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  1. Well it turns out that the claimant passed on my cheque to the sheriffs office and they cashed the cheque - how they did that i am not sure as it was not made out to them, although they said they will not send any receipt of payment or any proof of payment or even send acknowledgement to the court to say the judgement was paid.
  2. Music to my ears - thankyou so much for pointing that bit of information to me! Looking forward to calling them tomorrow! Many Many Thanks Ang
  3. Thaks PT! yes thats it.... yes 1b is the answer....this was for the full judgement amount that included the costs which was applied at the end of the hearing when judgement was granted in the claimants favour....i rang the court to ask who i should pay and was advised to the claimant and sent a cheque recorded direct to their address this was then cashed 1 week later.
  4. After Judgement was made (at a Hearing) i immediately applied for a permission to appeal hearing, this was granted by the court about 2 weeks later and an appeal hearing date set - the court advised that no further recovery on the judgement can take place, the claimant applied for the writ in-between judgement and permission to appeal notice being made
  5. writ charges are currently around £1500 on a £1200 judgement, the permission to appeal was granted with a stay - under what basis i am not sure - i am guessing because an appeal application was agreed and a date set for an appeal, following this a week later the writ arrived based on the judgement the month before.
  6. Feb 2011writ came after the stay about 1 week later, they did not know at that point of the appeal hearing being granted and stay, this writ expired Feb 2012
  7. Ive requested a certification of satisfaction, the amount i paid covers the full judgement, they have taken that amount off the new writ but are asking me to pay for the fees of the writ, bailiff charges etc, of the original writ that expired as well as new charges on the new writ issued Feb 2012, im stating that the judgement was paid before the appeal hearing and that the writ that was on hold during that time has now expired, and that the new writ is not valid as it was issued 1 month after the judgement was paid. Am i correct in this? i understand that there was a window between Jan 2012
  8. yes i paid the full amount of the cc Judgement.
  9. Hi Can this High Court Writ be actioned? Basically received a writ today regarding a judgement hearing that i paid last month. time line of events: Jan 2011 Judegment made against me Feb 2011 Appeal Hearing Application made and court agreed for appeal notice (any enforcement of judgement and writ placed on hold until hearing) Feb 2011 High Court Writ made (notified office that this cant be enforced due to appeal, they agreed) Jan 2012 i decided to make Payment on Judgement and request to adjourn/cancel appeal hearing made Jan 2012 Appeal struck out as payment made,
  10. Also going through the paperwork the contract I have signed at hevtime of sale states it's a hire purchase agreement however the default and termination notice is for a contract purchase non maint agreement- are they the same thing or is this an error?
  11. Thanks for the reply I thought as much - incidentally the reply to the section 77 request was only a copy of the agreement no breakdown of the current figures?
  12. Hi I have a return of goods hearing later this week. I have applied for time to pay and requested payments to be restructured. This is the timeline of events and i was wanting to check if Alphera had followed correct procedures. I had repeatedly requested to restructure the arrears of £950.00 (2 months payments) by telephone and by letters, emails weekly. Alphera did not accept my offers. Default notice sent 15 September 2011 - requesting full arrears in full by 2 October 2011 I sent a letter (recorded) dated 29th September 2011 with a standard access requisition request. This
  13. Just a further note - this is a contract purchase agreement regulated by the cca 1974.
  14. Hi Everyone Just wanted some advice on the following situation i am in currently... I have paid over 50% of my agreement which is hire purchase, i am self employed and in the last 12 months been in arrears but kept up payments currently i have just fallen into 2 months in arrears, although i can clear the arrears in the next couple of weeks i cannot meet the default date that has been issued, Alphera will not give me an extension as they say i keep falling behind. They advised that the next step after 2nd October will be a repossession order - as my arrears will be cleared in 14 da
  15. Thanks PT Yes have defended the CCJ, have got the finance agreements and registration documents at hand incase they turned up again - so will copy them over to the HCEO. Many thanks for your advice.... CJ
  16. Hi Everyone A baliff has visited although i did not answer, the writ is for a ccj in my company name (ltd), the baliff has listed down two vehicles that do not belong to the company however both vehicles are on hire purchase in my own name - these were parked on the drive when he visited. I did not receive the original claim form and have now applied to the court with two N244 forms to set aside the judegement and stay the writ of fifa as my company is disputing the invoice that the ccj relates to and have provided detailed reasons and evidence. Can the baliff take my vehicles that ar
  17. The problem i have is that i was advised that i could have a refund, and that a doctors cert would need to be produced with a covering letter - i was told that i would receive a reply after the event date - when i did i was advised no refunds. I could of organised a replacement if i was told that they have a no refund policy - i was certain a refund would be made.
  18. Hi Not sure if this comes under any consumer law but looking for some advice.... I purchased a conference ticket for an event in france, the company is Uk based. 1 week before the event i advised that i was ill and possibly cannot attend and asked what there cancellation policy was as nothing is written on contract or receipt. I was advised to get doctors cert and send in. I notified them that i would not be attending and sent in doctors cert with covering letter 7 days prior to event. I did not hear back until after the event - i was told that they do not offer refunds. I ask
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