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  1. Hi Andy Yes we are both named on the account although my husband's name is now being taken off. I do have my own bank account which I use all the time and I have not used my husband's account and that is why it is annoying to now see that they can chase me for the money. Looks like I will have to make them an offer. Thanks for your help and anyone viewing this thread (which I can see people have) please take note. Be forewarned about what could happen. You never know what is round the corner.
  2. Hi Andy Thanks for your reply. TBH I cannot remember when the overdraft was taken out because it was that long ago and it has been owed for years probably before 2000. The thing is, and I hate this, but I think there is no way of out of this one as I am the joint account holder. Has anyone, if they have had an overdraft with the bank, offered an amount to pay it off? Many thanks in advance Colleen
  3. Hi Hopefully someone can give me some advice concerning the above. My husband had an account with the Natwest even before we were married in 1981. When we married he added my name to the account. Over the years my husband has used this account himself and I have my own bank account. My husband unfortunately passed away suddenly on the 19th of January this year which has been really traumatic. My husband had a £2,800 overdraft with them but I have been told that because the account is in joint names the account will go into my name and someone will write to me (basically debt col
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