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  1. Got another letter today - as a gesture of good will and this one time only they are cancelling the charge! Still, happy this that RESULT
  2. Even more confused now! Just logged onto their website to demand they either cancel the charge or provide the POPLA validation code and the amount owes now shows as £0.00 ? Did my appeal work?
  3. Sent the appeal off well within the 28 days of receiving the notice through the post and today we've received a second letter, spookily dated the same date that we appealed online, stating on the front of the letter that further information on how to pay, the right to appeal (please be advised that the independent appeals service (POPLA) is no longer available) etc can be found on the reverse. The reverse then goes on to explain the appeals process and says "In order to be treated as a formal appeal with recourse to POPLA, the independent Appeals Service, the appeal must be received wi
  4. Right, the letter has arrived from Met, addressed to my spouse of course. I guess I need to find the appeal letter template now and should I add something along the lines of no actual loss was suffered as I had already paid for a monthly parking ticket and include a scan of the ticket and receipt as well? Thanks
  5. It's a ticket exactly like a train ticket. They do not supply anything to stick it to the windscreen with just a plastic ticket wallet with one clear side that can be placed on the dash, but won't stay there the minute you drive.
  6. Managed to get myself a Parking Charge Notice issued by MET Parking in a Chiltern Railways car park. I use this Car park every day and always buy a monthly ticket. On this particular day I was running even later than normal and parked the car as the train was coming into view I grabbed my laptop and flung the parking ticket on the dash to only return that evening to discover the ticket hadn't stayed on the dash and a nice plastic envelope stuck to my windscreen. I have all my tickets and receipts going back over 12 months including the valid ticket for that day. I'
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