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  1. A Railway Staff Association folded in June of last year and owed a sum of money to Canon Hygene. 

    A new club was formed in July 2019 and as such had a separate constitution, Committee and HMRC status. We notified Canon that we did not want their services and asked them to remove their equipment. This was ignored and they have been persuing GWRSA. We have pointed out that we are not them and they should persue the person who signed the agreement between them an GWRSA.


  2. Hello all,

    I am enquiring on behalf of a friend of mine.


    They incurred a debt from M&S on the break up of her marriage some years ago.

    The debt was incurred by her ex, but seeing that she was also named on the account they have chased her, ex no where to be seen.

    She was on a limited income with mortgage etc to be paid and as a result went to money lifeline and with their help the negotiated £1 pm which she has diligently paid.


    Now letters have started to arrive from Drysdenfairfax demanding payment and have started CCJ proceedings against her.


    Unfortunately at this moment she is not at home at the moment and she is un-contactable.

    I have written to DF to explain this and I cannot fill in any income and expenditure on her behalf for obvious reasons.


    All this seems to have fallen on deaf ears as they sent another letter to her, that she must give permission for me to act on her behalf.

    I can not even fill the county court form as I don't have that info.


    It has now come to the stage that a judgement will be made, any advice please



  3. Recently my partner has started to receive letters from the above company regarding a debt. Date of original agreement was 02/10/2006.


    This debt was left to her from her ex-husband and at her wits end she visited a independent debt advisor and a payment plan was set up, and she has been paying this since 2009 and last payment was last month. Drydensfaifax are now demanding full payment of the debt, so any advice on how to deal with this would be appreciated.


    I am aware that since payments have been made up to last month this is not statute barred. Would a request for a CCA be worth while? 



  4. Hi and thanks Honeybee and Andy, yes I did mean 2012. She recieves pay slips ad hoc due to her working part time and access to her internal mail is not available.


    What I am saying, she was not notified about this until now, payments already taken, errorr on behalf of local managers and payroll. She wanted to know when this overpayment happened and then arrange a suitable repayment IF there had been a overpayment.

  5. Hi all,


    My daughter also has found that, according to the payroll dept of the company she works for, she was overpaid in the period August and September 2013. My daughter accepted the salary in good faith as she had worked overtime for training during that period.


    They have already taken some if not all the monies back without notifying her. They not provided any details of said overtime, when asked for copies of payslips for that period, she was told they can't do that, and that her managers have given the payroll dept permission that take the deductions.


    I would question the legality of some one else giving permission for a deduction from your salary.


    Any advice or thoughts would be helpfull

  6. Hi Folks,


    I have a old visa card debt that was passed from MBNA to Lowlifes in Leeds. When they 1st sent letters to my new address I done the usual "know nothing of the debt and unless they can provide evidence to show that it is ect..."


    They then wrote back and said thanks for the reply and they will look into my request. I have just recieved a letter back from them, after about 2 months by the way, copies of statements that only indicate balances etc.


    What is the best advice on how to proceed?

  7. Have a bit of a problem with Quinn Insurance. Last year I took out a Insurance policy for myself and 3 of my daughters (all provisional) and was quoted at about £36 pm, this was fine. In October I informed them of a change of address and the premium shot up to £96 pm. I enquired why and they said that I had moved into a high risk area.


    Well I checked various web sites and the risk factor was the same as the old address and also I now had off road secure parking. I even got a quote online for £33 pm, £3 less and guess who it was with, yes Quinn. I challenged Quinn and they said they could not offer that to me, but if I cancel the current policy and take the new one online that would be ok. So thats what I done.


    I now have recieved a demand from Quinn via Regal Credit for £159.25 for cancellation of old policy.


    Any tips please on how to deal with this.



  8. Unfortunately I do not have any copies as all requests was made either via the website or by phone. Fact still remains I informed them and did not make the calls. I can provide proof of my move into new property and witnesses that I was not in the property that had the phone line at the time of calls.

  9. Hi Folks, A bit of a tale to tell here! In Mid September I contacted Sky to request a home move of my services (I had Sky+ HD and also SkyTalk and Broadand), and I informed them of my move on October 10th. I did this online and also followed up with numerous phone calls, it seemd like I was being passed around like pass the parcel.


    Anyway to cut a long short, it took them until 26th November to install the TV package and I am still waiting for the Telephone and Broadband. I contacted sky yesterday to request a refund due to being with out a service for a month, only tobe told that there is a bill of £200+ on the account. There were premium rate calls made on the line 9 days after I moved. I told them of this but all they said is that a request for a homemove was entered on the system on the 22 October.


    Any ideas on this please.

  10. I listened to the BBC podcast of the programe "You and yours" that was broadcasted in April, and a very interesting statement was made by the phone company 3 stating that it used to use HFO but had ceased to do so. Seeing that they have only recently contacted me, it raises the question can they persue this debt, and when did 3 cease to use them.

  11. Just out of interest has anyone decided to go down to the offices of HFO? Try and see someone in person, give them a doorstep call?


    I am tempted to do this, any one interested in joining a peaceful protest.

  12. This is all very interesting as I have recently started having dealings with this bunch of ....... They first of all started calling my ex wife demanding to talk to me. She informed them that I no longer lived at that address and I was out of the country, also to please stop calling.

    Well the calls persisted, and finally she caved in and gave the mobile number I was on. Seeing I was on a Philippines number at the time they did not call me, (what a suprise!) Then the calls to her started again, by this time I was back in the UK. She was pressured to give them my contact details and it was then I recieved a call from a "nasty" little man. He reeled off the usual speel and stated the debt was checked as being valid and I owed £xxx and what was I going to do about it. I said at the moment nothing and he needs to write to me as I will not discuss anything over the phone.

    Well as yet no letters from them but the calls continue, using a land line number and at least 2 different "mobile" numbers. As I have refused to answer these calls they are again calling my ex. I have written again to them again, asking them to prove that the debt is mine and if they dont stop harassing my ex and my self they will be reported.

    Thanks to all who contributed to this as it has given hope to the rest of us.:)

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