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  1. we have had horrible service from tmobile. my phone broke and i was due an upgrade in 3 weeks but they wanted me to send the handset away for repair ( repair centre are shocking ) with a 28 turnaround on it. i said why not upgrade me early to save messing around as by time i got it back it would be time to do so anyway. got told no way the earliest i could upgrade would be in 3 weeks. First girl put phone down when i asked for manager, second bloke steve in upgrades dept was useless. he told me to sell my phone and buy out of the contract. ?? we have 2 lines and the other isnt due to finish until may next year but i said as the service was so rubbish ( we had other problems in past too ) that i would go elsewhere and they could cancel the lot. they were like no u cant do that we will charge you x amount. so i rang vodafone to see about adding 2 ines to the contract we have with them. they said we could and gave us the prices. before i did anything i rang tmbobile cancellations to get a final bill. he said if i cancelled it would be £125 and that price would come down the longer we were with them. so sold all fones to pay this and rang to sort it out onnly to be told the price had gone up not down. the bloke was rude and flippant and refused a manager again!!!! so angry .help pease they are messing us around and making it up as they go along.

  2. argos repair agents d and g henry stating they will not repair my netbook under warranty as i have dropped it. BUT I HAVE NOT. i just want a repair or replacement for an item that has quite literally fallen apart throughout the time i hav had it. (January 10 !) hinges fallen off wires exposed all one side come apart. they tellin me now I HAVE to pay independent engineer to get a separate report. I am so angry as this was a present and its not my fault the item is faulty. but they are making me out to be a liar basically. they say i have dropped it when i know for a fact that i have never done so. help

  3. do u have email address that u send ur complaint too? i need to try that ! faulty laptop bits fallin off and fell apart down one side, charger stopped workin after a few months blabla.. its nearly a year old but i reported the faults a few months ago. they send it for repair but said i had to pay because it had been dropped so they wudnt cover the repair. ahhhhhh so mad.. never been dropped. but still refusin to help me unless i PAY another company to chek the it... ! so mad , it was a present as well ! :evil:

  4. Please can someone help me with this..... the cheeky arrogant idiots have now added MORE CHARGES AFTER they sed they wouldnt add any more. and what is worse they hav charged £12 PER harrassing phone call that they made to ME? ?>???? so this is how they make their money !!! TOTALY UNFAIR and UNJUST charges..... ! PLEASE HELP ! dont no where to start other than a very strong letter in response to the unresolved complaint and a demand for the charges bak !! how dare they RING wen they have no need to and then charge us for the grief.... ! ahhhhh !!!

  5. hi. we have 3 accounts very/additions/littlewoods.

    none of them are particularly high balances.

    we were doin ok at paying the minumum each month.

    occasionally we couldnt make a payment on due date so incurred £12 charges which i did manage to claw back after complaining that they are unjust and not fair.

    we both work but work dried up for my partner ( a plasterer) so we have been struggling with the whole payin of bills situation.

    we missed the payment dates then got a letter from arrrears collectection dept telling we had UNTIL THE 14th of august to make the arrears payment to avoid charges been applied of £12.then my partner got a call on 3rd august from ACD demanding payment saying if he didnt arrange to pay there and then he would get charged, he told them of the letters received but they said they meant nothing. he told them he would not be bullied into something that was clearly contradicting the corresepondence. the next day he got another call about the same thing. again he stated he had the letters with payment instructions and would not be bullied. the lad was rude and totally obnoxious. my partner said a few things in retaliation as he was by this stage furious with shop direct and their underhand tactics. my partner told "kevin" not to call him again and hung up. kevin rang straight back and continued harrasiing us. then he hung up on my partner and he received 3 silent phone calls straight after from a witheld number.


    i checked our accounts and was angry to see that we had indeed bin charged.! so i made a formal complaint to shop direct explaining the whole thing. they have written back tellin my parnter off for the way he spoke to kevin and we are not allowed the charges back and that even though we WERE sent a letter with instructions we should have paid the arrears regardless and we apparently refused on many occasions to make a payment arrangement.! they rang my parnter again and cornered him into making an arrangment that we can nither afford nor on principle should we have been bullied into !

