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  1. hi all, i wa smade redundannt in october last year from my job of 8 years, so i rang my credit card company to advise them i might be a little late. they fell over themselves to say i could have reduced payments blah blah blah. At the time i thought that was jolly nice of them. nevertheless i paid the full amount that was due. next thing i know there is a AP marker on my equifax credit file, i phoned and complained and after a ridiculously long time the credit card company wrote to me to tell me they had removed it and apologised. that was march 16th 2010. Today equifax are still show
  2. I am posting here since likely others will get into this situation especially given the climate. I contacted my creditors, funnily enough i phoned Welcome - they commented that in all the years i had run an account with them it had been conducted flawlessly - on that basis they gave me a 1 month breather to get things sorted. Then agreed we would speak further about if no redundancy payment had been received how they could reduce interest and take token payments for a period until i can get sorted. They advised me to cancel my DD on my end and they would do he same on there end. They didn
  3. my CC ppi's pay 10% per month on o/s balance for 12 months. i don't have a mortgage lucky me!! i could never bring myself to even think about taking that leap lol. I am an engineer, i deal with access control systems ect.. i don't for a minute think i will be unemployed for very long. But one must try not to take a too optimistic view on things i this situation and given the ecomonic state of the country. To be honest this will be my first time in a jobcentre and as far as i'm concerned if had been given my 7 weeks notice then i might well have had another job to go to, i have secured of
  4. i only have PPI on my credit cards not my loans and the total repayments on those each month is £350.00. I have already had the forms for PPI claims on CC's and will have to get some form from Jobcentre and send them it with claim so i have that covered. I am rather more concerned with the uninsured debts i have tbh.
  5. I went in to work last tuesday and was told my employer was bankrupt and receivers sent me home after taking my work keys. came as a complete shock after 7 1/2 years there tbh, my final wage wasn't even paid and for a week they wouldn't even tell me my employment was terminated. Despite me constantly ringing them, it was only after my wages were not paid that they decided to tell me and agreed to send me a termination letter. I have about 7k in unprotected loans my credit cards are covered by PPI and my catalogue bill is so low it is immaterial. My only default comes off my credit
  6. I wouldn't even bother with anyone at branch level if i were you. Ring and get the number for the Compliance Team, run through everything with them (even they are hard work), then scan all the evidence you have and send it to them - give them 28days to act on what you have said. If they settled a loan of that size that was not yours then you paid interest on a non existant sum. They are going to have to rebate you n what they have taken plus the contractual rate as applied to thier own agreement with you. they will have to remove all the charges obviously also.
  7. no help at all lol? for those in a similar position i will outline the way i intend to deal with it as a result of some enquires. First off a letter to your local magistrates court, include within the letter an incoome and expenditure form fr the relivant person (the one being robbed by the CSA) explain the effect this will have on your life and in my partners case prevent lawful contact as ordered in the County Court. Make your case in this letter and post it to the court, they will usually reply within 7 days. Obviously everyone has to pay maintenance rightly so, but in the case
  8. My partner has had an attachment to earnings order sent to her from this CSA twonks. a little detail about whats gone on. We took her sister to court last year because she wouldn't let my mrs see her son, this cost us £7500 because she decided she was on legal aid so she dragged everything out to the point of the District Judge actually shouting at her sisters solicitor. We won staying access for about 100 days of the year, we have to travel on average 600miles every month to facilitate contact. My missus works for half the year. she earns about 130 per week (nothing really)
  9. oh i feel much better now, thought my perception was totally naffed for a while there. I been in court representing myself a number of times (don't start it was county court rofl), i have to say i have always found both DJ and CJ to be most ammicable. It seems entirely logical that not many judges would be 100% on consumer law so concrete guidance has got to be a must. I have been aghast lately at some of the injustices i have seen in a few of the peoples court experiences on here. such as; you made payments to them, you used the card therefore on balance of probabilities there was an a
  10. When i first noticed this thread i must of picked up entirely the wrong idea lol. I got the impression that this judge whatshisname was refering selcted cases to another court in order to get some set criteria in place from thse hearings. Hopefully to enable easy decision making in the CC. I.e speeding everything up. Straight forward script for assessing a CCA ect ect. did i get the wrong idea lol? is this infact some sneaky effort to stitch up the consumer again lol.
  11. In light of the silence here lol, i have sent away the letter which included some data as to how the loss has been calculated as well as copies of all the relevant paperwork. I have presented my expectation of the reimbursment value as i see it - based on factual losses. I have reversed the agreements/payments and come to the conclusin that this error has cost me a compounded APR loss roughly equivalent to 200% of the missing payments. As well as payments made after the settlement figure was generated, not accounted within the final value paid in settlement (making another overpayment) I
  12. i purchased a vehicle on finance 3 1\2 yrs ago. It is now settled. anyway when i got it, i reviewed the arrangements for PPI and realised it was very poor value for money so i cancelled the PPI within 28 days. i was asked to sign an agreement to replace the other to exclude the PPI, which i did. Turns out when i did the interest rate went up and didn't notice, and none of the original payments on the old agreement were removed from the Principle sum. basically my prior payments "got lost" when i got the settlement figure i thought there was something wrong, it was way more th
  13. this thread is unbeleivable for goodness sake. this contract is implying an automatic rollover if you don't tell them it is ended? In my view a cancellation of a DD is a very clear indication of a parties intention not to renew, never mind woops you have missed the date cos we didn't receive a cancellation letter. In most of these other cases i would state catagorically that if they believe the contract will stand up in court then they should make the court claim! Dont start worrying about CCJ's i think you will find that if such a judgement is settled with a defined time frame then
  14. next will come the notice of 72hours for home visit, wife got one of those from this bunch of fools yesterday. She was quite distressed she phoned me at work cos the letter claimed they were coming to look in her house for goods to sieze and would be making recommendations to the court (lmfao) SB'd as well lol oh and threats of court action ect.. Wish she would listen to me more often, when DWP wrote i told her ring and tell to sling there hook and if they g opassing to DCA they can expect to be named on the court filing as parties to harrassment. Anyway, i told her to ring DWP and lay it
  15. You are so lucky lol:D I been waiting for one of these twonks to knock on my door for 6 years heheheehehe. All that ever follows when i get unexpected knocks is the postman and maybe from time to time a neighbours asking me to move the car:cry:. just put a sign on the door, NOTICE UNEXPECTED CALLERS PLEASE BUGGER OFF.. UNLESS YOU HAVE AN APPOINTMENT. Then if they knock i supposw you could just whip the door open real fast and lob a bucket of water out, when they reel backwards aghast - just say "bugger me dude, what you hanging out here for, your right in me way - can't ya read
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