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  1. Hi, sorry for not keeping up with this but here's a quick update and hopefully someone can give me some advice on how to deal with this. I did appeal against the judgement and had to go to a hearing at MK County Court last Monday. A couple of days before the hearing Capquest requested an adjournment, to which I objected. At the hearing they again requested an adjournment to 20th April (even thought they have had the claim since 2009 when I wrote to them informing them that the account was in dispute due to non compliance and therefore could not be passed to them) in order to get the N
  2. I have today been told that if I wish to appeal against the judgement I need to do this forthwith, is there a set time frame for the appeal process?
  3. Hi, can you please advise what my next course of action should be. I have been sent documentation on applying for a judgement to be set aside - is this the same as appealing? How long do I have to respond? Many thanks
  4. Hi, thanks for responding. I spoke to the helpdesk on 6th December to say I had tried to submit my response, but the paperwork hadn't got a password so I had been unable to this electronically. I was informed that no judgement had been made and I would be able to submit the forms by e-mail. I sent the forms on the 8th and got a response on the 9th saying they had received, then later that day got a response saying "Thank you for your email. I am unable to print off this Acknowledgement of Service for processing, please find the above attachments for the response. You can send back via t
  5. Many thanks for your response. I received a letter on the 18th saying "I am writing to you to inform you that we have set the judgement aside. We have now processed your Acknowledgement of Service and informed the Claimant of our actions." There was no other paperwork. I also received an e-mail on the 18th saying "I can now confirm that the judgment has been set aside and your acknowledgement of service processed. If you intend to file a response to the claim (eg defence or partial admission) please submit this to the court ASAP. I have attached the forms, should you wish to use them. If
  6. Hi, sorry for the delay. Things have moved on since my last post, firstly after the e-mail on 18th December when the judgement was set aside I e-mailed back to ask when my defence was required. I didn't receive a response to this e-mail, and was unsure how long I had, whether 28 days or 19 from the 18th December. I sent my defence in on 7th January, but a judgement had been made on 2nd January (which I had not yet received). I appealed against the judgement, saying that I had not been given a timeline for a reponse and hadn't received a response to my e-mail querying the timeline. I rece
  7. Hi, Thanks for the quick response Yes sorry about that, that's exactly what I meant. I will scan the claim form and get it on here, probably won't be able to do that until tomorrow though. The date of service on the claim form is 15th nov. I realise this might seem that I am cutting things close but Northampton Bulk centre messed up and didn't send a password for money claim online and then couldn't open the file I sent via email so I had a set aside placed on the 18th dec, I will call the court tomorrow to ask when they expect my defence by. One thing that has come to light as I am goi
  8. Hi, Just before Christmas I recieved a Notice of service from Northampton Court regarding an account I put in dispute with Capone some time ago. I got a little out of my depth a few years ago and despite trying to reason with Capone they started threating action against me at which point I sent them a CCA, they failed to comply properly and I so I sent them an Account in Dispute notice, over the time since they have placed it with various DCAs at one point they even doorstepped us however the chap went away with a flea in his ear. This time the latest DCA (Optima) seem intent on taking th
  9. Hiya. The hearing was postponed as they didn't have anyone available to take it! I was there for four years and was lucky enough to be offered a job before i left - which is apparently bad for my case, so, yes I am working. What do you mean by statutory rights? I am new to all of this. Kate
  10. First post on this or any other forum for that matter so please be gentle and excuse any breaches of etiquette. Help. I have been asked by ACAS to prepare a statement of loss for a constructive dismissal case. My ACAS helper was not very helpful and I am unsure what I can and cannot ask for. I have had to change my hours, lost extra holiday for 5 year's employment and have lost use of flexi-time. Do these all count?
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