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  1. Thank you to everyone thyat has participated, i drafted a letter earlier on and sent it off. Rep left for everyone that participated in this thread. Thanks.
  2. Thank you very much guys, i will look into those provided links and jamberson, wow, very well written. Rep added.
  3. Thank you. What could i perhaps write to say the above mentioned, that looks like i know what im talking about? Is there any acts i can quote etc? There was a disabled badge in the car aswell, although i now realise, it didnt mean anything, but the parking attendant said it would be fine and then when i turned the corner, slapped it on, but id rather quote stuff that i know will work, rather than rely on them giving me the benfit of the dougbt. And yes, the actual copy is as bad as the scan.
  4. Can i fight this? The back is fine, but the front is quite faded. It was like this when it was issued. Front: Back:
  5. Have i posted this in the right place? Would i get more replies if i post it to a another section? Sorry if im being annoying, just feel panicky. I was engaged in an incident around 2 years ago, for which i dont feel it was my fault. The third party said they would contact me within due course, but didnt, so i assumed they knew it was their fault and didnt want to go down the insurance route. The damages wernt so much so i thought that was the end of the matter. Now i have a county court claim against me for damages resulting from the incident. I need to know, if i defend this, do i
  6. Sorry, also if i was to lose, would i get a CCJ on my record if i were to pay within a month of the judgement? Ive heard conflicting accounts where i would get it on my records and it will say satisfied, from it wont appear on my record if i paid within a month, to, i will have to appeal to get it removed if i paid within a month.
  7. Hi, thank you for your help as well, i appreciate it. I agree and respect your notions, but i didnt drive the vehicle intentionally, knowing that i wasnt insured to drive, otherwise i wouldnt have. I am very careful and particular to make sure that any vehicles ive driven since then are fully road worthy and that i am entitled to handle them. I have tried to be honest here, even at the risk of sounding like a bad immoral person, and i dont blame you for thinking this way, i would probably think the same. Ive got some followup questions that i have asked the previous poster, if you could g
  8. Hi, and thank you very very much for all the help you have given. I intend to see a solicitor, if one can be appointed within the next week, since i may be eligible for legal aid, but this help is invaluable at this time. I completely agree with you about driving uninsured, etc, but i want to assure you that i have had my license for over 4 years and i have not for even a day driven my vehicle without insurance or any other or would contemplate switching on a engine, let alone handle a car, knowing im not insured for it. I have also not been engaged in any other accidents either. Th
  9. Hi, i am new to this forum, 1st post so please excuse any lack of etiquettes. I recieved a court judgement recently, and i want to defend it, but im not too sure if i stand any chance of winning. Basically, i was involved in a car crash 2 years ago, to which i feel i wasnt to blame ( i was changing lanes in standstill traffic, there was space in the left lane i wanted to go into. The vehicle that crashed into me, the claimants, was not moving, so i indicated, then checked to see that vehicle was still not moving and the driver was very busy eating a sandwich, so i proceeded with the
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