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  1. Well I decided to seek legal advise and it seems my argument which is legitimate has been brushed aside. Can you please close this thread.
  2. Ok .. SAR comes in 40 days ..how can I go bout setting judgement aside in the mean time to avoid enforcement and ?
  3. It might help that the vehicle was not in my possession at time as it had been snatched by Philip Collection for alleged parking fines as of 30 Nov 2008 and they knew bout this and refused to return it to me and proceeded with ROG which was granted in Jan 09 and vehicle sold in Sep 2009. I do not know if a deal was struck between them . This might be irrelevant tho.
  4. I refused to return vehicle voluntarily as they tried to repossess without . They got ROG and yes I had a copy. Please read through statements and defence.
  5. Ok will do that. Can I get answer to the legal issue please as well? Trading standards?
  6. No . How can I do this and template ? Also how to request to set aside or suspend or appeal before they start enforcements
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