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  1. Hi all, has the baliff placed a levy on my Dad's car? As stated above, I didn't sign anything but he posted the walking possession order through the door with the car details on it.
  2. Yes, there is a huge amount of information on the internet. Each one insisting that their versions are the truth. However, just like many of the books on the subject, the 'research' is normally manipulated to support the theory. I find the subject quite fascinating and whilst not agreeing or 'buying' everything I read or watch, I try and approach it with a bit of off the wall logic Each and every one has some element of fact or truth to it, yet what is fact or truth? It's just something that someone has researched or experienced from their own perspective that, that person has rese
  3. Similar to a number of documentaries out there on the net...'Bursting Bubbles of Government Deception, Zeitgeist The Movie, Zeitgeist Addendum, Codex Addendum' etc....pretty complex stuff, interesting concept on how the Central Bank works to keep a country in debt and therefore maintain control. Seems the closer to the truth you get, the more 'they' try to ridicule it. I'm keeping an open mind.......mind you, after trying to digest that lot my brain's turned to mush....
  4. Hi Welshmam, have put them up on a separate thread...'B&Q aka GE Money' .....have been told that they are enforceable. Thanks for your advice
  5. Hi Nicklea, thanks for getting back.
  6. Not sure if I put these on correctly.....has anyone managed to have a peep? Would appreciate any comments or advice.
  7. Thanks Nicklea, ok here goes, hope I've done this right...... B&Q1125.pdf B&Q2126.pdf B&Q3127.pdf
  8. Hi everyone, has anyone any info on the enforcability of a B&Q homeplan or Storecard agreement? I have 3 such agreements all taken out before 2006, there seems to be something missing in the signature boxes. Also, 'Your right to cancel shall not apply if this agreement is signed on B&Q premises' is on the agreements. On 2 of them it states, 'Your Initial spend limit £xxxx' and on the other, Homeplan authorised spend limit £xxxx Bearing in mind that 2 of them were those, 'Open to spend' agreements, ie. 9 months interest free, then whack the interest on if not cleared
  9. Oh B*gger! Knew I'd cock it up somewhere along the lines. My head got totally frazzled I'll send off the £10 - or should it be £9.00 as only one of them returned the postal order Thanks for getting back to me
  10. Hi all, quick comment, I sent off the SAR letter to 8 companies and included the £1.00 postal order on 23 March 2009. They're just starting to come back! 3 of them, (GE Money, N Rock and HBOS) have all stated that the information is £10. N Rock have sent details under section 77 HBOS says request won't be processed until they receive the £10 As do GE Money Link have returned some paperwork but it seems to be lacking somewhere. In addition, there's a company on the net who do not charge any upfront fees, they inform you if the debt is unenforceable, you then have a
  11. Holy Cr*p! How do I post a new thread? Not being thick....well, maybe a bit I only got the other two up by mistake. There's no 'new thread' box at the top of any of the pages....is it me? Try and be kind!
  12. Hi Chris, thanks for getting back to me. I admitted (foolishly) that the car was registered in my name but I did emphasise that it was my fathers car. I'm assuming he's of the opinion that the car is registered to me so therefore he can take it. He left a walking possession order with my name & address on it plus the registration of the car & the amount he says is owed. But as I stated, I did not sign anything. If I now 'sell' the car to my father and send off the relevant documentation, will that suffice? Just to clarify, I bought the car for my father but registered and ins
  13. Apologies all, still new to this and not sure of the protocol. Have reposted in new thread
  14. Hi all, Have reposted this, not too familiar with the protocol Similar experience to everyone else. Had Equita baliffs call yesterday regarding council tax arrears, I had an arrangement with them and was late paying one installment. The guy was actually ok (well, he would be considering what he thinks he can make) anyway, this was before I read the posts here, thank god I didn't let him in! However, my car was parked outside and when he asked if it was mine I said no at first, then a friend arrived, the baliff said he couldn't discuss things in front of him, I got myself into
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