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  1. pretty sure it's not the orginal judge really hope it isn't because the last judgement was vaxatious
  2. they would have been given copies of the appeal , the judge told to have New docs in 10 days bwfore the hearing. apparently the hearing will first be about permission to appeal and then if successful the actual appeal.. i would have thought to have heard something by now
  3. Called court yesterday as i#m working away and been told a hearing is booked in for 2 months. The hearing will hear the case for permission to appeal and then the appeal if successful. One step closer to actually getting some justice
  4. My argument for permission to appeal is based on 2 main points. 1) evidence was put to the court and put before the judge. court Admin have admitted to this error 2) Claimant lied and misled the court
  5. I understand that you have to get permission to appeal . my question was regarding the need to get permision to submit New evidance in the Application to get permission to appeal
  6. I was asking about permission to submit new evidence and you kept bringing it back to permission to appeal , it was very confusing lol
  7. I have no idea , i knew i was on bad footing as soon as i walked in. from the moment we started the hearing i felt like i was being punished for representing myself
  8. i asked for permission at the hearing , permission was refused as "i had no chance of success" The Judge has not filled in a N460 Ive made so many called to the Court regarding the N460 that i risk being Arrested for harrassment. if i say "evidence has come to light or become available since the hearing which was not available at the time" , do i included it With the n164 as supporting documentation or wait for the appeal
  9. Really not sure where Your going With this. N460 is for the judge to fill out when he refuses an appeal. He didnt fill out an n460. the N460 does not exist in my file i can ask for permission to appeal. i can show grounds for an appeal and give evidance that has already been used I CAN NOT SUBMIT NEW EVIDANCE WITHOUT FIRST ASKING PERMISSION TO SUBMIT NEW EVIDANCE Nowhere does it say how to ask for permission to submit New evidance I think Your confusing asking permission to appeal With asking permission to submit New evidance
  10. Sections 6 and 7: Grounds of appeal and arguments in support An appeal must be based on relevant grounds (reasons for appealing). An appeal court will only allow an appeal against a decision of a lower court that was either: • wrong; or • unjust because of a serious procedural or other irregularity in the proceedings. The appeal court will be unlikely to overturn a decision where no real difference would be made to the outcome of the case, or the appeal would involve re-examining the factual investigation undertaken by the lower court. Set out briefly and on a separate sheet your reasons why
  11. and use supporting evidance to gain permisssion. i can't just say "Cliamant lied" , i would have to demonstrate how they lied
  12. II PERMISSION TO APPEAL - GENERAL Permission to appeal 52.3 (1) An appellant or respondent requires permission to appeal— (a) where the appeal is from a decision of a judge in the County Court or the High Court, or to the Court of Appeal from a decision of a judge in the family court, except where the appeal is against— (i) a committal order; (ii) a refusal to grant habeas corpus; or (iii) a secure accommodation order made under section 25 of the Children Act 1989 or section 119 of the Social Services and Well-being (Wales) Act 2014 or; (b) as provided by
  13. i've read that document back to front all it says about New evidance is (2) Unless it orders otherwise, the appeal court will not receive— (a) oral evidence; or (b) evidence which was not before the lower court. Statutory appeals – court’s power to hear any person 52.25 (1) In a statutory appeal any person may apply for permission— (a) to file evidence; or Nowhere does it say anywhere the procedure to ask for permission to show New evidance
  14. i like this and i found at least 2 incidents that were similar to mine but is this not introducing New evidence. what i need at the moment is to get the appeal approved. I can prove PE lied about signage but need to use the streetview images. this is where i'm stuck , asking for permission
  15. They did not mention the signs being changed. Google StreetView shows the signs havnt changed since being installed in 2014. PE claim 4 signs , there are actually only 2 , the large one behind the bush at the entrance and a small one which is only visible when leaving None of these signs are on lighting poles as claimed The video taken from the viewpoint of the driver when entering the car park clearly shows no signage. Judge after dismissing the video took the signage plan as gospel and stated that as the sign was on a lighting pole
  16. I recently lost a case which I considered a non issue and need to appeal. I provided video evidence showing the lack of signage and non visibility of the signs , watching the video , it is clear as day there was no consent to contract. from the moment I walked into the chambers I felt as if I was being punished for daring to defend myself, the claimant provided a signage plan which was a complete fabrication , claimant claimed 5 signs at the entrance , there are in effect actually only 2 the first being behind a bush where you have to take your head off the road to see it ,
  17. i've been at my current property now for almost 15 years , house lookrf after , rent paid on time. The house is rented through a letting agency. About 2 years ago , at the time of setting up a new contract (yearly) , I was advised the landlord wanted to sell the property , as such I was told a break clause needed to be added to the contract , giving the landlord the right to give 2 months notice. I had to put up with strangers looking around my house then for whatever reason the landlord decided he didn't want to sell. My lease has come up again this year and as well as a £20
  18. Why would we lose if the other side decide to turn up ? Is the email not enough? Did you mean we will automatically lose if we do not attend or lose anyway? I think we had a very strong case in the first place and i'm hoping that confirmation from the landowners agents that the matter is dropped is enough to put an end to it?
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