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  1. As I understand it, yes I'm afraid. There is no exemption from Council Tax just because a premises is unauthorised in planning terms. Just think of all the money that could be saved by not applying for new properties!! As Conniff says though surely you are only liable for the CT for the premises for the time it actually existed and if they valued it in 06 as a single property I don't see they can charge you back to then for 2 properties. When in 09 did you split it again? I guess there'll be a bit of time then when they could charge you for the two properties...
  2. Or it could be reduce back to the pd limits rather than totally demolished....How high is it (to eaves and ridge)? and how far is it off the side boundary? What did the planners say?
  3. Absolutley then. If I were you I'd ask for the moon on a stick! At this stage the LPA don't know what the LGO might award you and might well pay up to avoid the LGO having to make a decision... Still itching to know which LPA this is.... Please?
  4. Via what mechanism have you "won"? Can you give us a bit more information?
  5. Hi, Along with my couple of reams of jargon I got three pages relating to three other people - names, addresses, account numbers, arrears amounts, complaint details! Is this bad and what's best to do please? I'd be pretty narked to think someone else had that stuff of mine... Thanks, Px
  6. Can I just ask why please Slick? I'm fighting this battle too and I'd love to give Esporta a good reason why they can stick their £20 payment fees up their ****!
  7. So, per my other thread, just got my 3 inch thick SAR response. The most interesting bit is that, in amongst it all, I have three pages with three other peoples information on!!! I have all sorts - account numbers, arrears amounts, names and addresses, complaint details... Hmmm - what's best to do?!
  8. Oh yes - I told them at the beginning of Oct and (by my reckoning) last payment is due mid November. Seems daft to me that you have to give notice on a contract that is ending anyway - if you see what I mean. If the contract was only for six months how can they draw it out another three? I say, "bring it on!" - don't think I'll be paying them monthly till January somehow.... Was just reading the "Unsporting Esporta" thread, good to know I'm not alone and the OFT are already on it
  9. I beleive the cut off point is 1998. Loans from before that the "old rules" apply, loans from after that the "new rules" apply. You're new rules then see Andie. The interesting thing, and as Noomill and I were debating at the top of the thread, is that because one of my loans is pre 98 they all seem to be bein treated under the old rules...
  10. In the way of an update (and in case it's of use to anyone else) they're not taking anything (yet) out of my pay but harrassing me from Glasgow on the phone to make payments. It seems (at the minute) that as my first loan was from 1997 the "old rules" are being applied to all of them.... I'm refusing to make payment as the "resolution centre" still haven't got back to me to tell me whether or not my car allowance is "income" (can't deny receipt of the letter - they banked the £10 SAR cheque that was with it!) and I have now (for the second time) embarked on their (pointless) complaints procedure. CCA request is in the post today. Had enough. Does it show?
  11. Hi, Joined Esporta May 09 but, instinctively, only took a 6 month contract. due to expire therefore in November. I wrote to them recently telling them I would not be extending it in anyway but they're saying I still have to give three months notice?! eh? give notice of a fixed term contract coming to the end of its fixed term?! really? Thanks, Px
  12. You can do it! If you struggle don't be afraid to get some help - hypnotherapy turned it off like flipping a switch for me! No cravings - nothing.... Keep posting, you'll get loads of support here!
  13. You still haven't told me what works were done before 1/10/8.... This might help me think of some other "proof" you could try to get.... Ultimately though if the 6 affidavits (4 neighbours, you and the contractor) is all you can get I'd get on and make the application on that basis. It's all very well them saying to you "at officer level" whatever they please, at the end of the day it means little as they can (as you seem to have found out!) just change their mind if they want. When they determine an application though that is the decision of the Council and is legally binding. They have to think a lot more carefully to make sure they get it right. Also, your appliication file will be a public file and you will therefore be able to view it whenever you want. They will probably do a 21 day consultation excercise during which any third party representations eg from complaining neighbour will go on the file and you will then be able to see what they are saying! If they refuse it you can then look again at getting extra stuff together for your appeal. Would you pm me the name of the Local Authority please?
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