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  1. hi all just gone onto my credit file and i had a default on there from 2006 for £10.000 i was contacted by a dmc and we came to an arrangement for a one off payment to settle the account of £5000 which i payed in march.i recieved a letter stating account settled.in july the tsb whom the loan was owed has changed the default from 2006 to july 09 and stated i had a one month loan for £10.000 and only payed £5.000. even though i have a letter stated its payed and also since march this year i have heard nothing more since paying . any ideas and can they change the default years as i had 3 years
  2. in January this year i started paying a ccj ,i made one payment then told by the dmc they have been told not to except any more payments by first national there client.since then i have informed first national several times through there new solicitor that i can not make payment. they are now going to take further enforcement action against me if i do not make an offer on payment.the courts agreed £80 a month.how can i pay if there is no one to accept it and why do they not acknowledge this. any ideas
  3. Morning All I Have Just Recieved A Statement Of Account On A Ccj I Did Not Know I Had Until Recently.they Have Added 3 Years Interest In One Lump Rarther Than Showing It Applied Over The 3 Years .also Over The Last 6 Months It Changes Considrebly From Month To Month Example January £75,febuary £117 March £65 April £90 And So On. Also This Is Taken Off The Whole Balance Not The Judgement Balance So My Original Judgement £75000 Plus Interest Takes This To £10.000 I Make A Payment Of £80 Plus There Month Interest Say £100 Total Debt For The Month £10,010. Can You Help Is This The Way They Sh
  4. Hi All Just Got Back My Sar Request From A Solicitor.first They Did Not Acknowlege They Got It ,when It Came Back There Was No Information Regarding Any Letters Sent To The D M C Or Other Solicitor Indeed All It Holds Was Court Papers And An Unsigned Copy Of A Default Letter Letter Which I Never Recieved I Thought They Had To Included All Letters Sent To Anyone About You .as They Say I Owe Large Amounts Of Money To Which My Credit File Says Was Paid Of 3 Years Ago I Thought This Would Hold The Secret But Not,also I Made One Payment To A ,d.m C In January Then Told They Would Not Except Any
  5. hi 42man sorry for the delay it was through what was first national motor finance now santander
  7. I Had A Leese Purchase Agreement Which Was Over £25000 Back In 2002 I Am Still Entitled To See Copies Of My Terms And Conditions And A Copy Of My Agreement And Would They Have To Comply With A Sar.i No Back In 2002 My Loan Was Not Covered By The Cca Is This Right.
  8. thanks for that supasnooper i will do a subject access request first and see what they hold .i am especially interested to see ther terms and conditions as they are trying to charge me thousands on the ones they sent me although i beleive these to be false and not my true terms many thanks sturrm
  9. hi chaps going through the same thing myself .i filled in a ccj in 2006 with many others at the time while i was having my home repossessed , although they issued settled on my account ,by error i filled in a ccj they issued 5 months later , i believed it belong to another debt and now they are after payment even though my account says settled. the only person who inputs this info on your file is the company itself no one else so beware and make sure if you receive anything read it carefully.its hard to issue a ccj against you if your account is settled and closed.
  10. hi supasnooper i sent them one of those as well they just say you have coies of your agreement although i no they are not.i am sending them a SAR this says original copies do they have to comply with that. many thanks sturrm
  11. hi all i received copies of my credit agreement top copy ,photo copy of a fax sent 2002.the terms with it i was told last month they did not have .i sent them a letter failure to supply copy of credit agreement in the prescribed time scale and magically they found them.you can tell they do not belong to the top copy as there format is different as top copy states original 1 of 3 next two copies nothing ,also as the company was taken over in 2005 it has a different registered address on the terms than the front copy.they say that they are true copies of my agreement need advice please.
  12. hi there sorry to get back so late i have not got the original ccj the time i got the ccj was back in nov 2005 along with many others, my balance was 7170.03 there has been nothing until sept 2008 when they started adding pre judgement interest from then till jan 09 the have added 608.00 legal cost and 2700 in pr judgement interest. there is nothing stated on my terms about judgement interest all it says is if any sum under this agreement remains unpaid you will pay us interest calaculated from day to day at the rate of 5% over FHBR from time to time from the due date until actual payment.it
  13. hi sweetgirlheidi did you send your letters by registered post. also you say on your american express one that they sent you a reply a copy of your signed application form then state sent back a letter stating that you stated you required a signed agreement is this the same or am i reading this wrong?
  14. Afternoon all i have read some info regarding stopping interest being added if you have ccjs. my interest is more than the amount i pay back so i will never get to discharge the debt.also my statement of account from 2006 till DEC 2008 has had no interest of anything added-which is nearly 3 years then they add 3 thousand to it in pre judgement interest and charges is this right or should this have been added annually ,monthly ,ect:? many thanks sturrm
  15. Hi Guys I Have Just Looked At The Terms And Conditions That They Sent Me And Notice That They Are Made To Look Like Photo Copies As They Are Not Square On But Are On A Slant As If They Are Not Lined Up Properly On The Photo Copier If You No What I Mean. They Also Do Not Follow Suit To The First Copy Or In The Same Formate And As We All Now When You Get A Agreement If It Says Original 1of3 The Next Would Say 2of 3 Ect Also When I Took The Loan Out In 2002 There Address Was 3 Princess Way Redhill Rhi Iur This Was There Registered Address Acording To Companies House And Santandar.
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