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  1. The letter says in bold Notice of liability order-unpaid council tax £572.38 Liability order was issued by Ludlow magistrates court Saturday 14th July 2007 in respect of none payment of council Tax
  2. I have received another letter today asking me to make payments to an overpayment of council tax, I am already paying back at the rate of £118.40 per month which is taken from my HB and a further £118.40 from my other benefits to repay an overpayment to the DWP see my breakdown on the previous page. I am already struggling and getting into debt with money I am borrowing from family and friends to cover my living costs already, I am suppose to pay half the rent in the house that I rent with my daughter in law who only moved to a bigger house to help me out as I had no where to live so she is now having to pay the difference which means she has less to spend on her son (my grandson) what am I suppose to do now I can't pay any more than I am paying and they have told me in the letter that unless I offer them a payment they will pass it to Bristow and Sutor for collection. I don't know why they haven't put all this together it seems that its been broken up into bits but its all the same case, they have sent me yet another budget sheet. Any help or advice would be appreciated. Ps the sum in the letter I received today is for £572.39.
  3. For those who do not know? The dwp and the council take dla into account as an income for the purposes of repaying any over payments.
  4. Page 11 just confirms that they can take £18.50 per week but can't see anything of relevance on page 27?
  5. I've tried I have also told them that my daughter and her son live in the same house and we are joint tenants so if I can't pay my share of the rent then we will all be evicted.
  6. I have received a letter today from the council in which they state ....Please not that when we consider your income and expenditure we take into account all of your income including DLA. So it looks like some of you guys got it wrong? or are they wrong?
  7. Thank you I will contact them and ask for their opinion. Thank you once again.
  8. Thank you I'll have a look and see if it helps? Here is my the budget sheet I sent to both of them
  9. I got a reply from the DWP today which says ... Based on the information you have provided we are unable to reduce the amount we take. Deductions will continue to be made from your benefit at £29.60 each week. I sent them my Budget sheet which shows what would happen if I had to pay back at that rate which would leave me debt every month by £.130.57 and that's without knowing what the HB have decided to do. I mat as well just give up. I already struggle with my illness let alone all of this which I am not to blame for but as I said... You can not argue with these people now that they use the term 'On the balance of probabilities' Any advice is welcome.
  10. I posted my budget sheets to both on the 3rd June but still not had any reply, however the DWP have taken a payment from me of £59.20 which is what they said they would take My HB is due next week and I'm worried they will do the same? What should I do? should I call them ?
  11. Sorry I missed this question Yes they are both recovering an over payment , The council for HB and the DWP for an over payment of Income support/Incapacity benefit as it was at the time, which I still dispute but you can not win against these people
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