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  1. i edited my post..never know if their staff lurks these forums..but just incase! thank you for your help,i can imagine how frustrated he will be next time he calls lol
  2. i am curious why they cant just send me it in writing!! should i have my parents say i moved next time they call or just say "i would prefer you contact me in writing" when they call next time?
  3. do you know who i would report them to? i live in ireland so i think it might be different than the uk
  4. hopefully - i was googling and it seems like it would cost them a lot to go through the courts so i am hoping they go away is there any way to get them to back off other than paying them? they didn't seem to pay attention to my letter
  5. the first man who called me from there (in april) was actually friendly, i'm guessing it was because he was hoping i would pay up. i told him i didn't think i owed the debt and he said "maybe it was identity theft" and i mentioned that phone call to the guy who called today and he just said no that didn't happen YOU owe the debt. i did say i didn't feel comfortable giving that info through the phone and that he should contact me via mail but he refused to do so!!!
  6. that is the letter i sent them in late april/early may! he said they received it and forwarded the letter to ebay, ebay told them i still owed the debt and so they have to get the money from me.. he refused to give me written proof of what debt is owed
  7. thanks.. just kinda panicking.. i'm 19 so i don't want a bad record already! *if* it does go to court do they usually issue a court date soon? i am going on holiday soon and money is kind of tight right now i told him that i mentioned in my letter not to contact me via phone again and he just said that he can if he wants because i owe the money!
  8. yeah thats what i thought! i guess after a certain period of time ebay give them all information or something. still weird how he would give me that info but refusd to send me written proof that i owed the debt in question
  9. at first i thought it was paypal calling me because i have been having issues with my account and their staff usually have middle eastern accents too - but the guy wouldn't even say he was from intrum just that it was a "phone call relating to ebay debt"!! when i said i don't think i owed the debt he said YES YOU DO! i said please provide me with written proof of this and he kept refusing! he asked me my name and i gave the first name (Before i realized who he was) but refused to confirm my last name, age or any other info!
  10. thanks. i havent received any letters from them in about 2 months, was hoping they finally decided to leave me alone. the guy on the phone was very rude and trying to come across as intimidating but i just said fine when he threatened the court action and hung up. will tell my mother to say i don't live here if any more phone calls come to the house for me. i hope they don't actually call out to the house over it. if it does go to court - whats the worst they can do? just make me pay the debt correct?
  11. just received a phone call from a RUDE person from intrum saying i owe them €200+ for ebay fees they first contacted me in april i replied with a letter asking them to prove i owed the debt and no response until today the guy on the phone hesitated to tell me who he was then started asking my age etc. i said who am i speaking to and he explained i said why are you calling me when i asked for written confirmation of the debt and never received it..he said "get pen and paper, i will give you the ebay account to login and look at the debt" i said excuse me, please send it in a writ
  12. also, when i look up my IP address on My IP Address Lookup and GeoTargeting - Community Geotarget IP Project - domain to IP lookup, what country, city IP addresses map to - IP Trace it says i am located in a city 2 hours from here, so can that really prove anything since its not correct now and probably wasn't then
  13. i believe the IP address resets everytime the box (sorry dont know the correct name) is disconnected from the phone line so im sure some had different IP addresses
  14. thats what i'm afraid of, if i just ignore them they will probably keep sending letters regarding those debts right..and i just want them to stop contacting me. they are all sent to the same property
  15. i dont think so, but i dont know. its been years since i sold on there, the letters dont give an account name/email otherwise i could check. its a possibility i guess. i do have multiple paypal accounts (balances are ok on all, i used some for payments via credit card and some for personal payments to avoid high paypal fees) edit actually thats very possible because i just googled it and sites say to misspell names to be able to use a new account, so thats very possible i did that. if that is what i did, is there any way they can prove that i did make the accounts?
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