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  1. yes it was.. that's how i knew he'd levied on a car that didn't belong to me. i'm royally screwed aren't i!
  2. thanks for your reply..... the bailiff had put a levy on my friends car mistakenly. i knew this and thanks to hallowitches advice i got in touch with the council asking for a breakdown of the liability orders against me, in the same letter i told them that their bailiff had put a levy on the wrong car. the council replied to me saying it wasn't their responsibility to sort out the levy on the wrong car and told me to get in touch with the bailiffs about it. However they forwarded my mail to them onto the bailiffs anyway. i then received a letter from Excel on 26th january outlining the
  3. thanks... i asked him if the fees against the wrongly levied car had been removed and he just told me they'd been transferred to my car. i wasn't in much of a position to argue with the removal lorry parked behind his van that was blocking my car in. up to that point i had no idea that a levy had been put on my car. is that not right? should the wrongly levied car have been dealt with first? thank you for the advice too, i'm lost in this world of legalese :S
  4. he said they'd transferred the levy to my car and had already posted 3 yellow notices of seizure through the door with the car details listed on it. the first time i saw that the car was levied, which is why i went out and chatted to him.... sorry if above isn't clear.... the letter that came through the door today, the one that prompted me to go out and talk to him, had the 3 yellow bits of seizure notice in it, hadn't seen them before that moment.
  5. update: it was the bailiff and he shoved an envelope through the door without knocking so i went out to talk to him. he didn't come in the house. he explained that he'd removed the levy from the wrongly levied car and applied it to the one that he'd checked was mine. and that a lorry was coming to take it away to auction. after lengthy negotiation, and several hasty phone calls, i paid off one of the outstanding accounts (£608 via card on the phone to excel) and coughed up £150 in cash for the lorry fee. i retained the car and the bailiff has told me i have to pay 170 a month
  6. thanks.. it took me 2 weeks to get a reply from the council. they still haven't explained how they've managed to find another 400 quids worth of debt to add to it. they also said that i have to sort out the levying of the wrong car with the bailiffs and urged me to contact them. i've written a letter to the bailiff, posted it yesterday.... and parked my car on a friends drive rather than mine. although i've not been outside to confirm this, there's a bailiff parked right across my friends driveway, blocking the car in at the moment. the car is worth roughly 4 times the debt owed a
  7. hi all, and thanks in advance for any helpful advice you might give me. i've got myself in a quandry and i'm not sure what to do from here, so rather than act on impulse i thought i'd take a few mins and ask people that know more than i do. 3 yrs and 3 months ago i moved from mid wales to south wales. some time after i moved i received a letter from my old council asking for unpaid council tax of approximately £600. i rang them up and made an agreement to start paying them which i started doing. once the paperwork came through i realised they were trying to charge me an extra 5 months
  8. i clicked on ur link for donating something hallow and this error message is what i got: thought you might like to know - arrrghhh this is what u get for trying to do too many things at once sometimes... i now realise thats for everyone... who do i let know that it's taking people to the wrong link? anyone know?
  9. thought i'd update here... thanks for the advice, it was invaluable. the bailiff wanted just over 3 grand from me. i contacted the council with a sensible payment plan and i've just had an acceptance letter from them telling me the outstanding balance is less than half what the bailiffs wanted so despite still being in 1300 worth of debt i'm actually delighted with the results. thanks very much consumer people, really appreciated
  10. thanks for the replies the car isn't on hp, it's a 12 yr old car, not worth loads but it's not worth the paltry amount they'd value it as either. is a rental agreement dated august proof of moving in august? do the council have to accept payment if you offer it to them? and no i've not done anything about any of it yet, just because i wanted to find out WHAT to do first :S
  11. just found these forums and i'm sure they're a godsend to loads of people.. hopefully me too! hi all.... i had a bailiff wake me up today, telling me he's going to take possession of my car and that i've illegally moved it from my former address to my present one. i moved in august, about 100 miles from my previous address. the bailiff this morning reckons that in november i was at my previous address where i was served some order that effectively impounded my car (i have no idea what he's on about i wasn't there in november, however they've obtained my car licence plate from
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