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  1. HI, again... Can a insurance firm legally withhold proof of no claims? My new insurer is wanting my proof of new claims but my previous insurer is refusing to send to either me or them as they say i owe them money due to cancelling early. So again, if i do them owe them money, does this give them a legal right to withhold the proof i need, refusal to give me it is basically stopping me getting insurance. Any help appreciated....
  2. Have tried to google the info but not a clue where to find it
  3. Hi. Not sure if this is the right place for this. if not could it be moved or can i be redirected Does anybody know what the maximum amount of time, legally, a bank can hold monies from a Will and Testament once the release papers have been signed and returned? Thanks for any information you can provide.
  4. Hi, Apologies if this is the wrong place to post this, but couldnt see anywhere else..... I would like to know if i am eligible for a tax rebate. I was sacked after 6 months of the last tax year, so obviously only earned half of what was my projected income, so i was paying income tax based on my yearly income but only earned half of that so from there i would be eligible but.... After my sacking i received compensation, would this affect a possible rebate or is that treated as separate as i was told that i did not have to pay tax on that money, just the part of it which wa
  5. Hi. Lost my tax disc yesterday (sunday) so couldnt go to post office and get the V20 form as it doesn't open, had to go in to town and park up, unfortunately whilst i was away police must have seen no tax disc and left a leaflet on my car saying they have contacted the DVLA for action to be taken. Any idea how much the fine is likely to be? Cheers
  6. Possible it could be an unpaid store card as the debt letter mentions GE Capital Global Consumer Finance Ltd as the creditor
  7. Im not aware of a specific debt and have no details, she does owe certain things from around 6 years ago but it doesnt state what this debt is for, could possibly be a mobile phone bill...no idea though.
  8. I have no idea what they are for nor does she but its no doubt something she owes. She has had previous letter from them which have all been ignored. Letter states in summary... Account with Aktiv Kapital for £427.76 remain outstanding, consequence of failure to contact us and agree a resolution to this matter, we must advise that no other option but personal visitation by a debt investigation officer to your home in order to discuss and agree repayment of debt. If address details are incorrect or if there is a good time for our officer to call, give us a call immediately on ....
  9. My missus is getting letter from this lot, saying they have no alternative but to send someone out. Im not sure what the debt is for but she doesnt want to speak to them at all. i take it these are noting to do with council tax debts etc so have no right to send anybody out to the house?
  10. just rang a local solicitor, receptionist took some very brief details and sed i will get a call tomorrow, do all solicitors deal with cases requiring legal aid?
  11. As i am now unemployed i think i qualify for legal aid. The fact they are trying to compromise suggests they are uncomfortable.
  12. Thats how i am taking the 'offer' if thats what you can call it.
  13. Im back. Offered a compromise agreement, what does that suggest?
  14. Its got to be a possibility as no doubt they will also be looking for answers and help on subjects, and this forum does pop up a lot on google suggestions....and my user name is hardly encrypted .... Will post more after tomorrows meeting....
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