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  1. Just after some advice is a scanned copy of a CCA classed as a true copy? Could it have been changed?I hve been sent one that hasn't got any line borders around the figure work and some paragraphs are on the wrong side. If a case gets to court would a scanned copy be accepted as the CCA signed on the day?
  2. The copy of the loan i took out 5 months previously is just a small exact copy of the loan agreement form.That one looks right.I topped up the loan and I signed in my lunchbreak and can't remember if I signed the normal agreement sheets. The white,yellow,blue.....This last agreement sheet copy just isn't exact as there are no lines or boxes around the wording and one paragraph is over the other side of the paper. I have major issues with WELCOME at present after a final response complaint letter arrived yesterday and its just not addressed my problems no straight answers!!They twist and turn
  3. I'm no expert but i would definately NOT send them another signiture. Seems fishy!!
  4. I asked Welcome to send me my last agreement and iv'e compared it to two others i have and this one seems odd.I've noticed that if it was a true copy it would have boxes around all the figure work and insurance details.Does anyone know if they hold the true copies at head office. I have had one of these sent from the branch...this one had a date put in.The other one sent from Head Office didn't have a date.Something just looks odd. Could this be copy of the exact agreement?
  5. An update on my case with Welcome.I sent a complaint letter and as yet have not received their written reply.I was told it was posted last week ...... .Yesterday was very frustrating I got through to complaints and they said they could not bring up my account! Today I have asked them to read the response to my complaint and they have assured me they have sent it out again....I wait with baited breath! I was then told that the cooling off period is after someone has signed.As they had sent things to a wrong address i never saw anypaperwork...before or after.Ive been sent round and round i
  6. Thank you for the above advice.Now I'm wondering if I should have been given the cooling off period before I signed the agreement. I was told bY the company they didn't have to as it wasn't regulated. I have now found out from Compliance and the information on here it was regulated contractually.Also signed off premises. Also all my paperwork afterwards went to the wrong address.So If they say they sent it (they didn't) I can prove all my paperwork went somewhere else. I'm not sure what to do next.The compliance department is investigating. The branch said unregulated..The head of co
  7. Hi I have added something on the Welcome site.Only just relised how to post a main heading today as I only registered recently. I'm waiting for the compliance dept to speak to the legal dept to give me some sort of an answer.I will be writing a formal complaint when ive gathered all my info.I wouldn't have known about this if I hadn't seen this site.Its brilliant!
  8. Hi did anyone sign for a secured loan with Welcome for over £25,000 pre April 2008?I'm trying to find out if they used agreements forms that had the heading informing you it would NOT be regulated by the Consumer Credit Act. Ive made several calls to Welcome and they are being cagey... After April 6th 2008 The law changed so all loans have the protection of The Consumer Credit Act 1974 Any help would be appreciated as I think I may have a case against them.
  9. Thanks for the quick reply.I spoke on phone briefly to a solicitor that specialises in contract law and she said could be a case of misrepresentation and i might be able to claim damages. I am going to persue this as the implications of me being totally misled are that as im now having temporary payment difficulties and this was a secured loan they are threatening repossession of my home. Therefore I should have been given the cooling off period.I have lots of other things im uhappy about with this company..data protection and wanting me to sign to rewrite a loan when i was unemployed! I
  10. Hi can anyone help with this question I signed on the 27/02/2008 for a secured loan (a top up) which took the loan over £25,000.At the time I was not informed on signing that it would be unregulated.The paperwork clearly states in the heading it is regulated by the Consumer Credit Act 2007. I have been looking into the implications of this as I was not given the cooling off period and told by the loan company they didn't have to as its unregulated.I feel : 1. They should have made me aware at the time ...Its a large company and i'm sure they would have been aware of the change in law tha
  11. I will report the breach and will find out if they have registered the charge..Thanks for the advice. Iv'e just registered on here tonight so got to find my way around. Cheers
  12. I have had the money yes and I signed this was back in 2007.I'm having payment probs now but have kept on paying as much as I can afford. I have asked if they can stop the interest and was told by local branch manager he would do that and put it in writing...That was four weeks ago now! My account has now gone to the second stage and been tole i'm at risk of repossession.As I have no equity in the house and Im paying my first mortgage company ok. I know that if Welcome do take it further it will cost them and they could end up with nothing... Will sort out my agreements later and post them
  13. I am yet another person taken in by these creeps.I would like to say thanks for all the useful advice and support there is on this site. I am in the process of finding out if the top up loan I took out is enforceble.Perhaps someone on here might have had the same problem. I stupidly have taken out secured loans.The agreement form has a heading to say its regulated by The Consumer Credit Act 1974 but I have since found out that as its over £25,000 I'm not protected.I signed in my lunch break on 27/02/2008 and have since found out the law changed in April 2008 to a higher figure.My question
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