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  1. Has anyone had any experience of making a complaint to a financial authority about this firm? It is so surprising that they are still in operation, still selling insurance and still apparently using all kinds of tricks and methods to get out of or delay paying claims. I notice that this thread goes back some years and the same complaints are still being made about this firm. Recently found a review website with about 400 or more bad reviews at this Pet Insurance. Only a very few reviews were good. Some people had been paying their insurance for their animals for years with no pay out w
  2. Hello Slick132:) Thank you for your reply. Have been searching through all the paperwork and stuff kept in the loft but can't find anything to tell me what was changed at the bank. I do remember going to the bank and the loan being remade though. I will try now to learn how to start a new thread for PPI and claim back some bank charges if it is not too late to do that. Thinking about the years of distress Barclays have put me through, I am gathering everything together to make a complaint about them to OFT. We were good customers until we hit difficulties. Barclays have no 'r
  3. Hello atom02 GE Money sent me their version of an 'agreement'. From this document it appears that the loan was even worse than I first thought. The interest comes to much more than I wrote in my post. Also there were omissions from the 'agreement'. We were sold this loan under pressure and I think the nature of the loan was misrepresented. I think the way the loan is constructed may be seen as unclear. A friend has a similar type of loan with another loan company but taken out at about the same time. She paid and paid regularly for years, then when she rang up to check, they explained tha
  4. Hello Slick132 There are no signatures on the document/'agreement' sent to me as posted above, not my signature nor any from a Barclays person. I originally made the application by filling in a form on the internet when a loan was offered to me, automatically, through my internet bank account. The application was accepted online by submitting the form, then I was asked to call at the bank to complete the loan. I probably did tick the PPI box as I believed that I would have more chance of getting the loan if I accepted PPI and was pretty desparate :(to pay bills and payments. The loan
  5. Hello Slick132 Thanks for your reply.:) There are no signatures on the agreement, mine or anyone from Barclays. I cannot think of any reason why I was mis-sold the PPI as I originally opted for it believing that I would stand more chance of getting a loan if I accepted it. Only thing is that somehow I had no idea that it would be that much money when I took out the loan. At that time I was not in a position to turn the loan down, even so, had I realised or checked the actual amount I would probably have not taken the loan. I have just received a letter from Debt Managers and ano
  6. Slick132 Hello, thanks for the help. Here are the documents from Photobucket. Regards SandR:) Russell Aitken letter: Debt Managers Ltd letter: Barclayloan Agreement: Barclayloan Agreement: Barclayloan Agreement:
  7. Hello Slick132 Sorry for delay in posting the agreement sent to me by Barclays at the request of Debt Managers Ltd, this was due to difficulties with scanning. The agreement is unsigned, by me or by any Barclays employee. The loan was applied for online but I was called in to the bank and the loan was completely remade. I had paid off a lot more than I remembered but with PPI and high interest rate there is still a huge amount to pay. Today I received a threatening letter from Russel & Aitken Solicitors and this is terrible, to be threatened with 'Court Action' and 'pot
  8. Hi Slick132 Many thanks for your help in creating a new thread for me. I am attempting to scan the agreement sent. I've got it all ready. The agreement was sent by Barclays at my CCA request in August, but it was not anymore than a copy which anyone could have made, so I wrote putting the loan in dispute. Having sorted the paperwork, the demands that Debt Managers are making bare no resemblence to the original loan. I think they may have added there own 'costs' or 'extras'. The loan was originally applied for over the internet but I remembered going to the bank and the amount being c
  9. Can anyone help with a similar problem re Barclays - Debt Managers Ltd? Have a similar problem with Barclays sending me an unsigned copy of a loan agreement that looks like a computer printout. This is dated June 2005. Can anyone help with advice as to whether it enforceable since it is dated before June 2007. This loan was taken out over the internet. I originally sent a CCA some months ago and received this printout/copy. I wrote a few weeks ago requesting the CCA again. Barclays denied having received my first CCA request despite the fact that it was recorded and delivered and
  10. My debt with First National/GE Money is unsecured. The debt collectors harassing me by telephone and in writing are Link Financial. I have sent a letter of complaint to Link and received a 'complaints form' from them today. I don't know how it will affect any official complaint I make if I fill in Link's complaints form .
  11. Hello, also seeking information about First National/GE Money. We took out a loan in 2002 for about £6200 with add-ons to about another £800, dutifully paid the monthly payment of approx £122 until we encountered difficulties and had to stop payments. We did not realise what kind of loan this was. When the payments had to be stopped over £8000 had been repaid. If the loan had been paid until it ended, (120 months), we would have repaid more than £14600.00! That is a massive amount of interest! In 2008 my partner began an IVA agreement and this loan was included. Unfortunately the
  12. Thanks for all the information of this thread. After long months of trying to communicate sensibly with Barclaycard, (and having details passed from one dubious debt collecting agency to another), I have received a very offensive demanding letter from Debt Managers Limited, 12 Hope Street, Edinburgh. When I sent a reply by recorded post, the receipt said that the letter went to Davidson Chalmers, LLP. When I put Davidson Chalmers into a search engine I found a website for one of the partners of this firm who appeared to be involved in property deals. His website makes no mention of
  13. Hello. Please can you direct me to the place to begin a new thread. This is my first post. I have been reading threads on this website for some time and would like say that it has sustained and informed me through months and months of harassment and intimidation from various debt collecting agencies. This forum has helped me to cope but this is still ongoing so I would like to ask for advice.
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