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  1. Thanks, I have scanned in the form (and anonymised it) so I have it to hand if needed. I will wait for Tomtubby's advice. I am looking into the form 4 complaint, looks interesting, its just legal stuff confuses me... and when I've got things like this on my mind, I guess I just get distressed and less able to concentrate.
  2. Hi Guys/Gals I was wondering if someone here could give me some advice, I have been reading the threads on the forum but did not want to hijack another persons thread. My Story: I have a debt with my local council and Rossendales has been thrown at me. I am currently self-employed, with not much work and a low income. I have no savings and find it hard to cover my expenses per month. I do wish to pay my debts. I have never said otherwise. I was out on a job last week and a bailiff called at my house and left a Walking Posession Agreement in my letterbox! It
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