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  1. I have been to the garage and explained about it, but they seem ignorant to it. Each time I go there, they say that as it wasn't them that said it, then they cant help. But seem unhelpful in letting me talk to the guy that said it. Also this is 1 of many problems i have had with the car. But credit where credits due, they have sorted most of them out. I have a meeting with the sales manager tomorrow, so any advice before then, would be greatly appreciated. The thing about the PARROT is i don't want it. I would hate the thought of them sticking the thing to my dash, when there are al
  2. I did buy second hand. It's not that it doesn't work. It's completely not installed. A little digging says that the steering wheel is a standard one across the range and there all the same even if its not fitted. There seems to me to be no possible to actually connect the phone. Surely it's been mis-sold or something?
  3. Just a side note. We woud prefer not to return the car now. soley because of the cost involved with things like he insurance. If we cancel the insurance or want to amend it, we would be out of pocket.
  4. Hi all. i hope there is someone who can help with this. Me and my partner recently bought a used car from a vauxhall dealership. A first viewing the car, we asked the salesman (sadly we didnt get his name), if it were possible to connect the phone to the car. he said it was possible. we looked through the window and could see there was a "phone" button on the radio and controls on the steering wheel. Although we didnt know how it would connect, Ie usb, bluetooth, etc, we didn't think about it again. a few days later we purchased the car, but on getting it home and trying to connect i had
  5. hay all, well today i recieved a letter from my loan with what looks like a financial breakdown. which i suppose helps as it an address on it well actualy it has to, one where the letter came from and the other i think is there head office. but i still dont know if i should use those address as they are both in scotland and im sure i have read on here that you should avoid going between the 2 countries. anyone have any advice, as i still have yet to send out this Subject access request. thanks in advance, like i said before i hope you dont think im cheecky for asking.
  6. hi all, i have managed to rewrite the Subject access request (well put my details in at least) but im gonna have to wait till monday as i dont have a printer here at home. it says i should address it to the data contoller at the bank, how do i find out this? i got the address for halifax from there website, does anyone know if this is the right address for me to send it to, or if there is a better one? the address i have is: Halifax PO Box 548 Leeds LS1 1WU thanks for the help!
  7. Hi, thats lucky as because of the debt management program i am on, i have next to no money at all. slighty off topic but has anyone on here every heard of gregory pennington, as i have heard many mixed reviews and i cant phathom what i am paying them so much for as they hold back 25% of the money im paying as there fee (each month) so my creditors dont get much either. anyways thanks for the advice on Subject Access Request. one more quick question, should i send it to blair oliver and scott or direct to halifax. i think some one metioned earlier they are one in the same, but th
  8. hi, thanks for the fast reply, with regard to the sample subject access request, i do have some questions. do i send this to my overdraft alone or do i send 3 seperate ones to my credit card, loan and overdraft (i only ask as before, i thought i had to send a CCA request to my credit card and loan rather then the subject access request) from reading other forums i notice that everyone says to not sign any letters, or to put crosses through them. can i ask why this is? thank you all soo much for your help in this.
  9. Hi guys thanks for replying. well i have spent a few hours reading others issues similar to mine. and am still non the wiser. From what i can gather and from what you guys have said, i should send a CCA request to my credit card and loan, and a Subject Access Request to my overdraft account. is this right and if so, is there a template letter here that i can send? thanks in advance for any help!
  10. hi everyone, this is my first post on here, i found this site after googling the compnay blair oliver and scott (seems they appear alot on here). im not sure where to start, but i had a look round and it seems evryone has to start anew thread for there particular problem. basically i had a loan, credit card and overdraft facility from halifax (succerred in when i turned 18 ) these were all ok, up untill i got made redundant on in december of 05. from then on i fell behind with the payments and blair oliver and scott got involved. in september of 06 i signed up to a company called
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