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  1. So why did Experian and CallCredit remove these old accounts the day after the six year limit and Equifax did not?
  2. From what I have read it seems that so long as you dont have any joint bank or credit card accounts your credit files will be totally seperate and your bad credit wont affect his good rating.
  3. I have several accounts marked as defaulted but settled on 28/05/03 but are still showing on my file as of 02/06/09. CallCredit and Experian have both removed these accounts, how long until Equifax does?
  4. Thats fraud, and they can take you to court and probably end up with a criminal conviction. Your credit file would still be buggered and you'd probably be marked by N Hunter as a fraud risk. Your guarantor would have to contact the CRA's/County Courts to say that a fraud had been committed and supply proof of your conviction of this offence to get the CCJ removed.
  5. Any update on this? Are you taking them to court?
  6. Maybe if you're not going to be working again than going BR might be the best solution to wipe out all these debts? That way they wont chase you indefinitely....
  7. I would imagine that they will register the defaults with your last known UK address. If you come back to the UK and register to vote, this information will link to your old address(es) and your old debts. If your debt if unenforcable then I suggest you write to the CRA stating this but otherwise the defaults will only come off your file 6 years after they were 1st posted. I would suggest signing up to Equifax and Experian and see what is going on your file on a monthly basis. I've been checking mine regularly over the last 8 months and its surprising what misinformation can creep up i
  8. Equifax can suppress entires, Egg removed a default on my file only to put it back a couple months later. Experian suppressed this entry so I'd imagine Equifax could do the same. Better keep an eye on it though.
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