store and head office by registered post. As i expected they refused. Whilst i was on the phone i made a spur of the moment query that didn't occur to me i pointed out to them that in fact i have 3 accounts with them so a part payment could have been payed by taking the money off just one of the accounts (so really it wouldn't actually be a part payment b
  14. I am just putting my letters together to sent to BH the first one requesting my OSC is removed the second one to make an offer of payment the third one requesting they do not call at my house without an appointment i can't find a template for request to stop phoning is there anything else i need to do they are driving me mad please advise.
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