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  1. the debt is a store card that they changed into credit card- abot 7years old now.....never received any default notices- just the court letter- sent back acknowledgement , as instructed on here with a letter asking for documentation, they now say they dont have to provide it- so what next- i am stuck now:?
  2. please explain- i dont understand-
  3. Hi all well i sent the letter requesting doucumentation, and this is the reply i got. we refer to our recent letter in which you made a request for information under the civil procedure rules, we are not obliged to provide this information and would advise that the particularss of claim detailed in the county court form should be sufficient to allow you to respond accordingly. please reply to the claim form immdeiatly, please refer to the claim form for details of time limits which you are expected to respond- This is a photocopied letter, as the signature is very grey- hmmmm standard
  4. thanks yeah it is them- ??????
  5. it says- the claimants claim is for the sum of .........being monies due from tbe defendant to the claimant under a regulated credit agreement between the defendant and ge capital bank ltd under ref........ and assigned to the claimant on the 8th april 2009 notice of which has been given to the defandant The defandant has failed to make payment in accordance with the terms of the agreement and a default notice has been served upon defandant pursuant to section 87 (1) of the consumer credit act 1974 pursant to clause 7 of the agreement the claimant also claims contractual interest at a r
  6. Well they certainly know to get you when you down- err about the letter cpr???? that is something i do at work, so a little confused sorry, what do i need to do ????? step by step
  7. thank you- they really picked on me a low time thats all- just dealing with living is more than enough right now- but i am sure with the help of this fab site i can get sorted- i trust that i will get the help i need
  8. Never received anything from them- they include a solicitor address for me to make payments and a form that states admission form specified amount- with a claim number and the court northhampton- cannot post as dont have scanner- again thanks - i am so upset by this cannot stop crying- this is the icing on the cake-
  9. hi- sorry just trying to get used to this system- its all new to me, sorry for lack of info- not sure what i needed to give you- just spoke to my friend who advised me as he has used this site- right The claimant is- CL FINANCE LTD I have never received a noa- the account is not a catologue company but a mastercard with ge money- it used to be a store card and then they changed it to a mastercard- The account is over 3 years old, also i never received a default notice from them.
  10. hi today- i received to my horror a letter from a bulk court office from my catologue money-they are now claiming the full amount from me- :? I am still getting on my feet after my partner left me, and am sorting of my finances, as he left me with some debts.....I never received a default notice from them, yet they have sent me a form to fill out from a court- please help
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