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  1. Thanks Slick132, have already done so a few weeks ago...... quoting police log numbers. Still waiting for solicitor to confirm, but according to his letters it doesn't appear that he has, and has in fact advised other side that no contributions will be made. Got to admit my nerves are shredded at the moment
  2. Thanks Slick132. Have written to solicitor to check that he hasn't sent it. From reading back through paperwork it doesn't look like it and hopefully I'm just panicking about this bit. Solicitor has been very clear with other side that this is fraud and because of this and the financial irregularities he states that he has advised me not to contribute. Ex is denying all. Which brings me onto point that Experian is showing mortgage as one payment late...... what mechanisms are there to protect my interests in capital; to get lenders to seriously regard this as fraud; to remove it a
  3. Hi, dealing with a vast amount of fraud, and have posted a couple of threads here in the hope of getting advise. The companies involved keep saying that it's a civil matter - what does this mean? Also they are not providing the forensic evidence in order for me to take any action. They also expect me to pay for the fraud whilst taking civil action. I feel that in paying anything toward the fraud it could be somehow construed to my appearing to have been involved. The fraud has been reported to the police and the companies involved. I have a solicitor and CAB rep. Howev
  4. Sorry forgot to add..... my capital interest in the house is the only means that I will have to pay off solicitor etc. I'm worried that if I disputed it under CCA (as I have done with credit cards) that somehow I may relinquish my capital interest in the house by doing so. Also how would I stop the house going into repossession?
  5. Sorry Yourbank it's a complex matter and I will try and clarify..... Yes I am a victim of fraud, police advised and mortgage lender also. The other signature on the massive mortgage is ex's, mine has been forged. I reported the fraud, but before I saw the forged signature, the solicitor forwarded me an interest only mortgage document that was to replace the MM one. I signed it but only on the basis to facilitate matters as far as I was concerned the mortgage was fraud and still in dispute (did this in writing). I am waiting for the solicitor to confirm whether he sent to other sid
  6. Ok just a brief background.... married for 20 years and left. Started to get hounded by debt collectors at which point got Experian Report. Amongst the horrors there was a massive mortgage that I did not know about. Reported it immediately to the police and the mortgage lender. The Experian Report dates showed that this MM (massive mortgage) was used to pay off 5 other mortgage loans I didn't know about along with original mortgage. This MM could have also been used to pay off fraud loan taken out in my name but that's another issue. Got solicitor involved and CAB. Asked for the
  7. Thanks Slick..... taking your advice will keep you posted
  8. Ooops didnt realise there was a 2nd page and your reply was here! Too late to add that sentence to Amex letter as sent it off this pm...... Will do with FOS - do I need to: a. refer to the sections of each Act where that I think they have breached b. I haven't kept times and dates of telephone conversations - will this be a problem? c. Do I need to give amex time to take this fraud debt off my account before I write to FOS? and if so how much? d. If I do allow them time to do this, (and they dont) then do I inform Amex that its going to FOS or not bother and just re
  9. This is the letter that Amex will receive....... It is with dismay that I read your final response letter of 23rd April 2009, as it appears you may have committed a criminal offence under the Consumer Credit Act and may also be in breach of the Data Protection Act. My reasons are as follows: 1. You have failed to provide the information requested. This was first asked for on 22nd January 2009 by my solicitors *****, and again by me in my letter 7th April 2009. Despite assurances from you I have now waited more than 3 months for this information. You have failed to supply it with
  10. Sorry forgot to mention that 12 working day time limit on CCA request ran out today. There is another dated 18th April which asks for more information regarding their final response of fraud investigations, but their final response of 23rd April from customer services ignores it. As far as I'm concerned they can't hold me liable for the debt if they fail to provide me with info to persue civil case. They cant expect me to be liable and persue a civil case. As by doing so it could be construed that I am party to the fraud. Also dont feel they can regard matter as civil if their
  11. Hi Slick thanks for all the feedback and effort you are going to...... I think the difficulty is that they have ignored all CCA requests including a letter from my solicitor on 22nd Jan, which enclosed an authority from me to provide this information. They have returned the postal orders with their final responses which, as you say, means that they will not discuss the matter further; and that I am now placed in a position of taking the matter up with the Financial Ombudsman. According to the CCA they have committed a criminal offence if they have not provided this information
  12. The other thing I wished to ask is do I also report this to the Office of Fair Trading as well as the Financial Ombudsman?
  13. Thanks Slick132.... will do so immediately. Do I quote that they are in breach of the CCA (final date is today) and in breach of Data Protection act too? Also wrote on 18th april (in response to their final reply regarding their fraud investigation) already stating position regarding pin and how their investigations were completely based on assumptions and inaccuracies that they did not obtain from me. Will re-iterate this again. What also troubles me is that they have twice returned my postal order requesting info under CCA saying they are doing this as goodwill gesture. Yet by
  14. Just an update - Amex are claiming that I made available my chip and pin which is not true. As a result the fraud was not made against them. Also if anyone can help - sent letter 7th April under CCA requesting info. Received response saying this info on the way, this prompted me to send another letter on 18th requesting further information. Have now received a final reply which is ignoring my letter of 18th April. Questions: 1. Does the final reply mean that I take the time limit for their response under CCA from 7th April. 2. Final response means that I can now take matte
  15. Thanks slick132, this has really helped me get my head around it all. Now it's just the awful tension of waiting........
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