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  1. i just had a horrible little man at my door asking for me. I asked who he was he refused to answer. I could see his file and that it said moorcroft. I told him to get off my property. and if he came back i would call the police. he kept asking who i was. then he decided that i was who he was looking for and said " thanks i wont be back ?" he was looking round my car etc?? i know that debt is for severn trent water but I have heard nothing from them or moorcroft since it told them to back off as it was in dispute. so now they seem to be trying to bully me by sending DCA unannounced to my door? what do i do?? im shaking and tempted to call the police?? HELP?? thanks
  2. Help. my car insurance was due on 22 aug by dd to the AA. on the 19th i cancelled the dd as the money would not be there but I CALLED the AA to advise and to change the DD date. they told me this couldnt be done as it had already been asked for so it couldnt be stopped. So they told me that i could make a payment by card then re-arrange the dd date for this month. so i did as they asked. the DD was arranged to be taken on the 6th of october. They took nothing then sent me a default notice saying im in breach. I have just spoken to them and they say they took no money as I had CANCELLED THE DD. Yes i did cancel the old DD but they were setting a new one up for the 6th of each month. they are saying i have to pay octobers installemtn before tomorrow. If I do that they will change the DD from the 6th to a later date so novembers payment can be made later. IF i dont pay I HAVE to pay both october and november on the 6th, and if i dont make both payments before the 10th then the full balance becomes payable. He will not move novembers payment date if i dont pay octobers balance today....??? Is it just me or are they SUPPOSED to reapply to the bank if the DD is changed . THe bank say they only ever applied for the origianl dd for the 22nd. They are blaming me for the mess Yet I did everything at my end that i could to make it right?? please help as i feel im been bullied by them when i strongly think they have messed up?? HELP?? Should they have reapplied KNOWING that I had cancelled the original DD>>??? urgent ?? thanks
  3. moorcroft harrasing me via phone then threatening to send debt collector via a letter after i emailed them specifically requesting NO further contact as I had NO idea what the debt was etc etc... usual !! so please add them to you bulk complaint And also CARS, they are the same. except they wait a few months after the first request the cease collection activity . Then they start to hound you again in the hope that you wil have forgotten that you told them the debt was in dispute and play on your ignorance!! Im sure there are way more.... !! just glad that this mite smarten things up ! thanks
  4. anything more than twice unwanted contact i think it is can be classed as harrasment.....?? anyway... calls at 8pm 7pm and every day constitute harrasment in my book. have u had to deal with these people?? unless you have then u have no idea what it is like.....
  5. thanks.. i have a letter from cars who have been chasin me again for summat i told them was in dispute back in may this year.. i have just emailed them oft bunff on collection and harrasment etc...... what it is with this numptees...?? they must rely soley on the vunerable and misinformed to make any kind of profit....? why are they allowed to EXIST?? as for ROBIN at CARS... the less said about u the better.......???
  6. how weird.. iwas just looking for advice for when moorcrfot called AGAIN... on here and they rang.... asked for me told them i wasnt me and that me wanted to know what it was about ... they said private BUSINESS matter... i asked what wouldnt tell me asked me if new what DPA was ? i said DO U adament they wanted to talk to Me ( incase u are confused I was pretending to be someone else.. they asked where i was and I have to admit i sed i was dead.... SORRY SORRY i know just the first thing that came into my head... she wanted a copy of death cert i said no they sed why i said cos of DPA.... u wont tell me what is about apparently they have send me a letter... HAVE THEY?? anyway she told me was sendin an agent out told her that if they came on this property police would be called and was she AWARE of the law regarding TRESPASS... she hung up after that.... I have emailed a harrasment letter that i got off here just now... what do i do next?? I JUST WISH i hadnt sed what i did cos that was wrong but they just keep calling and I dont even know what it is about....! HELP?? and sorry again to those that may think it was wrong what i sed...
  7. thanku. confirmed everythin i thought i shud do ..!!! will play little games . will pass the rtime on ...!!
  8. hi. i have recently begun to receive calls to my home from a company calling themselves C.a.r.s she is called robin and she asks for me by name. i do not confirm who i am but always ask what it is regarding. she always says " a personal matter" i ask what that is and she wont tell me unless i confirm my address. i refused to do this as they could be anyone. when i do this she says they will send a letter.? i have not received a letter but she keeps calling. today i told her to STOP ringing me. any requests should be in writing. she told me she can do what she wants and will KEEP calling till i confirm the details. Which I am not wiliing to do. I have said that I will report her but she said so what im going to keep ringin. the only dealings i had with this company was over budget car insurance but that was dealt with and put to bed so i thought, SO how do i find out what they want without having to tell them my details?? they have info on me that I have a right to know surely under DPA?? can anyone help?? thanks
  9. just thought i would say to those out there who are having hassle with car insurance after cancelling , we had a result !! budget have waivered my partners outstanding balance as a gesture of goodwill (that old chestnut)...... still trying to sort the other. so let the battle commence!! just goes to show that persistence and standing up for yourself does work !!
  10. help. last year i had car ins with budget. WORST MISTAKE !!! my partner also had car insurance with them. i was paying by DD each month. in october my car was sorn as it needed repairing with no cash to do it so we were down to sharing our other car. i heard nothing from budget until december when they send renewal notice which i rang them about and told them the price was way to high and that i would go elsewhere. therefore my policy was complete and i decided at the time it would be cheaper to be a named driver on our other car just until my car was fixed back on the road. my partner rang budget to request this and they told him that i couldnt be a named driver as i had points. but they had just insured me for a full year on my own policy. besides which my license is actually clean im just stuck in the 5 year thing where you have to declare points. my parnter told them that was ludicrous and because of this he would have to go elsewhere so that i could be on the insurance. they told him he wasnt allowed and if he did that they would start chargin him cancellation fees of ridiculous amounts that changed with each different person he spke to. He told them that in effect they were holding him to ransom. they wouldnt provide what he required so he needed to go elsewhere to get that service but they would stink him heavily if he did so.?? anyway he told them to stuff it and cancelled. they are now trying to charge him the money that was left on the policy which is in dispute with DLC debt collection agency. Just when we thought that we had started to get it sorted a letter dropped in for me from guess who.... BUDGET... in MARCH. telling me i oweed them £99 for unpaid installments, which i was not aware they had not recieved as i had no contact from them other than a renewal notice. I rang them on an 0870 number to be told that it wasnt their fault . they had just come across it and send the letter and i had to pay. i told them no way after the farse we had with them already and the fact that the letter says the policy was cancelled at my request. THE POLICY EXPIRED. i did not cancel it. and the fact that they offered my a renewal and i spoke with them and nothing was mentioned. and most of all i rung them the other day to get a copy if no claims proof as now with another insurer THE AA , probably another major mistake, and they sent it out no questions asked. then i got calls from debt collectors and i told them to get stuffed because i was disputing with budget. and now i have another letter EXACTLY the same as the march one saying i owe "£99. the letter states that if i have insured car elsewher they mite recude it so it is obviously just a threat to try and extract money from the customer. i either owe it or i dont. seem they make it up as go along once again. i am at a loss rite now as to the next step ?? can anyone at all out there give me some sound advice that will tell budget to get lost ??? i refuse to pay them anything as this is there mess up not mine......!!!!!
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