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  1. So CAG Famz, I promised to let you all know how things panned out for old Coffee. On the advice of my legal counsel, I never needed to see the inside of a Court Room and the CO route was negotiated. It was a good result although I am some few hundred quid out of pocket (that can not be afforded but needs must'd at the time!). I haven't quite managed to dial down the DEFCON level just yet as every time I think about this, I still feel really angry at the way this whole series has played out and I want to kick someones butt or as my mother says make them "eat poo and poop bricks"!. It should never have happened in the first place really as in the end, all I wanted was to pay back what I spent and that is exactly what happened. If BoS hadn't tried to be a smartass, just accepted my SAR, gave me the information, I checked it over, I said well actually this isn't really the correct figure I owe is it, let's chat and reach an amicable place...... no they wanted to be smart asses! The money wasted is one thing, but it's the time and energy that I had to dictate to this and how it has adversely affected my health (when a gal starts losing her hair and what is left is going severely grey you have to say enough is enough) is to say the least, BC disgusting! (BC in this case in no shape or form stands for Barclaycard!). I hope the trolls from BoS are reading this thread. Your behaviour has been nothing short of criminal in my eyes. The way that that you treat your customers on a normal day to day basis is one thing, but as a LiP is downright shameful!. You feel, just with everything else, that they can ride roughshot over people. Disgraceful! Anyway, I can now move on from the trauma and dramarama of all this. To the trolls at BoS despite your despicable and gutterish behaviour (alley cats have more morals), you have actually done me a favour! You know why? Well you got me to reacquaint myself with the CAG Famz and from their guidance and support and hours of reading and researching the rose tinted glasses have come off and "now I can see"! How does that song go.... "I can see clearly now...." I'm a firm believer in Karma. The CAG Famz ain't got a thing to worry about but for all those like BoS, well ain't it a ":censored:" and it bites! If all that is going on in the economic world not just here but globally doesn't make you wake up I feel sorry for you. You may have had a "victory" of such, but remember, so have I! You're pockets aren't as fat as you wanted them to be at my expense are they?? This was a hugely painful lesson for me to learn but nevertheless empowering all the same. I will heal my battle wounds, I'm learning to love the scares actually because they remind that now and going forward, I am wiser and stronger for the experience. CAG Famz, you will never know the true extent of my appreciation. Stay cool!
  2. I am pleased to report this matter has now been resolved and my CRA file marked satisfied. Feels nice to get these people outta of my life! Thanks for all the advice - a donation (albeit small) is on it's way. Best Coffee
  3. Will do DB! And thanks to you to for words o wisdom on this thread. Awesome!
  4. Your well wishes mean a lot to me Andy. No words I say on here can ever express the true gratitude I feel for your wise counsel. Stay cool Andy, you rock!
  5. So hey CAG famz, hope your all doing ok. Me not so much - not enough hours in the days (or days in the week for that matter) for Coffee to deal with all the dramarama in her life so after talking it over with family, friends and yes, even my employers, an "executive decision" has been made to get legal bods to fight this one for me as I just have far too much on my plate to dedicate the time needed for this. I want to wholeheartedly thank everyone for their advice on this very sour subject but in particular some of the most amazing people I have the "virtual" pleasure to ever meet! You know who you are! I cannot tell you how MUCH your opinions and wise counsel have brought me comfort and I have learned SO MUCH! The work you do here, helping each other, it really warms your soul. I want you to know I appreciate you, each and everyone of you, newbies and seasoned Caggers alike. You have opened my eyes and your support has empowered me to have the confidence to continue to fight the battles that I CAN win without taking away the time and energy needed for my children and my Momz who needs me now and, selfishly, also for me. I know you will all understand because that's who you are - Amazing! I will come back and let you all know the outcome. It would be disrespectful of me not to and I do respect you all, very much. Stay cool CAG Coffee *
  6. I know Slick you are right Obi Wan! The thing is with the charges on this and the Mastercard plus PPI without compound, comes to quite a hefty sum and I have this earmarked to help my kids! It's shy of a couple of hundred but I can make that back by working o/t on a couple of wkends at work which I am more than prepared to do for my kids. When I started this journey, I had every intention of paying what I owe, the CORRECT amount, and even if this DCA were to come out of the woodwork not having had their grubby hands on the offset, I know they would have offered me a "deal"! I know EXACTLY how much was owed on that card and they would of HAD to accept what I OFFER and not a penny more! I'm p***d Slick (sorry I know you don't condone bad language but please forgive this young padawan this time!). BC have no right! I just want to make sure when I fire at them (before court) my missiles are nukes! I will compose my "final" radioactive response to them over the weekend. They have no where to go really as they AGREED the account with the DCA had been closed. I have that in WRITING. I also have the DCA's letter CONFIRMING account CLOSED. Again, templated responses! So... IF and WHEN we HAVE to take it to Court, they will look like the NUMCHUCKS they are! Sorry for the rant Slick! Coffee
