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  1. What I also wondered was, as some of the charges are not as great as the amount of money outstanding on the cards, they have said it could be closed when you claim? Which leaves a slight problem paying off the remainder! Can they do this, and more to the point DO they tend to do this?
  2. I wonder if someone could offer some help. Is it correct that the fee of £12 on your credit card is now allowed? I was of the understanding it wasnt, but I did look on the page of OFT and it looks right? I suppose Im really just asking can I claim all my money back, or do you have to take these £12 charges into consideration?
  3. I have had lots and lots of issues and problems with the Halifax, not just charges but other things aswell. They wrote back saying they would take me to court. Yesterday sent a letter offering to settle in full. Im not an expert at this by any means, but the thing I have learnt is to stand your ground. Use resources around you to gain the knowledge you need then you can resolve your problems. Just because they say somthing is right, that doesnt make it right! Lots of people dont know any better, so stick with it and you will definately win. Good Luck
  4. I was hoping someone might say that! I think I might end up causing myself more hassle than its worth? Just wait and see what happens I think. Thanks for your help
  5. Well first up I think this is a really great site, what you are trying to achieve is so worthwhile. Plus it could make such an impact on people fiancially, not to mention the fact that the charges are just daylight robbery. So I have been pursuing a claim for around £2000 with the halifax for a while now. I have recieved numerous letters, the last one stating I was not getting my money, but a goodwill offer of £250 could be made to clear it all up? Er..? No I dont think so thanks anyway. Ive tried from the start to be very carefull about what I was doing and double check everything.
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