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  1. Guys and Gals , I've been watching this thread with great interest , as i am 1 of the chosen 160'000 ( give or take a few ) . I've seen arguments for , and against with quotes from various legislation to support and negate caggers opinions or beliefs !! I'm still non the wiser , with no apparent resolution on the horizon we appear to be in a state of limbo ?? I would like to state the obvious point though for everyone out there who feel Egg have done no wrong - Why after almost 3 years do EGG appear to have resigned themselves to the fact that these monies are unret
  2. Apologies for misleading everyone ..... My only interest in this court case was purely to satisfy my curiosity and see if there had been a judgement passed . As it had been quoted as a possible test case for the 160,000 termination letter brigade i wanted to see if our positioned had been strengthened ?? As for myself , i am fully aware of my limited experience and knowledge and my only actions will be based on the excellent advice i receive from this site . On that note anyone any advice on how to approach the removal of the obviously illegal Default Notice sitting on my credit fi
  3. Thanx again toymaker1 , will send out immediately recorded ........ On a different note , i've searched and trawled for hours but cant find posts relating to someone instigating legal proceedings to Egg and an adjourned case which was listed for June 2010 . I think it may have been in a Welsh court but not 100% . Anyone point me in the right direction ???? Thanx Willee ....
  4. Thanx toymaker1 for your prompt reply to my request for help ..... Couple of points , after a brief telephone call ( obviously instigated by them ) i said i wasn't prepared to discuss over the phone ( as advised ) , however they did confirm that they'd purchased this debt and were not acting on behalf of .... Does this change the reply ??? And secondly should i send copy of same letter to Egg ??? Thanx again for any comments , Willee
  5. Forgive the ignorance , but the bemused letter is ...... ?????
  6. Well there i am minding my own business thinking that the naughty EGG company and the incompotant Bryan Carter soilcitors have been banished into oblivion when a letter lands on my doorstep from a certain Aktiv Kapital ...... They inform me that they've purchased the debt off EGG and if i could just pop a cheque in the post for my outstanding balance , they'd be delighted !!!!! Oh and not to mention how nice people they are , ready to help me and offering discount - lucky me ??? They've also included an " open " letter from EGG giving notice of assignment . Its very dubious , o
  7. Fingers crossed eh toymaker1 ............ My next port of call will be to send letters to CRA's advising of their duty's and requirments to confirm the data their processing is accurate and correct ? I am of course referring to the completely illegal Default Notice now sitting firmly against my previously impeccable credit file , and the obvious disregard to the Data Protection Act . I would greatly appreciate any pointers or advice as to the content of this letter that anyone with similar expertise could suggest ??? Thanx in anticipation , Willeewonker .
  8. Just a quick update ............ Sent of the wonderfuuly worded letter as advised by toymaker1 . Have now recieved a reply from Carter's advising there awaiting direction from Egg and will respond in due course .??? However in the mean time they've now put the account on hold until given further direction from Egg ............. Won't hold my breath , but you never know ????
  9. Thanks again toymaker1 ... I stopped my D/D months after the actual termination letter as i was angry and disgusted by there actions ( obviously knew nothing of any DN at this point . My understanding from other similar threads to this , is that i should also ask for refund of monies paid since the termination . Would you aggree , or again wait for later developments ??? And finally it is my understanding this debt is still with EGG , although Carter's acting on their behalf . So , who should i forward the above letter to ? i.e. EGG , Carter's , both or indeed any of the authorit
  10. Toymaker1 , cant thank you enough for your post . I will use with a couple of subtle changes in it's entirity . However , it dosn't suggest that i want anything other than the obvious cesation of activity . Do i address the issue of DN and its removal within this correspondance or am i " running before a brisk walk " ?? Thanx willeewonker ..........
  11. Thanks for reply NailPost . Have not posted CCA as i believe this to be ( from hours of trawling this superb site ) a standard printed aggreement circa 2006 , which whilst obviously a doctered updated version of my original has no weight in a legal sense as i cant prove this to be so ??? However , if your suggesting there would be cause for action from this i would be more than happy to post ? My understanding is that legally i would have far more grounds for defence exploring the route of the terminated aggreement whilst account was not in arrears or default , and that a DN was nev
  12. Bumped !!!!!! As i'm hoping the guru's of this site have been away on holidays etc ... and not been kidnapped by the banking establishments or worse ..... ( they will use any and all dirty tactics available ) Can someone please advise on my next course of action ???
  13. Love your thread Pinky , Your approach to removing the DN's is extremely interesting i.e Let the CRA's fight your corner !! I have a DN issued by a now infamous company who terminated my credit card voluntarily and then issued the DN on my file even though they never actually sent me any DN . As i want this removed of my file , would it be possible for you to post any relevant letters that you've sent to the CRA's and any advice on who i should also send copys to ??? Much appreciated , and good luck with your fight ... Willeewonker
  14. OK people , is there anyone that can offer any pearls of wisdom ?? I am in need of a reebuff from their latest assualt as mentioned in my previous post ..... Any advice would be most welcome ....???
  15. Ok people , another letter from Messrs Carter enclosing a duplicate copy of EGG's CCA arrived today . Carter's now suggesting that now they've complied with my requests , they now give me 10 days to respond with payment . So can anyone please post possible respones ?? Also as you can see from thread still hoping for advice as to SAR reply from EGG given no DEFAULT or TERMINATION evidence was sent ??? Thanks Willeewonker ..........
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