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  1. recieved N150 ALLOCATION QUESTIONAIRE- proposed directions ( part F ) is this where I state that the claiment should turn up with a CCA and default notice- both of which I will being changling as invalid ? or does that go elsewhere on the form ? any advice appreciated bnkrob ps need to return form by the 26th
  2. Heard from Northampton Court - they are awaiting Optima's response to my defence.... recieved a letter from Optima- ( see attached ) in which they have sent me a "copy" of my creduit agreement... its just the same copy of the application form and alleged back of that form with terms on... they are asking me to comment...what ?... should I write back to them thanking them for a copy of the application form but enquiring where is the copy of the agreement they have said they sent ? or just ignore ? optima letter.pdf
  3. My defence needs to be there by 20th May- my defence is follows Thanks to the link posted IGNM DEFENCE 1. The Defendant admits that he signed a document provided by MBNA Europe Bank Limited.It is Not admitted that the defendant signed an agreement with MBNA Europe Bank Limited.The precise terms and date of any such alleged agreement are not admitted. The claimant is put to strict proof as to the date and terms of such agreement. 2. It is averred that if any agreement existed that the aforesaid agreement was a regulated agreement within the terms of the Consumer
  4. Well just received more goodies from Optima since they replied to my CPR request- the y enclosed they claim my most recent credit agreement with MBNA. Which consisted of 4 pages of terms and conditions and a letter from MBNA which I will post (the letter) – It made me Laugh. Also included were yet again the now familiar copy of the application form and the separate sheet of conditions. I think possibly they think if they keep sending me this it will somehow magically transform into Credit Agreement as referred to in the particulars of the claim. Talking in terms of defence am I justified in
  5. Thanks for the advice so far recieved- about to send chasing CPR letter with the threat of application to court for order & costs. Could do with some advice on N224/ useless order procedures - can this be done on line or do I have to request the forms/return them by post from the court dealing with the claim- also is there a cost involved to do so? This is obviously going to take some - so do I still need to return a defence before the 28 days since my acknoweldement of service stating I wish to defend ? appreciate any thoughts bnkrob
  6. just recieved a response from Optima re my cpr request- saying that they have contacted MBNA to get required doc's etc- so it does not look they will be sending anything by the 7th day.
  7. have sent off cpr to Optima - only recorded delivery this morning - know I should have done it special after reading posts tonight- and did my acknowledgment of service on line. ( I intend to defend all of claim ) wait an see if I get anything back - an then start looking at a defence, certainly on the non enforcable CCA lines - any suggestions of any threads to have a look for inspiration ? cheers BNKROB
  8. Thanks for everyones help- I am posting a copy of the application form MBNA sent in a SAR as the "credit agreement " if any body would be so kind to have a look at... it looks micro fiched to me- and I can't spot on the signed front any mention of credit limit,interest rates etc and the the supposed back copy is there anything that would suggest it's part of the same document ? mbna appl1.pdf mbnaappl2.pdf
  9. will post applicatiobn form copy tomorrow
  10. where do I find CPR letter and what is an order ?- from the SAR I recieved there's seems a lot detail about when and where I used this credit card- I even seems to have set up banking on line at one point with MBNA- which I forgot about -I think my only defence could be the application form won't stand up - will post that up tomorrow
  11. Thanks Diamondgirl- attached is claim form- will try an post the application form tomorrow northampton cc.pdf
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