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  1. Just a follow up for those interested 3 months or so on now and my wife is still paying token payments. She had one letter from Metro asking her to set up a agreement with them to pay token payment each month by a certain date etc. This we ignored and have carried on with token payments, no more so far has been heard. Would really like them to respond with an offer to clear the debt, but will not hold our breath Thanks to Shadow and others for their advice will update if any thing else arises
  2. Hi Shadow Thank you for the very quick reply. Will carry on with the token payments and wait for the next stage, I imagine will be DG, will let you know as and when things develop, once again thanks Mike
  3. Hi Shadow Sent off the 2 letters one to Metro and one to HSBC as you suggested and have received from Metro the following letters:- http://i936.photobucket.com/albums/ad204/mcork/Metroscans12.jpg and http://i936.photobucket.com/albums/ad204/mcork/Metroscans.jpg Can I CCA Metro to either get them off my back or to push them further or just ignore? My wife is still paying a token payment each month.She would like to continue this to show she is not running away from her debts, but is just not in a position to pay the minimum payment, is this ok to continue? Look forward to y
  4. Hi Shadow Thanks for the reply will wait around to see what happens Mike
  5. Hi rebel11 Any thoughts on post No 10? It is a reply from HSBC after sending the letter you suggested in the following post Thanks, Mike
  6. Hi This should be my 21st post so the link should be ok! Replies and advice most welcome http://i936.photobucket.com/albums/ad204/mcork/HSBCrelytoletter30thdec.jpg Thanks Mike
  7. Hi Minmoo The link to Photobucket will be in the following post as I have not reached 20 posts to enable links hope this is ok
  8. Hi rebel1 Received a reply from HSBC as per scan below, nothing yet from Metro. I do think there is any need for a reply to this, do you agree? Regards Mike Hope you can see this!
  9. Hi rebel11 Thanks for the quick reply. Will send letters off tomorrow and will let you know the out come. Looking at other threads, is a game of paper tennis not inevitable? Best regards
  10. Hi rdm2006 and rebel11 Thank you both for your reply's. rdm2006, so if they need the original for a court appearance and do not seem to have it, I presume they are playing games and trying to put pressure on? rebel11, I started to read through the whole of the case but got bogged and lost the thread of it, but read and understood 234 (4) What do you suggest that I do now? Would it be wise to reply to HSBC quoting 234 (4) and asking for the original CCA to be sent? Also, is my case "in dispute"? If so can I reply to Metropolitan requesting them to cease contact as it i
  11. Hi All We have got in to difficulty repaying my wife's credit card after I had a back operation and then had a heart attact . We are now surving on disabilty benefits. We have been making token payments regularly. HSBC had agreed to these payments albeit saying that normal collections procedures will continue. This was after I had wrote asking for the debt to be written off and following that suppied them with a budget statement She was then issued with a default notice, I took advice from the forum and asked for the original credit card agreement HSBC replied that they
  12. Hi Thanks for the advice, will send them a letter on Monday asking for CCA and then work out a finance plan to see what we can afford and let them have that Appreciate your advice thanks again
  13. Hi All My wife and I are now unable to pay her credit card and informed HSBC a few months ago. Due to disc removal back operation and recent heart attack I am unable to now work and am surviving on benefits, namley DLA. I outlined our circumstances and asked them to consider writing the debt off which they did not (suprise) They asked us to pay the minimum payment, we could not afford that and settled to pay £1 a month. They have now served a default notice under Section 87 (1) of the Consumer Credit Act 1974 We have always in the past met the card payments and
  14. Hi Rudy Have been following your posts from the start and I will be doing the same in the near future, can you update as to what is your postion now Many thanks
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