  7. Thanks CB (and slick). I've told these numchucks this 3 flippin times and they STILL say THEY CAN! I really don't think they actually READ what you put in the letters and just send you TEMPLATED responses! I can't find anything that voids what you and slick have said yet this is why I ask if there is "something we the consumers are not aware of". I know they are trying it on, they tried it on with my PPI claim saying they have "evidence" I took it but that evidence was not produced in my SAR so they have shot themselves in the bottom and now have to reopen the claim! Nevertheless, it just goes to show what bottomfeeding **** they are! I wish I had the energy to take this court - I may have to "pull it outta ma boots" and do just that even though I don't need the stress right now but the more I stew on this the angrier I get (and want to KO someone i.e them). I will suck it and "do them" if I have to! Lining up my tanks and will be ready to Start my engines and AMMO! Another thought I had .... Perhaps I am one of the cases where "Barclays have been buying back debt they sold!". Or perhaps they never sold it! Nope me finks they are just trying to shaft Coffee! Yep tanks at the ready - we are at DEFCON 1! Back to the 'puta to research... I may need a big glass of vino later! Thanks again CB and Slick - worth your weight in gold
  8. UPDATE: DEFCON 1 ALERT! :mad: Well sent off my letter at the end of March and by 16th April I still hadn't heard a word from them so I decided (I know, shouldn't do it!) call them on the phone. So after much faffing about when they tried to tell me they hadn't received my letter, they "miraculously" found it on their system (only after I'd told them they sure had received it as I was hold the FAX CONFIRMATION in my hand date and time stamped!) they said they would "authorize" payment as they now had my bank details. Why they couldn't remit by cheque is beyond me! Fast forward to Wednesday evening when I get home there is a letter waiting from them saying that as I had now provided the copy statements to back up my claim from years over 6yrs they were prepared to offer me £XXX in charges and £XXX in interest (not compounded but simple!). They then go onto say that the previous offer of refund was used to reduce the balance on the account with a third party and that the third party had confirmed I now have £XXX CREDIT on the account! Their penultimate paragraph twaddles on that before they are able to pay redress to me they request my confirmation of their latest offer! So I rang them up the next day (I know - don't do it!) I was so mad! I said at the risk of repeating myself YET AGAIN, BC do NOT have the right of set off to a third party DCA but they INSISTED THEY COULD! The fact that what they would pay me back is quite a lot without compound, and which at this I would be prepared to accept as my life balance at the moment is ubber stressful and I don't have the time nor patience to take them on in (court despite the evidence that they gave in) I just don't know what to do now! I am flipping angry that they have dared to decide for me which of my creditors takes priority! That money has been allocated to priority debts! The other thing that angers me is that the DCA in question has CLOSED the accounts! I have it writing from them AND BC! WT Fudge! So my question is good people, is there some regulation that we the consumers are unaware of which actually DOES give them the right of setoff? Where I can for the past 2 days have been researching but I have not yet found anything to back up their claim! Also, how can I be "in credit" with a DCA who (a) cannot offer a credit token; and (b) has CLOSED the account thereby owing them NOTHING!? Thoughts/advice?? Coffee
  9. Hi slick and CB, sorry I didn't respond sooner! Turns out my notifications from here are going into my SPAM email folder!
  10. I feel your pain Paul! These numchucks have had my letter since end of March. Called them up on Monday and they said they would authorize payment. Then got a letter from them Wednesday saying they wouldn't budge on compound interest and on one of the cards they have off set it to a third party DCA! When I told them they couldn't do that they INSISTED THEY COULD! I am now at DEFCON 1 :mad: Coffee
  11. Subbing as now in a similar position and I am hopping mad! Coffee
  12. They can pass the parcel all they want. When I have it I will pay it and only what I owe and nothing more. And by no means do I have any intention of giving any of these bottom feeders my card or bank details - they give me theirs! Glad you got your money back though Coffee
  13. Hey quack quack, yes I'm not letting this lot get to me anymore! I'm in control not them. My biggest headache to on this journey had been with Halifax. I've had brilliant advice and support on here regarding them! I've also learnt too who and who are knowledgable on certain things and all those lovely CAGGERS you have named I have been following the advice they have been giving others so I have a fair idea how to play the game with these bottom feeders! But thank you too for dropping by. I appreciate your kind words and good advice. But don't worry I'll be sure to send you the invite to the show when I get round to partaying with this lot! Best Coffee
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