    they say they are holding all charges bla bla. but what about those they have already added ..?? and what about how we have been treated. basically if you have arrears they send u a letter but u should ignore it totally and wen they ring to demand payment u should pay up or be charged. the charges are unjust in the first place but totally unfair when added because we didnt roll over when they told us to? we are so angry about this situation. basically they state that what they say is final and if we dont agree to got to FOD. what happend to customer care and consideration? i am angry just writing this. can someone help please before we go mad.? :?:evil::( thanks

  6. Their deviousness knows no ends. One of the golden rules on CAG is NEVER talk to anyone about debts/accounts on the phone. Everything in writing so you have a paper trail of what has transpired. They will only lie to you, as you have discovered.


    oh i know ... its just not that easy sumtimes...... they r all bullys and i am sik ov it .....x current DCA arses in my earhole r CENTRAL DEBT RECOVERY AND iQOR......... ?? and tv license..... ? any ideas'?:???:

  7. hi. i may be wrong here but is it just me who thinks that companys and DCA's are starting to REALISE that there is a REVOLT on DEBT COLLECTION?

    we fell behind with car insurance.

    partner took a call from the AA or so he thouught.. DEBT is MINE not his. BUT cos they said it was the AA and the AA are authorised by ME to talk to him then he went along with what they asked bla bla... usual DPA bunf....


    he agreed to make a payment then another at another time.....


    he told me all this when i got in i said , i have had NO letters from the AA regarding these MISSING payments ... only RENEWAL LETTERS..

    then i get a LETTER from central debt recoverys stating that i have paid £x amount but i owe another payment... it was ONLY then that i realised that they were a DCA and not the AA... so they had broken who knows how many DPA rules and OFT rules by falsely representing the AA.. so is this a new trick now..??? make out they are the company they have bought the debt from? then DUPING people into making arrangments leaving them NO room for negotiation or dispute etc ??

    exactly the same thing happened with TV license.. rang them they said you need ANOTHER DEPARTMENT... i.e another area of tv license.. THEY dont TELL you they have passed you thru to a DCA " IQOR " and nor do the DCA tell you who they are...... it was only because she slipped up that i realised what was happening....

    SO is it just me or is this a NEW underhand tactic to get unsuspecting people like you and me to pay a DCA ???

    it seems SO wrong and in the case of the AA totally illegal and morally wrong??

    my partner has sinced asked for his money back as it is NOT his debt but they REFUSE.. they got the money through misrepresentation so he wants it back !!!! ?


    i wanted to tell people about this and make them more cautious when getting passed from place to place... when I asked IQOR who they were and what they did they REFUSED to tell me until i confirmed DPA.... NOT A CHANCE ! ....! ?:?

  8. haha i cud be here a wile... lol x 2 things ! THE AA no 3 things , CENTRAL DEBT RECOVERY AND TV LICENSING....................... I WANT TO PAY MY TV LICENSE BUT IN ARREARS BY £47 SO THEY GOT BULLYS AT IQOR CHASIN AND REFUSE TO ACCEPT ANYTHING FROM ME.... !! ? MUST deal with IQOR apparently.. well im NOT ! i HATE bullys and i HAD DCA's !!!


    as for the AA and there bully boys central recovery .... well they can put these words in order....


    on sit swivel and !!!!!!!!!! x lol !


    grrr .......... nothing gets me angry really but these sorts of things wud make a bludy saint swear...!!! :???::eek:

  9. help.

    we fell behind with payments for tv license after a mixup.

    they send me a letter telling me this and that i could ring them.

    so i have.

    and they got all my details up blabla... then passed me to another department.... THEY didnt TELL me it was a debt collection agency IQOR.. nor did IQOR tell me who they were !

    so i was duped into talking to them !

