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  1. Thanks. I am new to this site; what is the easiest way of posting the letter telling me of the assignment? Thanks!
  2. Is a creditor legally obliged to provide a Notice of Assignment when selling on a debt? I can't get Paragon to provide one for a debt they sold to Robinson Way about a year ago. All I have is the letter from RW telling me they now had the debt. One of their rude telephone boys confirmed a while back that RW owned the debt.I no longer talk on the phone to them. I'd appreciate any guidance.
  3. Thanks. The loan was taken out in the late 1990s. I fell into arrears when I was making reduced payments. Paragon had taken over from UC and had continued to pile on interest. They then eventually ccjd me. Last year they sold the inflated debt to RW. Is this worth pursuing? They added so much interest and so many other charges on, as well as continuing to pay a PPI although I was so in arrears that the PPI could have had no validity of any sort. have I let everything go too far and on for too long? Does the ccj make it more complicated? Can anyone advise me? Anyone else in a similar situation?
  4. Are Universal Credit still in business? I thought Paragon had taken them over. Thanks for the help!
  5. My original loan with Universal Credit was taken over years ago by Paragon, who took over UC (I think). The debt is now with Robinson Way/HF. From whom should I request the SAR? Thanks!
  6. Paragon sold my (hugely inflated) debt to Robinson Way last year. I did receive a letter from RW saying it had been assigned to them and a very unpleasant chap from Horwich Farrelly said they owned the debt. I never received a NoA from Paragon. I have requested one from them. Am I likely to hear from them?How long do I have to give them? I'd appreciate your help!
  7. Thanks - you certainly know more than I do how things work.I appreciate the support
  8. I am new to this site and not very expert. I value your advice and will certainly copy everything to FOS. Will the FOS have contacted them recently,perhaps,and that's why they have taken up contact? I heard nothing from Cap1 since their final response last July.
  9. Thanks for that. The contact was by phone; they need me to provide an authority for the loan company (LMC) to disclose the information to Cap1. Apparently they are sending me this authority to sign (including a prepaid envelope) but it has not arrived yet. I'd value advice on this. Are they looking to settle,do you think? Am I scuppering my chances with FOS? I reckon I am owed £7000 for the ppi and around £5000 interest before thinking of any extra interest at 8%. help!
  10. Some years ago Hfs Loans brokered a secured loan for me with a £7000 ppi. I am certain that this was missold and last year complained to Cap1 who had taken over Hfs. I got nowhere with them - they had no records but because I had signed an agreement which said I had received details of the policy they claim the ppi was not missold. I had not in fact received any details despite my signing. The complaint is with FOS and nearly to the top of the pile. Recently Cap1 have been back in touch for the first time and would like details of the cost of ppi and interest paid from the lender. Where should
  11. Thanks for that. I am aware that the ccj will still show, though it would be good to have it settled.I am really looking for a way of getting a reasonable (i.e. realistic) offer accepted. Any advice would be appreciated.
  12. Hi everyone.This is my first posting, so please forgive if it is too wordy. Looking for some advice regarding the following. Some years ago I fell way behind with payments and had a plan with CCCS. After finishing with them I discovered that Paragon had not frozen interest and my debt to them was quite huge (my payments not covering interest).Eventually they CCJd me and I have made all payments (interest stopped at this stage.) They offered a settlement figure which I couldnot meet in 2007. Since 2008 the debt has been with Robinson Way/HF. All payments have been made though I have had my diff
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