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  1. Thanks phoenix11 ..... your help is really appreciated. I edited, deleted my earlier posts as so many of my friends/family that i've spoken to since have said companies as big as Santander and Vauxhall wouldn't make such a mistake. So me "of very little brain" is doubting himself! I will send off a subject access request so at least i can double check and ask friends to review for me. Can I request tapes / transcripts in a subject access request if they've recorded my telephones calls to them? I would like to have copies if possibile. Not had a great week by the way ..
  2. This is a catch up bill (was hoping they had confused my bill with buckingham palace or nasa). Last one was an estimate. And the reading is correct. It's still very high for me. Normal actual bills after the meter has been read average out at £110 per quarter. I'm trying to sus what is using up the most juice. Turned everything off last night for an hour (including freezer) .... and my meter still went up by six units! lol
  3. Had a bit of a shock this morning when i discovered my quarterly bill was £830 !!! I'm going to have to negotiate a payment plan for this bill (road tax and mot due also this month). Nice lady at SE said i could spread the cost over 9 months via direct debit. Still a bit confused as to why it's that high. Only change is that we brought an oil filled heater which we run for 2 hours a day. I thought oil filled heaters were cheap to run Does anybody know if you can switch suppliers whilst money is still outstanding to Southern electric (as long as i'm paying them monthly)? Be
  4. He's a very depressed Brother in law He has a wife and two children. They have estimated debts in their name (at a guess before I go through his paperwork properly tomorrow!) of £40,000. He lives in council rented accommodation .. and had a visit from an official regarding rent arrears that has triggered all of this today. However, he has "family" and "friends" debts (loans he asked them to take out for him). And this is the big concern for him. Obviously, he wants to keep those repayments up, but needs to negotiate reduced payments with the loans that are in his name. Some of these
  5. .... a few months away, which party are the champions for consumers rights? Do any manifestos mention how they would deal with bullying dca and help people get out of debt? Seeing as most of the country are suffering from "silent" phone calls and doorstep visits, it could be a vote winner for the party with the right answers Anybody brave enough to email the Labour/Conservative and Lib Dems to ask what their policies are on dca harassment and debt in general? ( and post the replies on here ). Might make an interesting read. Sorry if this is a naff idea ... i've been o
  6. lol !!! He could well be still up there! Have started a new thread here .. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/general/195291-consumer-credit-act-agreements.html#post2115383 And thanks for your advice Magda
  7. Hello all Posts taken from this thread .... http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/general/33174-consumer-credit-act-agreements-755.html Any thoughts as to the best way for me to proceed regarding CCA (where to send the request if applicable) / cancellation rights on non-trade premises, and where I would stand regarding the wifes CCJ and our charging order on the property? Do I have any options .... and where to start! Thanks to Magda for your advice so far. Very much appreciated. And thanks for your time all
  8. Many thanks for the reply. Very much appreciated We had no cancellation details posted or delivered to us. We were just given the 4th page of an agreement (unexecuted agreement) with the "You will have for a short time a right to cancel" notice at the top. British gas delivered the "goods" 3 days later on the 8th of April 04 .... and they had finished installing everything 8 days after the initial loan agreement was signed. To be honest, had I of had a bit longer to muse, I would have probably gone done the route of getting the original boiler fixed, and not committed us to £5000
  9. Just a quick note to say thanks to all that contribute advice to this site. It's made an interesting read over the last few hours! My partner (now wife), signed a non-trade premises agreement with a British Gas rep back in April 04 (on behalf of First National Tricity). New boiler and other bits plus interest totalled £5236. We ran into financial difficulties, and have been making reduced payments via a debt management company since 2006. I can only find page 4 of 5 of the agreement (unexecuted agreement). I was looking today in the hope we had taken some sort of extended warrant
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