    she told me i had to pay up wot they said in a certain time. i tried to ask for a littlle more help as we couldnt afford what they wanted. she told me to " UNPLUG MY TV UNTIL I CUD PAY" .... wow .. why did i not think ov that ?" i mean that was the best advise i had all year NOT. i told her that wasnt very helpful at all. she had the most awful attitude... started getting irrate with me and said " do you want a £1000 fine...?" oh ov corse i do thats why i am TRYING to sort the issue out .. anyway , she told me she wasnt customer services... i said well thats clear cos you have no customer skills . I asked if she was trained in bullying because as soon as she let it slip that they were debt collectors the GLOVES WERE OFF !! when i FINALLLY managed to get a manager to call me back i asked who she was and where she was from and that nature of the business. She REFSED to tell me unless i confirmed ALL my details.I told her i just wanted to know WHO and WHAT i was dealing with. she hung up shortly after i asked her for HER date of birth. In fairness it amounts to the same thing. she wants me to confirm who i am so i wanted her to do the same. Usual when they are challenged they dont know what to do so bumf ! phone down.!

    so I CALLED tv licensing back and asked to talk with a manager to try and clear this mess up. and i got laughed at down the phone by an unpleasnt and nasty little boy who refused and just kept saying , not with us now with us not with us etc... then he transferred me to iqor when i had already said i dont want to talk to them. so i hung up.

    my partner rng bak totally unhappy that i was laughed at. the lady said she couldnt access the account now it was passed to iqor . BUT we know that is a LIE because off the other conversations earlier. they are not PREPARED TO DEAL WITH this issue . they just keep sayin IQOR..... I AM SO ANGRY .. i am TRYIng to sort this and they are just been SO OBSTRUCTIVE... i no i DO NOT HAVE TO DEAL WITH THIRD PARTY so WHAT AM i supposed to do to get them to HELP ME TO PAY THEM ?? R THEY THIK????? help anyone got any ideas?????????????? :x


    ps i have rang consumer direct and they forwarded me to community legal advice.

    legal advise ... try again to get tv license to accept a payment.... he got about as far as i did... they rejecting anything at all cos it is with IQOR... just what is there problem? im trying to pay they wont accept ? IDIOTS


  10. story of my contract with t mobile begining in january 2010


    i took out a 24 month contract with tmobile as it seemed a eally good deal. £25 per month 1000 mins unltd texts.


    so i made my first payment 2 weeks into contract as per instructions on contract.


    all was fine.

    next payment date was 23rd feb.


    but following my first payment which i made by card thru my tmobile online account, i was charged £3.00


    not a good start as it was in no way CLEAR that this "admin fee" was payable at any time.

    I challenged this via email with customer services whom replied saying it was standard charge for card payments. I asked how to avoid this to be told pay by direct dbit standing order or fund transfer via internet banking.

    Not at ANY point was i made aware that to make sure my due date was met i should make payments at least 3 days beforehand.

    on 23rd feb my payment was due so i transferred the correct amount to the TMOBILE bank account as per the help and support pages.

    It was only then I found out it would take 3 days to clear.

    on the 26th FEB i got a call from tmobile asking where my payment was. I told them it had been made and should be with them shortly. the lad i spoke to was ok with that and said fine no problem.

    Then on 1st march i think it was i tried to use my phone and it was BARRED. so i rang 150 to be told no payment had been made. SO i explained YET again it had been made. she said she would lift the barring as a gesture of goodwill? I wasnt even alerted that my phone would be blocked or anything. to me it would be courteous to let the customer know.!?

    I told her this barring would now start affecting my credit rating which i was trying to build back up. That was the whole point of having a contract phone.

    She wasnt bothered and fobbed me off with some claptrap.


    Anyway, I then get threatening letter saying payment has NOT been made and if i dont sort it basically i will be chased by debt collectors. This letter was dated only a few days later from my phone call to customer services.

    So, fed up with customer service over the phone, ( i have had the contract one month) i chose to email them instead. to cover myself by doing it in writing basically. i got emails back saying no payment made.

    So i replied stating that money had been taken FROM my account.

