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  1. Hi, thankyou - this is exactly what i was looking for. They did deduct £150 from me for a charity walk i did (For the donations) which were already made on Just giving. They are sending me a cheque.
  2. Hi all. On May the 18th i was sitting at my desk at work, thinking all was well, when my manager tapped me on the shoulder and said 'can i borrow you for a minute' We went downstairs and sat down, she said, to quote - 'i feel you have lost heart in our company and i am going to be letting you go today, we'll pay you 4 weeks notice'. Confused and shocked i just said that is a load of BS, went upstairs packed up and left. I had been there just short of a year, but my paid notice technically takes me over the year mark. I had no warnings, no indication that this was coming. G
  3. South America, NZ, Aus, Asia, Russia, Europe then home takling about 2 years....
  4. What if i just hand it back and leave the country, what are they likely to do then?!!
  5. Well i just paid £454 to them... cannot be arsed with it. They said that the council had issued warrants..etc. However i did record the call and the guy taking the payments said Sh*t 4 times and F*ck twice...
  6. Ok thanks. i phoned them because i wanted to pay, as they say i have warrants out against me? Sorry just don't know what to do.
  7. Sorry to ask like this but i am really stuck! Please see this thread, and reply on either if at all possible, Thank you! http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/debt-collection-industry/194678-jbw.html#post2107628
  8. HI All UPDATE!!! I just phoned JBW to try and pay £120 off of my £454 Balance. They REFUSED to take the payment saying it was ALL or nothing!!! They said the case was warrants and they would just take the vehicle rather than take £120...!!! Can they refuse to take the payment??! i asked for the fact they would not take the payment in writing, this seems very strange! Help!
  9. Ah sweet. So, get the repairs done and give it a damn good valet then!!
  10. I don't understand, you VT'd a car and they took 18 months to come and get it?
  11. Hi all sorry if this is in the wrong part of the forum! I am looking to VT my car back to Welcome finance as i am coming upto 1/2 way (next payment) as i will be moving abroad at the end of the year. My only problem is - the drivers door and rear wing has a scratch on it (not too bad) on the other rear wing a dent about the size of a mini football which has been knocked out but still shows slightly and the passenger dorr is dented (could replace easily). And some scuffs here and there (not as bad as it sounds really. What i want to know is when i VT this car, how far will they g
  12. Yes i will ask them for everthing in writing next time they call - I take it from the lack of responce that there is nothing i can really do about this?
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