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  1. The messages are generated using a PBX system regardless if there is anyone there. I am now resigned to the fact that we've all been ripped off, if I lived closer I would visit Natasha Tate at home to request my money back!
  2. When did you last have contact from Tate-Lloyd?
  3. What information do you have to support this?!
  4. I have today received my monthly report from credit expert to discover that Egg have reported a late payment on my account, even though they are aware it is under dispute. I am considering making a complaint to the financial ombudsman, has anyone had a similar experience?
  5. As a partner in the company she is ultimately responsible for the language her staff use when engaging with a client, it is her duty to provide the necessary training to educate her staff accordingly.
  6. I have been told on more than one occasion that my file is with the "solicitors" upstairs, and also that when an email is sent it is the "solicitor" that receives it and passes it on to a member of staff. Caroline, before you unconditionally defend these, perhaps you should be fully aware of the information being provided by their staff.
  7. I requested a callback from them by email and phone, what a shock, I have heard nothing!
  8. Are you handling Their PR by any chance?!
  9. How do you know it works if you have not had your debts cleared yet?!
  10. Caroline 2009-Have your cards been cleared successfully, and without an adverse affect on your credit file?
  11. Public info at companies house, no idea why he left, perhaps his conscience got the better of him!?
  12. You could be right about that, the other founding parter, resigned on Monday 20th April!
  13. Hi, I also have employed the services of a CMC I sent my initial payment and after several phone calls received my affidavits, which were signed and forwarded to my creditors on March 5th. To date I am still receiving calls and letters from my creditors (Lloyds TSB and Egg) threatening to publish adverse comments on my credit file, due to my accounts being in arrears. I am due to receive my final affadavits next week, then apparently the process is complete and my debts are cleared! However, I remain cynical as typically anything too good to be true usually is! I have had difficulty conta
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