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  1. Thanks again Andy would this be by the way of a letter to the court manager asking for clarification as to its meaning?
  2. Thanks for your reply. Thats why I couldnt understand why the charging order makes reference to the possibility of further interest becoming due. The original County Court Judgement clearly stated interest will only be added to the date of judgement. Do you think I should write to the court or treat the comment as irrelevant and not enforcable in my circumstances??
  3. I have received a final charging order notice from court on a debt of £16000 in favour of Northern Rock. In this order the court has added after entering the amount the words “together with any interest becoming due” I have previously been informed that as the original loan was covered by the Consumer Credit Act 1974 and to the fact that there was no mention of extra interest being added after judgement in default notice that this shouldn’t be allowed. Can somebody advise the correct procedure to request court to correct this wording.
  4. NR offer through Pinnacle insurance in Cardiff 3 different levels of cover- Bronze cover-- Covers life insurance only Silver cover ---Cover for sickness and life cover Gold cover --- Cover for unemployment sickness and life cover My wife chose the Bronze cover so payment protection for loss of job not included. When you consider that the bronze is the cheapest cover and that was £2200 for full term of loan, its hard to believe at that price that an element of unemployment protection is not included. I believe the price of the gold cover is twice the cost of bronze!!
  5. Afraid as above quoted post explains although my wife stated she didnt remember signing for PIP in the second loan for reasons unknown to me she did. So now looking into whether you can oject to the whole 10 year cost PIP plus interest accrued for the full term being claimed on a defaulted loan. In my wifes case this amounted to £2200. In reality NR would have claimed a refund from Pinnacle insurance for the period remaining after account was defaulted and interest woudnt even have come into it.
  6. Hi again alanalana Just noticed that you also posted a lot of information for me on post 91. Thanks again will get down to looking into those details later and re-post later. Much appreciate the time and effort you put into your postings.
  7. Thanks for your reply, What seems a little unfair about that is if I was applying for a joint account I then could understand them taking my wifes details into account. If I was applying in my own name that should be a different case. Whats annoying about it is the only financial link that I have with my wife is a joint mortgage and I pay that myself anyway! Its no good shel have to go!!
  8. Thanks for the information, will look into the links you posted me for reference. What seems the unfair bit is that my wife only paid a couple of installments of second loan before losing her job no through no fault of her own. The total for the whole period of the loan with interest added again for the period of the loan was added. In reality NR would have had most of that paid back to them at the time of default, but still continue to claim the total amount regardless. Thanks again for your help alanalana, will look up the threads you posted.
  9. I have a very good credit history and credit score. My wife has recently lost her job and had a couple of default notices and a possible CCJ.Recently I applied for a credit card and was turned down due to my credit score. I am a member of the credit expert monthly payment scheme so have access 24 hours a day and have found out from Experian that a search on my records not just shows my record but also that of my financial associates,so have reason to believe thats why Ive been denied credit on this occasion. My question is does anybody know if all financial Institutions are likely to take f
  10. The charging order wasnt made final because of mistake by a litigation executive in Eversheds and as the judge ordered that the interim order that gave rise to it shall remain in place it means it should remain uninforcable. I believe that anyone who receives notification of an interim charging order partcularly from Eversheds should check the application form to see if theirs too has been signed in advance. It is my believe, that because of my particular case Eversheds might stop a practise that they may have been doing for some time. Such is their desire to push the charging order through
  11. Thanks caro for the link and suggesting I have look at PIP forum. Afraid nothing there that can help me. My wifes agreement has two separate figures and two separate signatures required in respect of the loan and PIP and she signed them both. It does seem unfair though that total payment of PIP plus interest for the whole period of the loan is added to debt when obviouslly NR would have had a refund of mostly all of that at time of default. I would be interested to know if anybody else has been able to get advance PIP reduced after judgment?
  12. Same here Im afraid, can never wind down till afer 12. Any way its the only time I can get a bit of peace and quiet.
  13. Thanks for that I will, your working late tonight!
  14. No not to bad an outcome but rather unusual. My wife now has an interim charging order that is unenforcable in it present state. As he ordered that the interim order will remain hes effectively not giving Eversheds the chance to correct it. Afraid not much chance of claiming pip missold they also sent a cd of the recording at the time my wife arranged the loan and one to the judge too! They did however add total amount to loan and add interest to that. One other point to mention when solicitor for Eversheds said the cost of attending today was £95. I argued that it was Eversheds mista
  15. Yes, attended hearing today the other side sent information in post this morning both agreements signed by my wife for pip. She didnt remember signing it, but she did! So then when we went into hearing already new that the set aside was already lost, we thought the best thing to do was appologise for wasting time in this respect because the judge said he had also been sent the agreements. We then asked whether he had read the letter that we had submitted to the court a few days earlier regarding the presigning of the application for the charging order (N379). He said he hadnt, so I asked h
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