    Email back saying show us the proof. SO on the 12th march. YES nearly 2 wks later, i scanned and emailed the relevant proof and heard NOTHING. at all , not a sausage.!

    then on thursday 18th march, my phone is ONCE again , BARRED.

    so i chek all my emails to make sure i havent missed anything. i havent. so i call 150 again to see what is happenin

    NOTHING is going on. thy have done precisely nothing.! for over an hr i try repeatedly to get some answers. I have done what i was told so why has nothing happened at their end except of course the BAR on my phone.

    I asked to talk with a manager and was refused over and over again until FINALLY after about half and hour they let me. And she was overly UNHELPFUL. she was evasive when i askd if she would take ownership of this problem saying it wasnt her department . usual claptrap again. i told her i had done EVERYTHING asked of me and i would like the bar liftig whilst SHE investigated the issue. REFUSED then she informed me i had not sent the document in the correct PDF format. Well that was it for me. IT had taken near on a full 7 days for Tmobile to tell me that . ANd only after I HAD called the to see why i had been bared once again. she told me i should have sent it in the correct format. i told her how was i to know it was incorrect if NOONE bothered to tell me? anyway she told me to resend it correctly. apparently she could see the email i had originally sent but she couldnt deal with it because she finished at 1pm and it wasnt her department. this was a MANAGER i was talking to. she passed the buk and told me it would take `10 days to look into. I was fuming by this point. so i was bared for 10 days after i had already waited nearly 7 for a reponse and what i got was a restricted phone. i was disgusted with the lack of empathy and that i would cancel should this matter NOT be sorted asap.

    she wasnt bothered. to her i was ruining her day. that was clear as she didnt want to deal with it.


    anyway. after that non productive call i had my incoming calls lifted so at least people cud ring me. people thought something had happened when they couldn get thru. i tried to explain to tmobile that a bit of warning would be nice once again so i could be prepared and tell people so they wouldnt WORRY if they couldnt get hold of me but NO. what do they care.


    in the meantime we have suffered a bereavement of which i am having to deal with. I managed to get the correct format for my y, proof of payment and sent it yesterday to tmobile. In the midst of all what is going off in my family, i get a phone call tonight from Tmobile. Outstanding how fast they dealt with that email wasnt it. To cut a long story short, they cant find the payment because I put one digit wrong on the sort code. SO I hold my hands up and say ok my error.! BUT where is my money and WHY HAS IT TAKEN YOU A MONTH to tell me this. ? It could have been sorted out so much quicker had tmobile actually dealt with it correctly instead of bouncing me around then not ACTUALLY communicating with me. ! every bit of this mess has had to be cleared up by me.

    Yes it was my error but they have done NOTHING to try and resolve this other than push it all onto me. They proceeded to tell me tonight to pay up or get debt collectors chasing me. As it has taken a month to get any sense out of them, my next payment is due. I am out of pocket to start with due to missing money and they are demanding i pay it again plus this months bill. I explained of my personal situation but they dismissed this and went on to say pay up ! i tried to explain that had this been dealt with in the correct manner that this could have been resolved sooner , i was told nothing to do with them ALL my fault so pay up basically. I asked if they would meet me half way due to the poor communication and just a general lack of any care or consideration, and was told NO . PAY UP.

    When i told them i wanted to cancel i was told yeah u do that but we will charge you £600. So basically the long and short of it is, tmobile treat customers however they like, accept absolutely NO responsibility in their part of the mess and it boils down to MONEY.do an indemity with the bank they said get your money back. BUT in the meantime pay up or else.

    From the word go this has been a farse. I am at my wits end. I do not have anothher £53 to throw at tmobile PLUS now this months bill. they just dont care, they wont even meet me half way. I want out of this contract yet am being blackmailed into having to put up with this truely awful service. I have a funeral to arrange , potentially no means of contacting people once they BAR my phone AGAIN which they seem a little to keen to do and i am stuck. Can anyone help me at all.



