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  1. thanks for that supa the title looks great now,a donation will be on its way very soon, cheers, also thanks M&M for your help it was very much appreciated thank you,
  2. yeh i wasnt bothered about the costs just wanted it out the way, thx for that i'll keep the letter under my pillow lol.
  3. hi M, the condent order was attached, 1) the proceedings in this matter be discontinued 2) there will be no order for costs
  4. recieved a letter from my local court today saying, IT IS ORDERED THAT the order be as the consent filed, a copy annexed hereto. what does that mean? thx
  5. thx for the quick reply supa, will do it first thing tomorrow.
  6. thx M, yesterday i recieved an allocation questionnaire from the court, does this make any difference to the situation?
  7. to be honest super its cost me nothing really,i'm finding it hard to believe that they didnt want to take me to court at least, it all seems too good to be true, maybe i'll wake up soon lol
  8. thx again, terms and conditions sounds ominous, on the consent order it says 1) the proceedings in this matter be discontinued 2) there will be no order for costs
  9. thx for that super, but i received a letter from restons today as follows, MBNA V YOURSELF we write in respect of the above matter. our client has requested that we discontinue the proceedings against you. please find attached a consent order we require you to sign to confirm that you agree to the proceedings being discontinued. we would be gratefull if you could sign and return within he next 7 days. what excatly does this mean please?
  10. hi, just an update as ive been away for a few weeks, after sending in my embarrassed defence i received a letter from the court dated 29/12/09 saying that they acknowledge receipt of my defence and a copy is being served on the claimant,the claimant may then contact me to try to resolve the dispute if it cant be resolved they should inform the court that they wish to proceed, if they wish to proceed they should inform the court within 28 days after receiving my defence, after this period has elapsed the claim will be stayed, i havnt heard anything as yet so do i continue to wait?
  11. all done and sent off, do i just sit back and wait now for something to happen? thx M and a happy new year to you too.
  12. thanks M i greatly appreciate your help, will be sending this on line first thing tomorrow, once again thanks mate,
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