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  1. dx100 I'm starting that today and i am going to monitor the smart meter as well
  2. Interesting just done another little test, my other half was in the shower, so i boiled the kettle and turned the oven on to get the meter turning (ouch expensive idea) Below are the meter readings and the smart readings: Starting: 40105 - 7.85 40106 - 8.69 Meter: +1 Smart: 0.84 40107 - 9.54 Meter: +1 Smart: 0.85 In 2 units i will have been charged for an extra 0.31. i.e. my bill is 15% more expensive than it should be. Now these results are under extreme loads over a few minutes, so i could easily imagine when running on low loads, if this is a timing issue, this coul
  3. I do the same, i go through phases of that can't be right and then do the readings and am assured all is ok. but to be honest, its not until now that i have hard core data on whats using what that i can comfortabley say...no this isn't right
  4. Cool, well in that case i shall call British Gas tommorow, explain my concerns, explains that i intend to track my usage for the week by recording the meter and the smart energy meter and then report back. I just know there gonna assume the smart meter is wrong, but hopefully the kettle test will help my arguement. Thats not to say some freakish electrical interference occurs at random points in the day and the meter misses usage, but i can't see that being the case. Will post updates as i go for my record and incase anyone else runs into this
  5. Yup definatley. Just checked the cupboard and its on the single core Live feed (tagged with an L) not N which i assume is Neutral, the cable its running on comes out of the meter and goes straight to the fuse box inside. Ii have also just run a little test, my kettle is rated 2500 - 3500W and when i hit it consumption goes from 0.87 kw with (lounge light, fridge, freezer, tv & pc (inc. router & other accessories)) to 3.46kw which suggests around 2.7 ish KW's So i take it that would suggest its setup alright?
  6. Hi nohope I see what you mean, but...i don't have a tumble dryer etc...i am anal about lights being turned off etc... This is post watching the energy meter, optimizing my fridge / freezer temperature so that its at an absolute minimum whilst still safe. Reducing the amount of water i boil, even cooking in a more efficient ways, steaming veg so that i only use 1 device rather than 3 hobs (based on there usage) I can accept that 2 showers, 1 wash load and 1 meal will probably be £2.00 a day, and £1.50 for general usage (i.e. lights and computer) but even that is £3.50 a day
  7. I had it in my head it was only 1 year for some reason, or is that council tax
  8. It says i used £2.60 yesterday. But its set at 16p per kWH however i am charged 23.68p for the first 670 a quarter and 10.948 thereafter so i picked 16p as a guide. Hence using kWH for comparison. Still, if i was only charged at the high rate, 23.68, that would be £117 a month based on a year of [email protected] kWH, (i.e. £10 more than i am presently paying) In other words, my bill is £77 more a month than that crazy scenario i just explained. Not sure if someone can check my math, but i think thats right
  9. Shame, i shall finish off this weeks spreadsheet and send it next week recorded delivery. Do you know how far back you can reclaim if the meter is at fault? To be honest i'm more bothered about getting the recent bill confirmed than getting money back but its good to know as if i have been paying about double for some time, thats a whole lot of pennies!
  10. It is British Gas! I am going to gather some more evidence this week, I have setup a spreadsheet today, to track the EnergySmart meter each day, i am also going to upload daily meter reads for them, so hopefully i will have an exact discrepancy. I know the EnergySmart meter has full signal so should be reasonable accurate, i just hope that it is the meter not the energy smart thing. Its quite worrying as £285 a quarter on top of £97 a month, especially as we are going nuts about turning everything off, seems a lot!
  11. Hi; Over the last few days i have been monitoring my electricity usage as i have been receiving what i consider excessive bills. Since Wednesday PM - Sunday Morning we have apparently used 111 unit of electricity. According to my energy smart meter (it's British Gases version of the box that wraps around the electricity meter to allow you view consumption on the display inside) I used 16.27 KW hours yesterday (Saturday) Yesterday i was in all day, i used a lot of juice between PC's and Gaming, most days we use a lot less. If i had spent the last 4 days doing the same i
  12. To be honest, my only issue with this is that they have magically added £160 when i was paying them as agreed by deciding that they wanted to go to court. £100+ was a bit out of no where. i am going to try phoning them as of Monday and see if i can sort something out as i have been unable to contact them all last week. I would just rather avoid a CCJ to be honest.
  13. This loan agreement actually refers to 2 courses i signed up to, one for about £400 and another around £360. I recieved defaults for each seperately as they started seperately I recieved a court warning once ages ago when i was late with a payment but not since. We are talking months ago though. i have made payments since and they were fine with me being unemployed and the possible delay on the phone., since i made the last payment i haven't had anything but this summons. nb this was originally 2 debts that were combined by them a few months ago so for the purpose of the payme
  14. That letter perfect, is it appropriate in a small claims case? If so I'm going to try speaking to them tomorow,see if i can sort it all out over the phone, if not will send it registered post the same day. I don't know what you mean by an embarrased defence though? help
  15. POC: The claimants claimis under an agreement regulated by the consumer credit act 1974 terminated following the defendants default under which the defendant is required to pay the claimant course and related fee,full details of which have been supplied to the defendant prior to the commencement of this and the claimant claims: 1. #548.71 2. Statutory interest pursuant to section 69 of the County Courts Act (1984) at a rate of 8.000% per annum from04/05/10to 13/12/10 #26.82, and thereafter a daily rate of #0.12 to date of judgement or sooner payment. Invoice date:04/0
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