  11. help?

    i emailed a letter to wescot to tell them to BACK OFF as a debt i have is in dispute with their client.


    told em leave me alone , continuin to contact me against guidelines and all the usual stuff.


    and today they email back ASKING ME FOR FULL DETAILS OF THE DISPUTE...?


    wot is wrong with them?


    can anyone help?

    i am givin them NOTHING. they are nothing... can anyone confirm this is the right thing to do??


    i hate DCA's we have so many rights but they seem to think they are above the lot and can do wot they like......



  12. basically had no end of problems with them since word go. last straw was wen tuk money from partners card without auth . i had to leave. just plain old had enough. as we were still in contract they are trying to rob me with charges etc... we are in a deadlock now. they wont budge from what they reckon is a good settlement. and it soooooo isnt !

  13. So I am in dispute with plusnet.

    they say i have to pay a load of costs and have given me a figure that they say they will settle the account with.

    The figure is a complete insult.

    the letter they sent me could hav been done better by a 7 yr old.


    i want to take the next step but what would be the best way to go with it??

    i dont think they think i am serious but i am !! i will fight it all they way but can someone please advise??


    what are my options???


    thanks x:!:

  14. hi. i need some help please i f anyone can?

    basicaly i joined plusnetbroadband in july 2009


    from word go no end of problems.

    1. they couldnt even send the router on time for connection date.

    2. took them 2 weeks to get me connected , and only after i did ALL the chasing and running around etc...

    3. they messed me around when had fault after fault

    4. my partner let me use his card to pay a bill one month. the next month turns out they took money off his card on a direct debit which he never agreed to , with it being a one off card payment.

    5. had to battle to get them to put this money back


    ever since then i have tried to cancel. i finally got a mac code but xmas got in the way so i didnt have chance to use it.


    it expired so ov course i had to get another... more messing.


    during this time i have refused to giv them another penny due to the fact that i dont trust them with any details and they have messed me around so unbeleivably.


    Now i have FINALLY left they had send me to there debt collectors.

    P&A who want £40 pound admin fee for late payment?? for what ??


    and they are trying to get £40 for the router and cancellation charges for set up fees and leaving in first 12 month... ? told them they can whistle cos for a start the set up was a joke!! and why should i be held to a contract was NOT fulfilled by them in the first place??


    i am so upset about all this and angry that they think they can bully people into paying up DESPITE THE appalling service they offer??


    Can anyone help me PLEASE?


    I am seething and worried ... thanx xx:-o

  15. In my opinion if you think your apperence has changed a lot since the photo was taken then you may want to update it. If you think its not that different then just dont bother and throw the letter in the bin.



    i would but it says may get a £1000 fine??:-x

  16. so i have been driving 10 yrs in feb ... YIKES>>> where did that time go?


    anyway i got a letter from dvla saying i have to RENEW the photo on my license or i mite get fined £1000?


    so i thought ok sat down to tick the relevant boxes etc.. YAWN !! XX


    THEN i thought.... HOW MUCH is this going to cost cos it aint gunna be free.!!


    £20 flippin quid !! plus the passport photos.... ! what i load of trash.... Its enough that we have to pay extortionate road tax, petrol prices that would lead us to think we have just bought shares in the company, insurance costs that GO UP when we renew ?? eeeehhh??

    Fines to line the governent pocket if we fart in our own cars and NOW THIS.....!!!!!!


    anyone else come up against this issue??? i dont have the money to put the bloomin fuel in the dam thing let alone paying for DVLA's next chrimbo Knees up??!!


    HELP ANYONE??? :x

  17. hi.. i just rang severn trent who told me that they will ring moorcroft and get a hold on account for 28 days? its all a complete mess because i asked for deduction from benefits thru a company called robinson way. but because its my partner who claims for us both at the moment, there was a confusion so they just passed it on to another collector... up pop moorcroft.. and they dont care a shiny one about anythin other than £££££ !!!


    so basically no comunication with me the one they are trying to extort money out of... just bully boy tactics!


    the last time a emailed them to tell them it was in dispute and heard nothing since today... and the germ that appeared on my doorstep.... ! where do they get off?? powertrip for them or summat?? good job OH wasnt in..... ! mind youprobly wudnt av been a bleep with him as harder to intimidate a male....???


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